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But herea€™s the most appalling of all statistics about conventional medical treatments for cancera€¦ Untreated cancer patients do not die any sooner than patients who receive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Now, do you want to know what the most ridiculously absurd part about all of this is?Not only do orthodox treatments appear to be less effective than we have been led to believe, but the a€?cancer curea€? the cancer industry is supposedly working so tirelessly to find, already exists.Thata€™s right, the miracle cure for cancer we have all been desperately waiting and hoping for has already been found. So what is the bodya€™s a€?perfecta€? oxygenated or alkaline level then?Well, youa€™ve no doubt heard of the need to maintain the correct pH level for a swimming pool? Here I was, in February cancer free, now just eight months later I was knocking on death’s door with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. After several months of recovery from the surgery I went back to my farm in Philippines to visit my family.
Two weeks ago I went and had a test done at the local clinic and my total cholesterol was 175, triglycerides were 71 and blood sugar 85.
I cana€™t quite imagine that virgin coconut oil would help my hip bursitis, but within less than a week the pain level had diminished vastly!
I started using coconut oil and within a couple of months it enabled me to finally rid my body of candidiasis and alleviated my hypoglycemia symptoms.
Any mother or expectant mother who desires a healthy, well-developed baby should consider adding coconut oil to her diet.
The most remarkable property of coconut oil is that while it is a food, it is also an antibiotic, an immuno-enhancer, and a drug that regulates the bodya€™s function and defense mechanisms. As the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil travel throughout the body they are actually anti microbial compounds.
This is the reason why virgin coconut oil is a recommended treatment for malnutrition among children. Another very important function is that medium-chain fatty acids protect the baby from harmful microorganisms. The following message from Jesus is taken from where all of Linda Newkirka€™s prophecies are posted in a a€?book and chaptera€™ format in chronological order. For, many have found comfort in their stuff and in their things, but all of their confidence in money and things will not only suffocate them, but will bury them. And, eyes, which can see, will see My hand in all things!  For, in the heavens come lights and bodies, which did not previously exist!
Oh, so dreadful are the days, which are upon the whole earth; and My hand is outstretched still. Will you remain a slave to the flesh?  Will you continue to worship the flesh and all of its earthly pleasures?
For, you could not have imagined such a thing, that the glory of the manchild, who is to be within some of you, should appear in the sky as heavenly bodies. But, behold the signs in the heavens!  Signs of My kingdom come and My will be done in the earth as it is in heaven! And, their presence means that this power and this glory will also grow within these five, wise virgins. Yes, the signs of My kingdom are in the earth and these signs will not leave, or be moved, not now, and not for many years. And, more specifically, these five are you and four others, who have stood beside you through your many tests and trials of your spiritual journey. Their glories, as I have told you, the glories of these five, can now be seen in the heavens from time to time. However, for you, My Blessed Child, for you, as you are the firstborn, you will soon see My face.
Why are these two called the two witnesses?  They are so-called, for the two of them have firstly been witnesses to the establishment of My kingdom in the earth, through the works of Revelation Twelve.
So, now you know more about the five wise virgins; for I have given them My wisdom about the truths of these works.
And, in due season, you two will walk again in great authority and power as the two witnesses; for you were together at another time when I showed My great power in the earth. And, when I gave you these truths, you had no idea that I would move you to a mountain top. And, though the enemy has tunneled under it in an attempt to claim it, I will run them out. For, in due season, the glory of My Son shall be so great on this hill, that his light will extend to the ocean. Linda Newkirk is your spiritual mother, oh you decadent people of this nation and of this world. I tell you now and hear Me well!  The Jews will not claim honor for this very great work.
Yes, My Beloved Child, there comes a New Jerusalem; for I do a new thing in the whole earth.
And, the twelve gates were twelve pearls, every several gate was one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.
And, the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.
And, he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. VRM: Alternative Cancer Cures That Work & Your Government Still Can't Ban Them From Use! Most doctors are typically reluctant to speak out against the status quo in the Medical Industry.
The cancer industry will not find the all powerful magic bullet cure for which it has been searching now for decades.
Conventional cancer treatments destroy cancer cells in various parts of the body but at the same time they kill healthy cells, making recovery a difficult and often impossible task. Tumors can grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems, and they can release hormones that alter body function. When a tumor successfully spreads to other parts of the body and grows, invading and destroying other healthy tissues, it is said to have metastasized. 1) Invasive Surgery: This is often seen in the removal of the prostate or a breast or testicle. 3) Hormone Therapy: Designed to alter hormone production in the body so that cancer cells stop growing or are killed completely.
