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Quirky InspiredA Minnesota Blogger passionate about cutting out the BS, sharing amazing food, and real life tips. August 31, 2015 by Ash Sears 27 Comments This is a sponsored post on behalf of Zarbee’s, but all boost your energy naturally tips and awesomeness are my own. One of the ways I’ve learned to embrace it is to fall in love with my vitamins and macronutrients.
Cool Ranch Doritos, but as I’ve gotten older I have tried to find more natural and healthier ways to take care of myself. You know me, the perpetual skeptic, I didn’t expect to notice any difference, but you know what after taking a few rounds of Vitamin B I did notice a huge difference. Fast forward 10 years later, and while parusing my favorite aisle of Target I came across a magical box.
Exercise: This may seem like an oxymoron, but if you are zonked try getting up and going for a walk. High energy makes us feel better and younger, helps us get more done, and even stimulates creativity and will. Other conditions that can affect energy levels include poor liver health, adrenal imbalance, thyroid imbalance, and even insufficient muscle mass (not enough muscle to fat ratio).
Improve the quality of your fuel: Find the optimal mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for your body, so it can more effectively convert these elements into fuel. Reduce the quantity of your fuel intake: Generally, eating less food results in more energy efficiency. Streamline your body: Losing excess fat and increasing muscle mass will give you more energy and improve energy conversion from the food you eat.
Attend to “other” energies: Steer clear of high frequency wires, unnecessary x­rays, and other foreign energies. Pure cocoa is an excellent antioxidant and helps normalize your circulation, not to mention improve your mood. Join our newsletter to be the first to know about special deals, new BoKU products, and healthy lifestyle tips! In today’s world of demands and hectic schedules, most people are balancing more and working harder than ever before. So here are five tried and tested natural energy boosting tips to keep your energy levels high and your brain processes optimal.
Should you find yourself nodding off mid-afternoon, use your afternoon ‘coffee break’ at work to pound the pavement.
If you drink a lot of coffee or work in an air-conditioned environment you are at risk of dehydration which can lead to lower energy levels, slower metabolism and general feelings of lethargy.
To keep your energy levels optimal it is important to make sure you aren’t getting hungry or conversely, overloading your body with a massive meal that takes all of your energy to digest.
Keeping your energy levels high and avoiding feeling sluggish depends largely on getting sufficient sleep. The goal is to have the kind of energy level that revitalizes you rather than makes you manic. The trick to eating mindfully is taking the time to taste the food you are putting in your mouth, one small spoon or forkful at a time. You also experience other health benefits, such as a lower heart right and healthier functioning metabolism. There are a number of great books on the market that can help you on your quest to create a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.
However, these offices often only consist of a small number of staff, whose qualifications and skills may not necessarily cover all of the development sectors. Given that there is growing development pressure in Cambodian Provinces, and that the Department of EIA in Phnom Penh is tasked with extensive environmental review work, it makes sense to boost the capacity of provincial EIA officers. Understand current state-of-the-art international approaches to EIA implementation and follow-up. Understand the linkage between a proponent terms of reference - the proponent’s impact assessment documents - and EMPs. The training is funded by the GMS Core Environment Program and is being organized with the support of Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment. Seek agreement with provincial stakeholders on their role in engaging in NESAP formulation and implementation. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – also called safeguards - is an important approach to better design projects to minimize negative, and optimize positive, impacts. The Core Environment Program is assisting GMS countries to develop and improve their country safeguard systems.
In late 2014, the GMS Core Environment Program (CEP) initiated support to the Ministry of Environment (MoE) to identify issues and find solutions to improve the country’s safeguards system. In early 2015, CEP completed a review of current EIA practice in Cambodia and put together an action plan proposing 25 priority initiatives, many of which will require donor support. Among the main issues identified were a lack of technical and institutional capacity, weaknesses in the legal framework, and that EIAs were often not following the legal requirements. The priority initiatives identified in the action plan covered capacity building programs, awareness raising, pilot strategic environmental assessment studies (for energy and mining), and improvements to EIA monitoring.
