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AblathermA® is a medical device piloted by a computer designed to treat localized prostate cancer using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Using this map, high intensity ultrasound waves are delivered through the rectal wall precisely focused on the prostate. During this treatment 50 - 150 small radioactive seeds are implanted directly into the prostate gland using 20 - 40 needles.
Brachytherapy cannot be utilized when a patient has symptoms of prostate obstruction, when he has a Gleason stage above 6, or when he has had a previous transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR-P). The procedure is done under anesthesia and requires at least an overnight stay in the hospital.
This technology has improved in recent years but is still associated with a very high incidence of impotence and urinary incontinence.
Hormone therapy is a generalized treatment for patients with cancer that extends beyond the prostate. Some hormone therapy drugs work to prevent your body and the cancer cells from using testosterone.
These treatments ensure that the patient is cure by the use of medicines as well as alternative treatments. These complementary and alternative therapies for cancer have different affect on different people. One important thing that the patient must know is that he or she can start complementary and alternative therapies for cancer only when they are told to do so by the doctors. Imagery – this form of complementary and alternative therapies for cancer is suggested to the patients who are a little imaginative.

Creative outlets – some people who are suffering from cancer are told to learn and persue a hobby. Reflexology – it is an art in which pressure from fingers is used to relax the different parts of the body. There are many herbs, vitamins and other special diets that are suggested to the cancer patients.
There are many aurvedic and herbal medicines that can be suggested as complementary and alternative therapies for cancer.
We hope that this article helped you to understand what exactly the complementary and alternative therapies for cancer are and how it can be useful in the treatment of cancer.
My goal is that all people specially poor and needy people should get health facility free of cost and they must show faith in system. Under a spinal anesthetic with IV sedation, an ultrasound probe is inserted in the rectum to map the exact outline of the prostate gland.
This focusing produces intense heat and causes the destruction of the tissue inside the targeted zone without damaging surrounding tissues. It is recommended that the patient avoid close contact with children and pregnant women for two months after seed implant. In addition, fistulae (or holes) between the prostate and rectum can occur, especially in patients who have had unsuccessful EBRT. Hormone therapy is a temporary solution to extend survival or improve the quality of life of the prostate cancer patient. This is exactly why it is used as very common complementary and alternative therapies for cancer.

You can consult your doctor today and as per their advice take up any one or two of these treatments. When they are involved in these activities their minds get a break from thinking about cancer. There is no scientific study that can prove how effective the complementary and alternative therapies for cancer actually are.
As the name suggests these are treatments that can be used along with the main cancer treatment. There is a lot of research going on across the world to prove that these treatments can also do wonders to the cancer patients. Another reason why the complementary and alternative therapy for cancer is suggested is the fact that cancer treatment is painful. These yoga sessions help them to become stronger and fight with the after affects of cancer treatment better. The longer a person can focus on the breathing process the better it is for his or her recovery. When a person gets alternative therapy it helps them to feel more comfortable and deal with the disease better. Meditation has been in use as complementary and alternative therapies for cancer for many years.

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