Breast Cancer Study Finds Parabens in Virtually All Tumors ‘A comprehensive study published in the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Applied Technology shows more evidence of a correlation between parabens and incidences of breast cancer. Alternative Practitioners of Medicine & Naturopaths have been condemned to the fringes in their efforts to bring natural cures for Cancer to the public.
The authorities relentlessly persecute those who offer new and possibly effective and non toxic therapies.
Vitamin D has been shown in both in vitro and in vivo studies to have anticancer properties, such as selectively instructing malignant cells to die. There was a study done in Canada where they asked a simple question of women who had breast cancer – How much sun exposure did they have as teenagers and young adults? IN TEENAGERS: 50 million teens in the United States are Vitamin D deficient or insufficient.
Anyone living north of Atlanta Georgia does not produce Vitamin D in their skin from November through February. By increasing the intensity of a frequency which resonated naturally with these microbes, Rife increased their natural oscillations until they distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses. Because everything else has a different resonant frequency, nothing but the glass is destroyed.
In 1934, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to Rife’s San Diego Laboratory and clinic for treatment. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine the patients – if still alive – in 90 days. Laetrile or Vitamin B17 technically belongs to a family of compounds called cyanogenic glycosides.
Note: The FDA officially banned Laetrile from interstate commerce in 1971 – probably because it works so well and is readily available in your garden. Note: The oxidation of LDL, which is believed by many researchers to be a major cause of heart disease, was reduced by up to 90%. Nineteen patients from 65 to 75 years of age with severe carotid artery stenosis (70 to 90 percent occlusion) were given 50 ml of concentrated, pasteurized pomegranate juice daily.
In this research conducted over a three year period, Professor Aviram and his research group further showed that pomegranate juice could significantly lower the systolic blood pressure of hypertensive patients in just two weeks. Recent scientific research is demonstrating that pomegranate may be helpful in the prevention and treatment of various types of cancer such as breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. Illness such as Leukemia, Arthritis, Heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, pinched nerves, liver and pancreas problems, damaged spinal discs and Hodgkin’s disease to name a few have been successfully treated with the Breuss juice fast.
HARRY HOXSEY FORMULA: Red clover, Burdock root, Barberry bark, Licorice root, Buckthorn bark, Prickly ash, poke berries and root, Stillingia root, Cascara amarga, Potassium iodide, zinc chloride, and antimony trisulfide.
Methyl donors inhibit interleukin-6: A “methyl” group is -CH3 or one part carbon attached to 3 parts hydrogen.
Sources of methyl donors include Betaine (also known as trimethylglycine) from Red Beets or Betaine from Blackstrap Molasses, Choline from lecithin, brewers yeast, wheat germ and other sources, SAMe, dimethylglycine (DMG), MSM (MethylSulfonylMethionine), Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) and Folic acid. Note: As a dietary supplement, Betaine hydrochloride is used as a source of hydrochloric acid to support digestion and while it is a source of Betaine or TMG, it should not be used as a primary source of betaine but rather as a source of stomach acid to support digestion. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT significantly inhibited the growth of colorectal tumors in both laboratory cell cultures and in mice, U.S.
Using a commercially available grape seed extract, researchers exposed leukemia cells to the extract in different doses and found the marked effect in causing apoptosis in these cells at one of the higher doses. The skin of red grapes is also loaded with other anti-oxidants, most notably Resveratrol, whose benefits also contribute to lowering other risk factors for heart disease such as the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Researchers have determined that residents on the coast of Hokkaido eat a quantity of seaweed sufficient to provide a daily iodine intake of 200 mg a day.  Saltwater fish and shellfish contain iodine, but one would have to eat 15–25 pounds of fish to get 12 mg of iodine.
The inhibition of the cell signaling pathway also correlated with reduced expression of a number of pro-inflammatory cytokines, or signaling molecules, in the saliva that promote cancer growth, said Dr. Glutathione has been called the “master antioxidant”, and regulates the actions of lesser antioxidants such as vitamin C, and vitamin E within the body. Selenium is an essential trace mineral & anti-oxidant, a primary stop-gap which enables the human body to adapt to (overcome) any viral, bacterial or fungal infections circulating in the environment.
Natural sources rich in Selenium include Brazil nuts, Sunflower seeds & Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (“fossilized shell flour”).