A series of new Prakas’ (ministerial decisions) were also proposed based on a draft EIA law that is expected to be enacted when the country adopts its Environment Code, which is currently being developed. The MoE requested CEP follow-up support on two of the action plan’s capacity building initiatives both of which target weaknesses in the application of EIA in provinces.
In November 2015, CEP delivered trainings in Siem Reap and Sihanoukville for around 60 EIA officials from multiple provinces.
On 17-19 May, a 3-day training for provincial EIA officials from throughout the country will be held in Siem Reap.
This 1st consultation workshop will bring together government , civil society, and development partners working in the country's southeastern and southwestern provinces to inform them of the NESAP concept, process, and proposed policies and programs and seek their collaboration in its implementation. Through the discussions on Chapters 3 and 4, the NESAP team will aim to gain Task Force members' agreement on proposed policies, financing options, and priority programs and projects for implementing the NESAP. By default, resources are listed by upload date, but by using the filter options you can browse by theme, country, date, or type of resource. The ADB does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this website and accepts no responsibility for any consequences of their use. Use of the term "country" does not imply any judgment by the authors or the ADB as to the legal status or other status of any territorial entity. GMS countries recognize the need to shift toward planning systems that optimize natural resource allocation for better long-term outcomes. Since its 2006 beginning, the Core Environment Program has taken a lead role in supporting government efforts to improve strategic planning. Integrate economic valuations of natural capital in development plans and investments decisions. Building the awareness of decision-makers about the importance of integrating economic valuations of natural capital into planning and decision-making processes. Improving regulatory frameworks and institutional arrangements for cross-sector (tourism, energy, transport etc.) coordination and dialogue, SEA, and multistakeholder participation. Strengthening the technical capacity of government staff to apply best practice and analytical tools for planning through action-learning and knowledge exchange. Promoting the application of SEA and related tools to support sector- and area-based planning. For more information about GMS-EOC activities, please complete the form below and one of our team will be happy to get back to you. Facilitated by the Asian Development Bank as an integral part of the GMS Economic Cooperation Program, CEP seeks to create a region where economic growth and environmental protection are approached in parallel, and in a way that benefits all who live there. The Presidential Provision will outline the structure of the scheme, including target pollutants and industries as well as the level of fees. The scheme will be a cornerstone of the Government’s response to address growing concerns over industrial pollution, which has yet to be systematically monitored or managed. Other responses include the recent application of the Industrial Pollution Projection System, which analyzed the scale and type of industrial pollution emissions in the country.
In addition, latest analytical analysis inputs for the NESAP were presented: (i) an assessment of the quantitative and qualitative economic and social benefits in transiting toward a more environmentally sustainable growth path, and ii) identifying a the steps and policy options for moving from sustainable growth targets to specific implementation actions and projects. Recommendations on delivering favorable legal, institutional and technical capacity conditions for PES will inform Cambodia’s National Environment Strategy and Action Plan (NESAP), and will become the basis for scaling up PES in the country.
The afternoon session began with an overview of the government’s vision for adopting PES as a sustainable financing arrangement for natural resource conservation in Cambodia. Help at hand for countries desperately seeking climate cashSeveral big international funds, including the U.N.

The ancient science of Ayurveda teaches us how to change our lifestyles for long, happy lives. That means taking care ourselves now by using our eating, sleeping, working and exercising habits to our benefit. When I learned about Ayurveda, I held down a stressful corporate job where I traveled each week. We all need a helping hand these days and Ayurveda teaches us how to live in harmony with our true nature.
Not only do spices like ginger, cumin, coriander and pepper taste delicious, but they’re also useful to our bodies. Many of my Ayurvedic clients have noticed better digestion, and fewer tummy troubles, such as IBS and cramping, after making this change.
In Ayurvedic sessions with clients, some want to stand up and cheer because they really hate eating breakfast. If you have an appetite, the best breakfasts warm, ground, and gently wake up our metabolisms. Simple, warm foods like oatmeal or rice cereal coupled with a spice, such as cinnamon, are perfect in the morning. The Ayurvedic classics describe surprising benefits including increased longevity, improved sleep, better skin, and even a firmer body.
