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Your twins' arms, legs and bodies continue to fill out and are finally in proportion to their heads.
Your twins' organs are continuing to mature and they are passing large amounts of water through their bladders, which is good practice for weeing once they're born.
Your twins should already be getting ready for birth by turning upside-down, with their heads pointing downwards. Your twins' skulls are still quite pliable and not completely joined, in part so they can ease out of the relatively narrow birth canal.
Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. Best moment this week: Probably Emilia walking on the grass outside our house assisted by her little wooden car. I am being asked by plenty of strangers how far gone I am now so I know the bump isn't all in my head.

I can get through the days without a nap now and I am so glad the extreme tiredness has gone.
Dylan has recently learnt to tantrum and I am starting to worry about how I am going to cope with a newborn and an 18 month old but truth is I won't have a choice.
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Your babies have periods of dream sleep by this stage, and will continue to do so once they're born. Your doctor or midwife will be paying careful attention to your twins' position in the coming weeks. If you're starting to feel fed up with being pregnant, remind yourself of why it's great to be expecting twins. I'm 32 weeks gone , I have big bump but it does not feel hard although I weigh 80kg now should I be worried?

I still don't have all my energy but that may be down to a newly mobile toddler just as much as an ever expanding bump. You are showing beautifully - how you managed to keep it under wraps till 12 weeks is beyond me!
A small age gap is great, and if you are lucky Dylan will still have a nap when your baby is here.
You should be able to feel some flutters soon probably in the next few weeks, they say you feel them earlier with your secondI'm so pleased for you it only seems like the other day you was telling me that you wanted to have more children.

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