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You must have heard about the use of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate as an excellent multipurpose cleaning, deodorizing and baking agent. But the truth is that baking soda – popularly known as bread soda, cooking soda, or sodium bicarbonate – is an excellent mineral that can find a place of pride in your daily beauty routine.
Baking soda is a classic home remedy to reduce acne, acne scars and a host of other skin problems. It is recommended to moisturize your skin after doing baking soda treatment to avoid excessive dryness.
Exfoliating and neutralizing properties of baking soda help in enhanced skin cell turnover rate.
The cleaning properties of baking soda kill bacteria that cause acne and remove dead skins that causes oil and dirt blockage.
JenniferNatural Acne Treatment Recipes with Baking Soda Contents1 Natural Acne Treatment2 Baking Soda3 Tincture of Benzoin4 GoldensealGet free natural acne treatment recipes here! You must have tried many acne removing creams and medicines and is still fighting with more acnes and acne scars. Many people around the world are satisfied with the ability of baking soda in curing their acne and in vanishing facial blemishes. Bring up the frequency gradually allowing your skin to get adjusted to this new beauty regimen.

A few drops of tea tree oil, or honey can be added into the baking soda paste to avoid over dryness. Since baking soda is conveniently available and inexpensive ingredient, why don’t you give it a try to discover blemish and acne-free glowing skin? We provide the best natural acne treatment recipes with baking soda, tincture of benzoin and goldenseal. Since baking soda treatment is an easy and inexpensive way to clear one’s skin, it is really worth a try. Once you are used to it and comfortable with the product, even daily use is recommended for more effectiveness.
In order to retain some pH to the skin, some experts suggest spraying your face with thinned apple cider vinegar. They are effective recipes to get rid of acne fast and naturally.Natural acne treatment recipes can be one of the best alternatives you can take for getting rid of acne. Take sufficient amount of baking soda (depending on the number of acnes you have) and mix it with little water. These recipes are made based on natural ingredients so that it is safe for your skin, especially the sensitive one.Natural Acne TreatmentAnother benefit is that you can make it on your own so that it is more economical.
No wonder if this kind of treatment remains up to this time.There are a lot of natural acne treatment recipes which are available for you, such as herbal tea from burdock, dandelion root, cleavers, or Echinacea.

Along with those natural acne treatment recipes, you should also stick to the healthy diet.You also have some food to avoid especially fatty foods, such as dairy products, alcohol, chocolate, coffee, and also alcohol. In addition, along with your herbal acne treatment, you should also eat sufficient fruits and vegetables in your daily meal.Baking SodaThis is one of the natural ingredients which are available for your acne treatment.
It has the main function as exfoliation since it is able to remove the dead skin cells from your skin. Then, you can rinse the film off.Tincture of BenzoinThis is another natural ingredient which you can make for treating your acne.
To peel it off, you can soak a towel to warm water and rub your mask in circular motion after it gets soft. This recipe is ideal for removing blackhead.GoldensealThis is another new natural acne treatment which you can use for your acne. Its astringent is able to increase the blood flow to the skin so that it can stimulate tissue healing and accelerate the acne healing. Using this type of effective acne treatment regularly, you will be able to reduce the acne caused by bacteria.

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