The heavy, warm quality of the oil on your skin feels like getting a loving hug from grandmother. Start by applying oil to your arms and legs, then work your way toward your torso, starting at the upper back and shoulders, then at the middle. Ayurveda and yoga use meditative methods such as breathing and mantra to distract ourselves from harmful thoughts. It’s easy to add a few spices to our meals, stop drinking cold drinks, and tweak our breakfasts. Jessica Blanchard, registered dietitian, yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic practitioner helps busy people re-energize life with simple food, yoga and wellness strategies that work. Whether its from staying awake with your new baby or working until the wee hours of the morning there are a lot of things that can drain the energy out of you. Even when I was a teenager I would voluntarily go to bed at 8pm at night because by the end of the day I was just zonked.
You know, the whole adult thing, and I was constantly complaining of being out of energy the whole time. Getting the blood flowing gets the heart pumping just enough to give you the energy boost you need during the day. I won’t lie, at first when you wake up you will feel like total crap, BUT once that passes it gives you a good boost of energy that will get you through the rest of the day. No matter how tired you are, the minute you exercise, you feel more refreshed and ready to go.
I am always looking for ways to boost my energy, especially after my run in the morning and then dealing with that mid-afternoon slump.
I am trying to cut back on caffeinated drinks and diet sodas so this maybe a great solution for me.
Different forms of sugar enter the bloodstream through our normal digestion and food conversion processes. What are the safest and most effective ways to increase energy and get more of life’s sweet nectar?
Oxidation from overeating causes the body to slow down, as does the excess stored fat that overeating causes.
This will support the chemical processes that carry glucose into the cells, where it is used as energy. Most of this glucose should come from complex carbohydrates (grains, vegetables, beans) for best energy conversion. Eat dark, bittersweet chocolate for a hint of cocoa and sucrose, but keep this in check as you can easily consume too much sucrose.
So how can we keep our energy levels at an optimum level to get done all that we need to do?
The need to commute to work adds extra demands on our time, often extending the working day by up to 2 hours in total.
They have a light, pleasant taste and satisfying crunchy texture that is perfect for snacking away on. You don’t have to go too far, just a quick stride around the block or even down a couple of flights of stairs and back again will do. While you don’t want to overdo it and be rushing off to use the bathroom every 5 minutes, make sure you are getting enough water into you.
Studies show that it’s best to eat 6 small meals a day to maintain energy levels and stay within a healthy weight range. A good rule is to think of the hours before midnight as the most powerfully re-vitalising ones if you spend them sleeping. Keep in mind that all of these suggestions require lifestyle adjustments in order for the benefits to take hold. The first means you are basically going through the motions of the workout and essentially just showing up.
Simply going to the gym 4-5 times a week and partaking in awareness-based resistance training revs up your metabolic rate, which in turn boosts your sustained energy level. Eating smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to 1 or 2 big meals is much healthier for you. If we you not drinking enough H20, you run the risk of dehydration, which can cause a number of health problems.
All you have to do is allow yourself to taste the water and feel its coolness as it touches your lips, tongue and throat.
In fact, people have been using this technique to create calmness and boost energy levels for thousands of years. You receive and expend energy based entirely on the foods you eat and the activities you engage in. It also appears that there has not been much in the way of donor support for capacity building at the Provincial Environment Office level. This 2nd consultation workshop will bring together government officials from the country's northeastern and northwestern provinces to inform them of the NESAP concept, process, and proposed policies and programs and seek their collaboration in its implementation. Many investment projects in the region have unintended, but often avoidable, negative impacts on people and the environment.
Some countries, such as PRC and Thailand, have well advanced safeguards systems and capacity.
The objective is to strengthen the capacity of GMS countries to self-manage the environmental and social risks of development projects.
