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Many a times you might have heard that acupuncture treatment doesn’t hurt, but this is not the complete truth, some of the best acupuncturist is Mumbai have clarified that acupuncture needle treatment might hurt in some cases.
You might have read a lot about Acupuncture Needles Online India, but you should also understand that an acupuncture needle is different from injection needle. Whereas, an acupuncture needle is much thinner, solid and comes with a sharpened end point, which makes them slide in your skin easily with minimal discomfort. There might be some patients who feel slight pain during the treatment, in such scenarios best acupuncturist in Mumbai use needle guide tubes. Finding a Best Acupuncturist in Mumbai won’t be that difficult as there are many and the best thing about them is that they care enough about their patients and dedicate their lives in serving their patients and improving their lives. They want their patients to come back for follow up treatments so that they can reap maximum benefits of the therapy, thus they ensure to make them comfortable before starting. So the next time you go for acupressure needle treatment, just keep calm and relax, because your therapist definitely want you to refer them to their family. Interested in connecting with locals, finding a job, local event, looking to buy or sell or just looking for romance? Recent ArticlesChoose a Mobility Device to Make Your Life Easy!Is immobility a part of your life? We do not collect any personal information about you (such as your name or email address) from your use of this website, except where you have specifically provided us with that information. We may share general information about the use of our site with content providers and other third parties. For any questions, queries, or information you require about the website or our Privacy Policy pleasecontact us. Meet some of the Alumni of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in India and world-wide. A multi-national beauty brand, specializing in oils and cosmetic products based on the concept of Aromatherapy with a number of Beauty Spas in India and world-wide.
Founder of DXN, a multi-level marketing company based in Malaysia well known for its Ganoderma business and product line including dietary supplements, food and beverages, etc. Founder of Positive Mind Resources and Millionaire Mind Power, a well renowned personality in Malaysia. Practitioner of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicines, Reflexology and Diet and Nutrition in Hyderabad, India. Specialist in the treatment of Cancer and HIV, Rare Common Diseases and Vital Organ Failure Disorders.

Sahaja Musician from Maharashtra and a renowned expert in Music Therapy through Spiritual Yoga.
An Orthodox archbishop, pastoral counselor, vocational nursing instructor and holistic center administrator. Chairman of the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine, Dharamsala and Chief Medical Officer at Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical Centre) in Bangalore. Nutrition Therapist, Teacher at Western Nutrition and Nutritional Disease Management at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO and Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver. Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and other branches of Alternative Medicines in Taiwan and U.K.
Medical Doctor, Practitioner of Integrative Medicine combining Western and Holistic Medicine for effective treatments and therapies.
Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology, Pranic Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy and Feng Shui in New Delhi, India.
Founder of Holistic Vibrations in Trichur, Kerala, India an author and also a filmmaker (Denova).
Consulting Ayurvedic Practitioner and Nutrition, and Health Educator and a Council Member of The Dinacharya Medical Research Foundation. Instructor cum Senior Technician in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Affiliated to ANNA University, Chennai. Consultant and Research Scholar in Vaasthu Shastra, Astrology, Gemmology, Numerology and Feng Shui in Karnataka, India.
Nrityabhushan, an extremely gifted artist with an infinite passion for performing and imparting the rich tradition of the classical Indian dance form of Kuchipudi world-wide. Practitioner of Yoga, Massage, Hypnotherapy and Medical Astrology in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Mesothelioma Doctor The website has the most up to date and comprehensive information regarding Mesothelioma; with information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options and steps to take after a diagnosis. The hypodermic needles or injection needles and easily available acupuncture needles online in India are different in their thickness levels.
Most the Best Acupuncturist in Mumbai have claimed that once they start needle treatment, their patients reconfirm with them whether they have actually inserted a needle or not because they hardly feel anything. This is slightly shorter than the actual needle and it goes around the needle while leaving the needle handle sticking out of the tubes top. Such acupuncturist understand that people are usually scared of needles or downright hate them, thus they ensure to make their patient feel comfortable and relaxed before they start with the treatment.

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Locations in Mumbia, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Thrissur, Kolkata, Pune, Cochin, Indore, Coimbatore, Dubai, Seychelles, Colombo etc. Has represented the State of Texas in Cherub Journalism Program at Northwestern University. Author of the famous Book "The Violet Flame - An Integrative Holistic Complementary Therapy".
Anchor of radio program BASTA NATURAL since 2004 up to present and national officer of Phil.
Hypodermic needles are thick enough to hollow your skin to let the medicine enter your body and their edges are also razor sharp that can really hurt badly. Most of the nerve endings found inside your body are based at a shallow depth, in order to insert the needle, the therapist taps on the end of the tube handle and insert the needle past the sensitive layer of your skin without any pain.
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