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Diabetes is a very common health concern among modern generation people as it is linked to lifestyle.
Bitter gourd or bitter melon is the most popular and useful home remedy for diabetic patients as it has the capacity to lower down the blood glucose level.
Cinnamon in powdered form is good as it possess the capacity to control the blood sugar level in the body and stimulates insulin production. Fenugreek is a popular plant which is used in various dishes and to produce medicines also. If you have come across this post you may be looking for the statistics on stage 4 breast cancer survival rate. Before I go into the method that will cure breast cancer I want to explain how cancer is caused because it may be different to the notions you have from medical science what is told today.
Once the body is at a healthy PH level range the cancer with not be able to spread and it will start to clear up as the cells die.
Ways to bring down the PH level is by bathing in sodium bicarbonate as well as drinking this bicarbonate in water mixed with syrup as well.
As well as this method you will want to detoxify as much as possible by cutting out all processed and refined foods as well as fizzy drinks and anything that has High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in it. Sugar should be taken out of the diet as well and all these should be replaced with organic fresh fruits and vegetables.
This method of curing cancer works by using micro currents what are attached to colonial silver strips what deliver microscopic particles that are oppositely charged to the pathogens and foreign bodies in the blood stream. These charged silver particles attach themselves to the pathogens, viruses and cancerous cells and smoother them causing them to die. The protocol is in 4 parts and more details can be found on one of my other posts here,  this will explain the miraculous results that Dr Beck has produced not only on himself but cancer and HIV patients.
So in conclusion if you came to this post looking for advice on stage 4 cancer survival rates because you are someone you love has cancer, please take action on the information on this page and others I have written. You don’t have to run to the doctor or drugstore every time you need a fix-it—heal it yourself with ALTERNATIVE CURES! Dramatically reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol with just this one herb, says Dr. Learn that 90 percent of all migraines may be caused by MSG—and find a list of specific foods to avoid. Stop all side effects from NSAIDs, the most common arthritis drug and one that can seriously damage stomach lining, with the nutrient glutamine. Breathe easier with asthma, when you use the mineral that acts as a natural bronchodilator.
Hello and welcome to my website which is dedicated to bring you alternate cures for all ailments that plague us in this modern world.
I have been considering building a website to address this problem for some time now and only just recently I have acquired the skills to construct such a website. So before we go any further I want to address the reason why our health seems to be a lot poorer now than it has ever been. Let’s go back 150 years when 95% of the population used to work on the land as a way to feed the family, this in itself had major health benefits because of all the exercise we got just doing our daily tasks. Another major cause of ill health is the food we eat with all the E numbers and colourants as well as the vast amounts of salt, fat and sugar in them. Another major cause of ill health is all the stress we have in our lives in the modern society.
One of the most unseen problems of the modern age is all the interference to our energies and feelings of well-being are the invisible radiation from mobile devices, the internet and electrical appliances. I like to get away as much as I can which is not very often I must admit, but when I do get away from it all in the mountains or in a forest I feel my spirits and feeling lift as our energies that surround us all get back into synch and our bodies respond like wise. Now it’s not all doom and gloom because the cures for all these ailments and stresses are out there in nature’s bounty just waiting to be used to cure all the disease on this planet. Well that’s my first page written in my brand new website for alternative cures for all the ailments we suffer from today.
After receiving this message from you I have decided to make my second posting on the cures for Arthritis, it will be available in a few hours.
I totally agree with your comment, we need to look to the old knowledge and gain wisdom from that. I myself suffer from this allergy and it can be very distressing in the summer months, I will show you how natural hayfever remedies work and how to apply them. This Allergy is caused by the presents of pollen from grass and plants, also dust and other pollutants just add to the intensity of an attack. All these are caused by the bodies reaction to pollen, the bodies thinks it is under attack and stimulate the immune system. Firstly you will need to source a local producer of honey, the more local to you the better. I am not 100% sure on the mechanics on how this works but it seems to teach the body that this pollen is not a threat to the body.