As a weight loss accelerator, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth dissolves the excess weight and keeps the bad cholesterol levels down. The high silica level in DE makes it possible for the skin and healthy of the consumer to remain young and good looking. But it will survive and flourish very nicely in an anaerobic (acid) environment.So what exactly does this mean?Well, think about algae. This results in a€?Acidosisa€? of the body, which is a very dangerous and potentially life-threatening problem (I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of the population would fall into the "acidosis" category).

Hopefully, you've gone through each of the 9 natural remedies, along with clicking on the a€?where to get your cancer fighting nutrients froma€? link to put it all together and get yourself started.
A few months later I began feeling a strange sensation in my breast late October it developed into a sharp pain.
I kept trying to find a doctor that would tell me that all I needed was a lumpectomy or just chemotherapy.
I was really weak and would just sit on the hill watching the farmers work among the coconut trees planting coffee seedlings. I then open a capsule with 100mg CoQ10 and put the contents on top of the oil where they dissolve in the oil. My wife and daughter, both have type 2 diabetes, they measure their blood sugar levels at least three times a day.
I dona€™t believe in taking drugs to assist in sleeping, but it had gotten so bad that I got a prescription from my doctor. I had some swelling and discomfort in one of my knees for approximately 3 months prior to starting the daily consumption of virgin coconut oil. You may be interested to know that since taking the oil for two and a half years, my cholesterol has dropped from the danger level to the good.
I have tried for years to bulk up, eating everything in sight and more than most anyone around. It also made my sugar cravings disappear enabling me to continue to be without the overgrowth of yeast in my body.
It has been of great help in treating hypertension, high cholesterol, and thyroid dysfunction as well as many other conditions. For example, Lauric acid, which makes up about 50% of the coconut oil, becomes 2 mono-lauren. In a study conducted among malnourished preschool children in the Philippines, coconut oil was shown to be superior to soybean oil as a supplement. The babya€™s immature immune system is supported by the antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic properties of these vital fatty acids. And, for those, who love money and all that it can buy, a time of despair as few could imagine, shall grip them. What is your choice, oh you wayward ones?  Will you love money until death?  Will you love the world and what is in it until your death? And, to you, blessed woman of Revelation Twelve, will soon be given two wings of a great eagle, that you might fly back into your wilderness place. For, they have been given great wisdom to know, to receive, and to understand the truths of these works of Revelation Twelve. You had no idea that I would make a way for you and Dennis to buy this land on this mountain.
I have stated part of it!  I have established My kingdom in the whole earth from this mountain in ARK, USA. And, though the enemy shall encamp round about it, I shall overcome them with blindness and with disasters.
His light will illuminate the hills and valleys at night and all through the day, his light will heal the lands and the waters. Why is it called a€?new?a€™ It is called a€?new,a€™ because it is a new city and it is in a new place. For, My glory shall be very great in My servant, Linda Newkirk; and My radiance will illuminate a very great area through My son, who is within her. And, the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. In the midst of the street of it and on either side of the river, was there a tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
Then there are those inspired individuals who see their role as an opportunity to do the right thing, thus feel compelled to expose the painful truth regardless of the consequences. Avoidable cancers will continue to become commoner and commoner and the establishment will continue to ensure that only the toxic (but highly profitable) alleged treatments of cancer which are authorized by the pharmaceutical industry will be authorized by governments.
The whole foundation on which symptom-based Allopathic Medicine is built runs counter to the holistic principles of the human body, a medieval construct which has been undermining natural immunity since its inception in the early 19th Century; unleashing a cat’s cradle of hybrid cancers on our communities at large. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected.
Tumors that stay in one spot and demonstrate limited growth are generally considered to be benign. This process itself is called metastasis, and the result is a serious condition that is very difficult to treat. Common side effects such as hair loss, nausea, fatigue, vomiting…and further metasticising of the cancer.
In cancer, CT is used to detect a tumor, provide information about the extent of the disease, help plan treatment, and determine whether the cancer is responding to treatment. 99 percent — of the tissue samples collected from women participating in the study contained at least one paraben, and 60 percent of the samples contained no less than five parabens.
Despite stringent legislation barring access to cures (in formal treatment at least) you can still acquire this knowledge; much of it preventative.
In most western countries it is now actually illegal to offer a treatment for cancer that might work. Doctors who dare to offer patients new hope and new treatments are scorned, abused, persecuted, vilified, forced to go into hiding or threatened with imprisonment. In Britain it is illegal for anyone to claim to have a cure for cancer that is not approved by the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. If this unhealthy process continues year after year, these areas steadily increase in acidity and their cells begin to die. Getting your body alkaline with good calcium, with good nutrition, trace supplements, trace minerals, will help to alkalize the body.
