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Abreva reduces the length of tingling, pain, burning and itching sensations, while also healing cold sores from the inside out.
Coming in at just under the $15 price mark, it is a very popular and well-priced cold sore and fever blister treatment. There are two formats of Abreva – it is available as a cream in a tube, and also in a pump. Like all cold sore treatments, you should start applying Abreva as soon as you feel a cold sore developing. The active ingredient in Abreva is 10% Docosanol – this ingredient helps to protect healthy cells from the cold sore virus, making it harder for it to infect more skin cells. The official directions recommend applying Abreva five times a day until your cold sore is healed, but many customers have told us that they apply it much more frequently – sometimes up to 8-10 times a day.
The stop the risk of spreading the cold sore virus to other areas of your face, you should apply Abreva with a Q-Tip or similar ,rather than with your finger. Aside from cutting down the duration of cold sores, Abreva also relieves any burning and itching you may get from them, so after a while you may not even realize that they’re there. Finally, many customers also report that Abreva can dry out your lips and skin quite a lot. Another drawback of the pump version is that there is no way to tell when it is almost empty – basically it will just suddenly stop working. Abreva fda-approved cold sore treatment, docosanol 10%, Abreva cold sore treatment creamis the only non-prescription medication approved by the fda that is proven to shorten healing time.

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Abreva lessens the amount of time you have the cold sore and also minimizes the severity of the outbreak. Abreva's website claims the small tube should suffice in treating 3-4 outbreaks and is effective for a year.
Most medicine has an expiration date but this doesn’t mean the medicine is automatically ineffective if used after the expiration date. However, taking a cold sore remedy past its expiration date doesn't fall into this category. So if you have an old tube of Abreva that has been sitting in your bathroom cabinet for over a year go ahead and use it and save a few bucks in the process.
It is the only FDA approved non-prescription cold sore medicine that shortens healing time and the duration of symptoms. It is the only FDA approved non-prescription cold sore medicine that  shortens healing time and the duration of symptoms. If you manage to detect a cold sore as it just begins to form (usually indicated by a burning or tingling sensation on the lip area), application of Abreva will possibly event prevent the outbreak entirely.
Although Abreva retails for ust under $15 on Amazon, elsewhere it is common to pay around $18 and up for a small 2g (7 oz.) tube of Abreva. Our opinion is that is you use it at the first sign of a cold sore, that is when it is as it’s most effective.

If you suffer from cold sores, purchase some NOW and store it in your medicine cabinet, knowing you’ll be ready to zap a cold sore as soon as it starts. Upon a breakout of sores, I find that consistent application cuts the duration of sores from 1-2 weeks to as little as 2-3 days. The white cream can leave a film after application, but if you rub it in strongly the film will disappear.
The actual size of the tube is quite small, and although many customers love how well Abreva works, a there are many reviews and complaints online that it is a little bit expensive.Another disadvantage is that the packaging of the tube itself can leak.
Although some people don’t have great results with Abreva, the majority of users report that it works, and works well.
Because the tube is so small, once you open it and apply slight pressure, the cream can start oozing out by itself. When you next go to use the cream and take off the cap, it’s common to find that some of the cream has pushed into the cap itself.

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