You will also need a good supply of organic apple cider vinegar to mix with the local honey. Take this twice a day and by the end of the week you will be ready for the start of the season when you are effected. These different types of teas are all have antihistamines properties, so please test them and see what works best for you. 4) Peppermint tea – When you have this one please drink it when it has cooled for best results. 1) Calendula mixed in water – This is a good solution when you are suffering from itchy eyes. 2) Omega-3 acids – I recommend this supplement for a whole host of benefits including not just hayfever.
4) Indian gooseberries – Make the gooseberries into a pulp then place them in a sieve and extract the juice. All of the methods mentioned in this article do work to relieve hayfever but in my experience it is trial and error to see which methods works for you.
That’s it for this post hope you are now more aware of natural hayfever remedies, please leave comments below and let me know how you get on with theses cures. Standard medical science is currently ill-equipped to handle the growing issue of chronic toxic exposure to the post-industrial world and its chemicalized food sources.  Furthermore, most practitioners are not properly educated as to exactly how the body achieves cleansing, nor how this process can fail. While I borrow extensively from traditional natural medicine practices, it has become crystal clear to me that practitioners of these systems of medicine have not updated their methods to match the problems of the present times, nor have they modified the modalities to encompass the increased knowledge and experience of the last few hundred years.  Furthermore, much of the actual wisdom behind many of the traditional formulas and methodologies has been lost, leaving even the most dedicated practitioners incapable of applying creativity and innovation when problem solving complex chronic health issues. In the case of all too often failure with traditional systems of medicine (not to mention modern medicine), this leaves an individual dazed, confused, and unable to figure out what to do next.
When digestion begins to fail, normal, natural detoxification becomes problematic, and is hence also destined to fail.

This is why any successful and comprehensive detoxification program MUST start with digestion, and why so many detox protocols and programs fail to achieve the desired results, and in some cases, cause even more problems. Digestive system failure results in detoxification failure, severe microbial imbalance in the gut (and eventually systemically) , immune system failure (along with a host of terrible immune system syndromes), and energy conversion problems.
Therefore, it is absolutely critical that an individual be able to fully and properly digest  everything an individual consumes, and this must be a priority for the recovery from any chronic illness, and a central key to proper elimination and detoxification in the body. Since digestion requires more energy in the body than all other normal metabolic processes except cardiovascular function, shutting down the digestive system frees up an immense amount of physical resources which the body quickly begins to utilize to clean house.  Fasting has been used for centuries to cleanse the body and help reboot the digestive system.
Circulation is ultimately three-fold.  We have circulation of pranna (breath), cardiovascular circulation, and lastly, lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic circulation is often the hardest to deal with, and lymph congestion and blockages are responsible for many serious illnesses.  While there are special devices for lymph drainage (electromedicine devices), and special lymph massages, the easiest ways to stimulate lymph drainage is vigorous exercise and hot baths (in our case, specifically clay baths with sea minerals).
The biggest problem with the elimination system occurs in the colon (or, generally speaking, Phase III detoxification), where substances that the body is trying to eliminate are re-absorbed back into the bloodstream, which eventually greatly effects liver function and then kidney function. With colon function addressed, a program may then be devised to start to knock down and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms as well as start to naturally encourage the body to start dumping all of the toxic waste stored in tissue. All of these final strategies must be completely tailored to the individual, based on individual tolerance and state of health. This is an ideal road map to work with when dealing with detoxification.  Any successful cleansing program must address all three of these principles equally, and mastered programs usually address them all at the same time, either all together at once, or through phases.
This article is part of Phase 1 of the Eytons’ Earth Digestive System Recovery and Detox Program.
The initial cause of psoriasis is still unknown to science today and this simple fact is enough to convince me that drug companies do not have the best cures for this condition. To explain a little more about psoriasis and how it appears on the skin we need to see how our bodies work normally.