Cambodia’s provincial authorities are responsible for overseeing the EIA process for investment projects up to USD 2 million in value, yet EIA officials widely lack the qualifications and training to fulfill this role effectively. This training aims to strengthen technical capacity for monitoring the compliance of projects as they implement their environmental management plans. Once agreed,  project identification notes (PINs) can be prepared, which are a key output of the NESAP process. In no event shall the ADB be liable to the recipient or any other party for damages of any type, including but not limited to incidental, consequential or exemplary damages arising out of the use or inability to use these materials. In particular, CEP has introduced Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) and piloted many SEA activities, helping mainstream the approach as a valuable planning tool. Proponents also hope it will generate enough revenue to help develop a national pollution monitoring system as well as mitigate or offset some of the environmental damage from pollution. The guidelines will synthesize the shared knowledge and experience of the Roundtable partners in developing frameworks for, and implementing, VAAs in the Greater Mekong Subregion over the past decade, including project experience using watersheds as an organizing principle for VAA. While December’s Paris Agreement gave hope that countries could commit toreducing dangerous greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we also witnessed the hottest year in recorded history and a resurgentEl Nino cycle that wreaked havoc on many ecosystems. While December’s Paris Agreement gave hope that countries could commit to reducing dangerous greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we also witnessed the hottest year in recorded history and a resurgent El Nino cycle that wreaked havoc on many ecosystems. Through group exercises; participants identified legal, institutional, and technical capacity conditions for scaling PES up.
And I faced the following familiar challenges: what to eat, and how to fit in exercise or yoga. And spices encourage the release of digestive enzymes, boosting our digestion and energy levels. In Ayurveda, poor digestion is the source of maladies such as allergies, atherosclerosis, diabetes and arthritis. Our bodies secrete digestive enzymes—amylase, protase, and lipase to digest each of the macronutrients—carbs, protein and fat. Ayurveda breaks us up into constitutions or categories that determine the type of diet and lifestyle that are suited to each of us.

Abhanyga also increases circulation to our arms, legs, and back, working away soreness and injury.
If you don’t understand how your mind works, you can get stuck in a trap of feeling negative, depressed, self-critical, or anxious. And if it brings harm, we can challenge it by telling ourselves that it isn’t true, and allowing it to leave.
Get your free cheat sheet here on her blog, Stop Feeling Crappy, and learn how to use common spices to boost your digestion and energy.
First off, I have to say I am in love with all the natural, organic, gluten free goodies that Target is stocking their aisles with.
Gradually reducing the amount of sugar that you eat each day will help reduce those late afternoon sugar crashes and the lack of energy that comes with them. Naps shouldn’t be any longer than 20-30 minutes and you really should aim to have them earlier in the day.
Make sure to check out Zarbee’s, and head to your local Target of course, to stock up. It almost always makes me feel more refreshed and alert, and for the very few times it doesn’t, it at least helps me sleep better. When we need energy for physical activity, the hormone insulin transports blood sugar into the cells, where it can be used for fuel or stored as glycogen.
It also wouldn’t hurt to clean your intestines, as this is where sugars get extracted from foods and passed to the bloodstream. People with higher metabolisms or those on a muscle­building program can increase their intake of carbohydrates. Energy without caffeine is built by taking a regimen of Co­Q10, ginseng, suma (South American root sometimes called Brazilian ginseng), Maca (Peruvian root called Amazon ginseng). and organic minerals from seaweeds (found in BoKU Superfood).
Many people find themselves reaching for sugary snacks after lunch and then experiencing a ‘sugar-crash’ in the later afternoon.
Having less calories than most other nuts, studies show that adding a few walnuts to your daily snack attack can reduce the collection of fat on the midsection. This increases the heart rate and kicks up your circulation, giving you a flush of energy that is exhilarating. For optimal health and radiant skin 8 glasses a day is recommended but most people drink much less than this. Start your day with a light, nourishing breakfast and back this up with lunch and 2 small snacks spread throughout the day. This can be an excellent motivator to ensure that you are bedding down at a reasonable hour.
