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Ben Herath, vice president of design for adidas Running, says the Ultra Boost foam provides unmatched energy return from the ground mile after mile.
Aside from introducing the new Ultra Boost technology—which is built around a dual density Torsion system that is firmly embedded into the midsole, providing midfoot support and allowing for more independent movements between the heel and forefoot—the shoe’s lightweight upper is made of a woven one-piece material called Primeknit, a carefully engineered mesh that keeps your foot locked in place while reducing irritation and providing ventilation in a variety of conditions.
The new Ultra Boost will be available beginning on Feb. 11 and comes with a price tag of $180. The latest offering from Adidas, the Energy Boost ($150), has been out for less than a month, but it's already generating buzz.
Besides the new foam, the Energy Boost shoes have other nice design touches to make it a comfortable running shoe. While I did like the snug fit, it's important to note that the shoes run small; I ended up testing out a pair a half-size larger than my normal shoe size and the fit was perfect. The new foam is said to be more temperature resistant than traditional midsoles, which helps it to provide a consistent feel in a variety of conditions. Its midsole is designed to feel consistent underneath your feet throughout the life of the shoe—that’s right, it claims to ride just as well at mile 500 as it did at mile 5. The external heel counter of the shoe is designed to provide stability around the heel while a smartly designed cutout allows the Achilles tendon a frictionless freedom of movement.

You'll also get access to top running content including training plans and stories on gear, nutrition and recovery. A cross-country All-American at Stonehill College, he coaches both elite and age-group runners and was the men's marathon coach for Costa Rica at the 2012 Olympics. Dubbed Best Debut in Runner's World Spring Shoe Guide, the shoe was engineered to give runs an extra bounce, courtesy of Adidas's new styrofoam-looking Boost foam, which the company claims provides "more energy return" than conventional running shoe foam. I was amazed at how light they felt — the women's size 7s weigh in at 8.5 ounces — even though the thick sole looks like it would be much heavier. For one, the flexible mesh toe box encases your toes while still allowing room for them to move while you run. But the narrow fit of the shoe and the amount of foam means that my feet feel a tad too overheated when I wear thicker running socks, so I've been sticking to thinner, non-cotton socks to make sure my feet don't feel hot and uncomfortable.
A small plastic wedge embedded into the midsole on the medial side of the heel provides mild stability for rear-foot strikers. After attending the unveiling of the Energy Boost last month, I've had a few weeks to test out my pair on short and long, indoor and outdoor runs. When running, I liked that the shoe offered extra cushioning and correction, especially on long runs.

Also, the shoes' midsection acts like a girdle so the shoes stay snug even when the laces are untied.
All in all, I love the extra lightweight cushioning and bounce the Energy Boost gives me — especially during longer runs — and I'll be wearing these shoes for many miles to come!
Since I'm training for a marathon, I've been testing out a few shoes during my long runs, and these are definitely at the top when it comes to comfort.
I wore the Energy Boosts on a 13-mile run a week after a similarly long run where I wore a conventional minimalist shoe, and I noticed that the Energy Boosts cushioning helped save my knees from pain.
And while I can't quantify any energy boost from wearing these shoes, my runs did feel noticeably bouncier and more comfortable, both on a treadmill and outdoors.
The soft but structured feel of the foam sole ensured that I never felt weighed down or inhibited by the extra cushioning.

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