Stress – This can aggravate existing psoriasis and cause flare ups as well, try relaxing techniques what are used in meditation. Infections – If you suffer any infection that effect’s the ability of the immune system to work properly can cause flare ups. Skin been injured – Anything that damages the skin can cause the condition to appear. Bad diet – This one area has a huge impact on the amount you suffer from this disease. Foods to avoid – No Trans fats what are associated with processed food and fast food, these Trans fats will cause inflammation which will trigger an attack. Gluten – This should be avoided as it will cause psoriasis to appear, gluten is in pasta, bread, ice cream and a whole host of other products.
Alcohol – This should be avoided as much as possible as alcohol will affect the immune system and other negative effects can cause an outbreak. What follows is a list of methods that should be used to stop psoriasis from appearing in the first place. Try to get your weight down to a healthy level as this will help to improve the overall health and well-being of the body.
All colourful fruit and veg that are in the colours of the rainbow as a guide should be consumed daily.
Vitamins and supplements – these are excellent items to add to your diet and will in conjunction with a healthy diet dramatically will dramatically reduce the amount of times you suffer from this horrible disease.
Natural and herbal remedies – Turmeric, tea tree oil, oat extract, apple cider vinegar, Dead Sea salts, capsaicin and Aloe Vera.
Aromatherapy – This method uses smells from flowers that are then burnt which releases the aroma and this is breathed in giving relief in this method. So as you can see the best way to fight this condition is by using a whole life approach and utilising my natural cures for psoriasis to alleviate the symptoms and lead a happier life. In This Post I will discuss natural cures brain tumors and what the availability is of these treatments. Natural cures for brain cancer fall into three sections and all of these do not cause inflammation in the brain like other nutritional ones can cause. The reason being alternative medicine will not act quickly enough to get rid of the swelling.
Also alternative medicine needs to get rid of the inflammation before it can treat the cancer. The problem is it can take a while for this to take place.
Before I discus that I want to explain a little bit more about modern medicine and its approach to curing brain cancer.
At best the patient gets an extra month to live but suffers terribly because of the treatment they are on. This involves using electro-medicine which is frequency generators that are placed on the skull and transforms the cancer cells into normal cells. This is the best method to fight the tumor but the price is around $5,000 which may be out of your price range. The method is very precise and should not be attempted on your own as an expert is needed to guide you through this. The third cure is one is the Bob Beck Protocol which involves using electric pulsing device that enters the blood stream and attacks the cancerous cell and kills them.
Please take your time and go over this material and links provided so you can decide which natural cure brain tumor is the best for you. It is a disease of the pancreas which is unable to produce enough amount of insulin in order to maintain the glucose level in the body.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. I can tell you that the survival rate can be 100%, if you try an alternative proven method. You will be able to test your PH levels using PH sticks what you can put in your mouth and take a reading. Another way is to use the Bob Beck protocol which has been proven to cure cancer as well as HIV and many other ailments what the pharmaceuticals companies has failed to cure.
S’s patients call (the supplement on page 11) the capsule of youth, because it makes them look and feel reinvigorated within days! Organized by area of the body, it brings a fresh, new perspective to the hidden causes of health problems—and gives you unique remedies to relieve symptoms, speed healing, and actually solve the problem! In one study, people who took the capsule described on page 479 were able to lose 20 percent of their body fat in 3 months—without dieting! So bear with me if this site is not the best in the world, however I will strive to give you best cures I know of and give you access and guidance where to purchase them from if you cannot make the cure yourself. The causes or wide spread from the way we live our life and the habits we have picked up to the jobs we do to earn a living.
These days a huge proportion of jobs involve sitting down for many hours at a time and then jumping on some sort of transport to get home.

But these pests have been around for millions of years and all part of the delicate balance of nature and should not be tampered with. These can be caused by financial worries from all the debt we are all in thanks to the way this world is run.
