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Atheros has unveiled a new half-mini card that combines 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities on a single PCIe card.
Is this the Wireless-N Card with Bluetooth that Dell and HP shipping with their netbook lines? Google Play is coming to Chromebooks starting in JuneSome Android apps have been able to run on Chromebooks since 2014. Earlier this year budget phone maker BLU launched a $179 smartphone with a 5,000 mAh battery called the Studio Energy. The BLU Studio Energy 2 has the same battery and price tag as the original, but most other specs have been improved.
Both phones are dual-SIM GSM phones, although the cheaper model is 3G-only, while the Studio Energy 2 supports 4G LTE. The BLU Energy X is available from Amazon for $109, while the Studio Energy 2 is available for $180. Its a great Opportunity for Those Who wants to turn their free time into business.I have been doing this since last two years and I am making 40 to 70 dollars per hour … In the last week I have made 12,245 for almost 18 hours sitting ….

Unless you did some ridiculous tweaking, there is no way anyone got 15 hours of screen time. Optimizing a phone has nothing to do with Mediatek, it has to do with the Blu or Sony or whoever makes the phone.
Knowing this, I have no problems with hours of calls, hours on the net, running GPS, running several apps, music, antennas on. Similar to a mechanical device that wears out faster with heavy use, so also does the depth of discharge (DoD) determine the cycle count.
Well, the estimate I linked was $7 for the sensor; I increased it to $20 to account for the extraneous costs. I have a fingerprint phone and while nice it’s not a feature I would ever pay extra for. The biggest disappointment is that Blu promised a lollipop update in July and that never happened. This means you can install a single solution in netbooks, notebooks, or tablet computers while freeing up space inside the computer for additional components such as TV tuners, GPS receivers, or VoIP dongles.

It’s been an odd feeling not charging the battery daily (habit from previous phones). I doubt a finger-print sensor would’ve cost them more than $20 to add, and I would definitely have paid for it.
Ultimately, using one chip will also probably be more energy efficient and cheaper than two separate chips. The card is still in testing, but it should begin showing up in laptops in the not too distant future. The BLU Energy X is a $109 model with entry-level specs… except for its 4,000 mAh battery.

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