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Acupuncture is the Chinese method of treatment and health maintenance by inserting very fine needles into precise points located along Meridians (loosely speaking “energy” channels running on the surface and transversely across the body). We recommend this treatment together with colonic hydrotherapy as it will enhance the effect of the colonic irrigation.
Sympathetic – this has a strong pain killing action and relieves contractions of the intestinal organs.
Kidney – strengthens kidney function, toughens lumber spine, assists urination and invigorates digestion. Liver – regulates blood circulation, strengthens the stomach, relieves dizzy spells and faintness and strengthens digestion, relieves chest heaviness, general aches and pains, abdominal distension and depression. A quick note on measurement: in the acupuncture world we look at the body measurements in proportional terms. Kidney 27 is in a depression just below the collarbone, about two inches from the midline on an adult. Stomach 36 is probably one of the most used points in acupuncture, it is great for a whole host of things, including boosting energy, aiding digestion, relieving diarrhea, stimulating immune function and even stress relief. Kidney 6 is a good point in its own right for sore throat, which generally accompanies coughing. Sorry, no pretty picture for this one because the description is pretty easy, and all the pictures on the internet were pretty lame for this one. Ear acupuncture is used with great success in the treatment of substance abuse and general body detox.
It may cause dilation of blood vessels and is used for treating pulse and spasms of the arteries and veins.

It promotes lower abdominal circulation, harmonises liver function and reduces high blood pressure. Reduction in craving, relief from withdrawal symptoms, a cleared mind and increased sense of purpose, better sleep and energy rise.
We love working with kids, but often times kids respond so well to acupressure alone, that dragging them into the office just isn’t necessary! I say on an adult, because in acupuncture and anatomy, all things are proportional to the individual’s own size. Since the pine trees are starting to kick out pollen here in Fort Myers, acupuncturists in the area have likely been using this point a bunch to help keep immune systems in shape. Paired with Lung 7 it has a stronger effect, and though I’m currently having a hard time finding this pairing indicated in any texts for cough and cold, we use it on just about every patient that has any respiratory complaints and in our experience it works wonders!
Ding chuan is a great point for asthma, wheezing, colds, just about any respiratory problem. It is on the shin, about one hand-breadth down from the hollow of the knee on the lateral (that’s toward the pinkie toe side) side of the tibia (shin bone) about a half inch from the bone. It is on the wrist on the radial side (thumb side), about an inch or so (technically 1.5 thumb widths by the TCM description) from that little hollow at the base of the thumb between the two tendons. KD6 is on the ankle on the medial side (towards the big toe), about an inch below the point of the medial malleolus (ankle bone) in the depression between the two tendons.
These large energy efficient reversible fans are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, refrigerated warehouses, gyms, pavilions, and more.For more information about high velocity low speed fans, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message. So, that said, here’s a quick run-through of some great points you can do to help with cough.

Thankfully, our hands are pretty decent guides of the measurements we use in acupuncture, especially for the low-precision work we’re doing here with acupressure.
Now, keep in mind we’re talking about acupressure here, which basically means a firm massage of the point using firm pressure that is borderline uncomfortable. Don’t go bruising yourself or others, but do be sure to use a pretty good amount of pressure. For the average adult, inches will get you close enough, but for much bigger or smaller people, using thumb widths is helpful. Anyways, find the biggest one on your neck, it should be kind of at or just below where your shoulders and neck meet.
Also, pretty pictures will accompany each point description, so between the two you should be doing pretty well! The cool thing about Lung 7 is that is pairs with our next point to really open up the chest and get things moving. Ding chuan is on either side of the spine from where your finger is now, about a half inch from the midline.

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