The latter, however, means that you engaging in purposeful resistance training and paying close attention to all that you are feeling during each lift. Not only do the smaller meals assist with keeping weight off, they also help to provide a regular delivery of nutrition to the body, which is physiologically converted into sustained energy. If you decide to engage in mindful exercise, it will be particularly important for you to drink the appropriate amount of water.
This means that for many of us, we are “on” from the moment we walk into the workplace until the moment we leave. If you are looking for information on meditation, be sure to check out the numerous articles we have here on the website. By tackling these two areas mindfully, you can go about the business of boosting your energy levels throughout the day and without the need for temporary pick me ups like caffeine and sugar.
Click on the cover below to learn more about this book and how it can help you reach your wellness goals. Recognizing differences in the maturity of country EIA systems, CEP’s safeguards support responds to specific country needs, which may include improving EIA regulatory frameworks, training EIA practitioners, promoting participatory assessment processes, and securing funding for EIA mainstreaming.
The same training program will be held in early July 2016 in Ratanakiri for remaining provinces.
They do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) or its Board of Directors or the governments they represent.
Massage the oil into your body so that it penetrates into the deeper layers—a minimum of 15 minutes of massage for the whole body.
It was the first time I had heard of doing this, and desperate I was willing to try anything at this point.
It was just enough of an energy boost that I didn’t feel the need to prop my eyelids up with toothpicks all day, which considering what I did for a living at the time, was a huge relief.
Our family is working really hard to live better, and having natural items in the store really helps. Trying to nap after 4pm will just set you up for failure when you try to go to sleep for the night.
Glucose that enters the bloodstream is converted by the body into glycogen, which is then burned as fuel in the cells.
Sucrose (sugar) is a combination of glucose and fructose; the glucose is quickly and easily converted into energy by our liver and muscle tissues. Spirulina is an excellent energy source for its vitamin, mineral, and protein content, not to mention the chlorophyll (found in BokU in the Buff Protein).
Sugar is indeed a quick pick-me-up but it does not lead to sustained energy and rather, leads to one feeling sluggish before too long. You will find that you can think more clearly and handle your tasks better for at least a couple of hours afterwards. Keeping a pump bottle of water within reach is a good way of taking regular sips in small, manageable amounts. You will also find yourself getting up a little earlier and thus able to get in some gentle exercise before heading off to work.
While these may give you the jolt you are looking for, the effects are usually just temporary. Opt for foods that are rich in nutrients (energy), like beans pastas lentils and whole grains. Too many of us skip lunches and breaks and decide to “work through” in order to get a given set of deliverables completed.
It's also good to actually find out what body type you are in the Ayurveda structure and then also implement some of the recommendations for your body type!
It was that or take something like No Doze, and goodness knows that’s probably not good for your body. Note that energy from fructose (fruit and corn syrup) is converted into energy only by the liver, and any excess will be converted into fat and stored as body tissue. They also provide as much as 90% of the recommended daily value of omega 3 fatty acids.  They are also high in L-arginine, an amino acid that can be converted into glucose and glycogen. Exercise is good for all-round health and well-being so this is an excellent habit to get into.
This will keep all the cells in your body moisturized from the inside out and you will be glowing with improved energy. If you are a busy person, getting enough sleep really does make sense if you want to have high energy levels and stay alert and on top of your tasks throughout the day.
Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t need to rely on these substances and could have sustained energy throughout the day? As these natural capital stocks decline, so to do the ecosystem services they provide, such as regulating the climate and providing productive soil and clean water.
This process can break down in many places, causing low energy, nervous high energy, and energy “crash” (rapid energy loss). It’s best to stay away from excess fructose, especially high­fructose corn syrup, commonly added to juices.
Make the commitment to your good health by aiming for 7 hours of sleep every night (8 hours is ok as well). They offer lots of great natural remedies, and my favorite is their invigorating drink blend.
Low insulin levels (diabetes), low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), low blood pressure, and poor cell health can all affect the production of energy.
It’s chock full of vitamins, and instead of taking yet another pill in the morning, I can mix it into my water bottle and sip on it all day to get the B Vitamins I need to boost my energy.

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