Another part of the cure is prevention so you will have to modify the habits and behaviour you have come acquired to in this modern society. Please browse my up and coming posts on the actual remedies and places you can get them from to cure you and your family. We need to get back to basics and stop our (d)evolution and reliance upon labour saving gimmicks. Just follow my simple instructions on how to stop the unnecessary suffering from this condition. This pollen causes an inflammatory reaction in the body, the best ways to fight this is by introducing antihistamines to combat this situation.
I have tested all of them on myself and had relief from them all, but this method for me works the best. The reason for this is that the honey will have small amounts of pollen it mix with the honey naturally.
I start taking this twice a day about a week before my normal hayfever season starts (June for me). The best way to do this is by boiling some water in the kettle, while this is boiling get a cup and fill a third of the way with cold water. I do highly recommend using the method I do first though as this seems to work the best for a lot of people I know. Without the wisdom accompanying the formulae, and without the body to mind intelligence and awareness, even some of the best traditional medicine practices leave an individual at the gates of despair. In this post I am going to provide natural cures for psoriasis which will help you alleviate the symptoms as well as stopping flare ups happening in the first place.
It is thought that over 30% of sufferers get this condition passed down through the genetic make-up from their parents.
The normal process for the skin is a complete change of skin cells over a 28-30 day period. These include sun burn, vaccinations and cuts or scratches to the skin can all cause a reaction leading to psoriasis.
You should aim for a diet that is high in fruit and veg that are coloured like the colours in the rainbow.
Also you may be surprised to learn that tomatoes, potatoes and red chillies also aggravate this condition. To follow a gluten free diet you should always read the labels of products as manufacturer’s change ingredients quite often.
Also fish should be eaten at least 3 times a week; these fish need to contain omega 3 fatty oils which are very beneficial to stopping out breaks. These wonderful natural foods are exactly what you need to be consuming to battle this skin condition. Getting mild exposure to the sun while ensuring you do not get burnt will definitely help you psoriasis. Fortunately I have never suffered from psoriasis, but I will keep this in mind if I come across anyone who might. Some are more costly than others but nothing compared to conventional medical treatment that does not even work anyway. But before we go any further though I would like to point out that if you have any swelling on the brain or around the outside of your heads YOU SHOULD seek immediate medical attention.
It is this swelling that can cause sudden death by pressing on parts of the brain that deal with your heart. If you have no swelling or the doctor has got rid of the inflammation you can now precede with the natural cures for your cancer. This has the advantage of not causing any inflammation because the cells are returned to the healthy state they were before the brain cancer started. This protocol also involves drinking water that has colloidal silver in it that helps with this entire process.
It is clinically tested that cinnamon can help to decrease the blood sugar level especially in type 2 diabetes.
This caused by many factors which are mainly due to the foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead. But a deficiency in certain types of good fats causes your body to crave and overeat the bad kinds of fats, quickly adding extra pounds to your frame. Also stress from relationships as the family unit is not what it used to be many years ago. Then add the hot water and a table spoon of the honey and 2 caps of the apple cider vinegar. In the case of brain tumors surgeons are lucky to get a 1 in 1000 people to survive brain cancer. Some of the symptoms of diabetes are unusual thirst and hunger, sudden weight loss, extreme tiredness, slow loss of vision and many others.
It helps in the secretion of insulin in the pancreatic and prevents any form of resistance to the insulin growth. Most Americans are deficient in these good fats, but you can make sure you get enough of the important weight-loss fats by taking the supplements described on page 478. For arthritis, I added turmeric and ginger to my diet and after 2 months the pain was mostly gone. It is rich in fiber and helps in the slow absorption of sugars and carbohydrates in the body.
Soak some amount of fenugreek in water for a whole night and consume the water in the next morning as you wake up.
Also, can you look into restless leg syndrome and see if there are any alternative remedies for that as well?
I have been able to discontinue all the ibuprofen I was forced to take daily, because no more pain. Since these remedies belong to nature, it doesn’t have any side-effect and help in curing diabetes in a great way.

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