And very often, believe it or not in my personal experience, the tumors or the tumorous growth was basically gone within a couple of days. Melanoma, on the other hand is the most deadly form of skin cancer; actually occurs on the least sun-exposed areas of the body. Then they asked an equal number of women living in the same area who didn’t have breast cancer. Another method is to rub it on topically as an ointment (using DMSO or Dimethyl Sulfoxide –  effective carrier). Anyway I was told I needed to have an operation asap to have it lasered off and also so a biopsy could be taken. Rife called this frequency ‘the mortal oscillatory rate,’ or ‘MOR’, and it did no harm whatsoever to the surrounding tissues. There are literally hundreds of trillions of different resonant frequencies, and every species and molecule has its very own. After the 90 days of treatment, the Committee concluded that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured. You can read all about it in Phillip Day’s book ‘Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth’. Aviram and his scientific research group tested pomegranate juice on both humans and laboratory mice which were genetically predisposed to develop heart disease. Patients with preexisting cardiovascular disease showed great improvement in many important physiological measurements and pathological signs compared to the control group. Research using both mouse mammary organ culture and human breast cancer cells in vitro has demonstrated anticancer effects of pomegranate extracts. In his book Rudolf Breuss states that as of 1990, he has followed over 45000 cases of cancer and other chronic conditions that have been cured or reversed with his treatment regimen. You can consume up to 500 ml in one day but only 250 to 300 ml is all you need according to Breuss. They also discovered that the extract does not affect normal cells, although they don’t know why. It shut downs Nuclear Vector Cap B & Stat B (the 2 main sources of inflammation that lead to cancer). Selenium helps regulate Thyroid function and your overall metabolism, primarily by preventing an over-abundance of free-radicals in the body, converts T4 (free thyroxine) to T3 (triiodothyronine), supported by Vitamin E.
Its molecular and porous structure has the ability to attract and trap heavy metals and toxins.
When the fat stored in cells gets burned more rapidly, the entire body starts to drop weight more naturally and easily.
Those suffering from elevated blood pressure levels need to use diatomaceous earth as their main health supplement. I just treated someone with prostate cancer using rectal injections of therapeutic grade essential oils.
Any cancer cells that remain are so weak that another therapy such as vitamin C can kill them off. I do, however, want to leave you with one final thought before we goa€¦The cancer industry really wants you to believe that cancer is a very complex disease that can only be put into a€?remissiona€?, not actually a€?cureda€?.
The information provided is NOT intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any health condition nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.
I figured if coconut oil can boost the immune system and cure AIDS, it might work for my cancer.
When they eat the wrong foods and their blood sugar levels get to 80-100 points above normal, they dona€™t take extra medication, they take 2-3 tablespoon of coconut oil directly from the bottle.
I was concerned about them as I have diabetes and gum disease often affects those who have diabetes. On using the prescription (and I have only tried this a couple of times) I was still only able to increase my night sleep from about two hours to about four and after taking the sleeping pills I felt so much worse the next day that I had abandoned that as a solution to my problem. When I heard about the Virgin Coconut Oil, I purchased some and rubbed it around the knee area where the swelling was; my knee immediately stopped hurting and the swelling was gone away. 2-mono-lauren dissolves the lipid envelope that protects most pathogenic bacteria and viruses. One group of children whose diet included coconut oil was observed to have gained weight faster and had improved nutritional levels. For, these are Mine!  I have fed them and I have raised them up for such a time as this! Back and forth, they will go!  The deeps of the earth and the deeps of the oceans shall sigh!
Terrible cracking in the earth!  Waves so high!  Terrible waves, with some thinking that the waves are as high as the sky! And, their light shall be as the light of the sun; and their fire shall be as the fire of the sun. But, I sent you to each of them, that I might touch them through your prayers and through My presence in you, that they might be awakened and stirred up to the knowledge of who they are. But, in the end, he would choose another way; and then I would make a way for all of this land to come to you.

This new place is not a place of death and carnage, like the old Jerusalem; but a place of birth and life. And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The power structure of the American cancer cartel would be threatened and a carefully constructed sick care business would go down the tubes if alternative treatments were allowed in mainstream medicine. Our children have also become breeding grounds for laboratory produced pathogens, bacterium & rogue, weaponized viruses.
This will occur when vaccine derived bio-conductive aluminum (consisting of live virus, antibiotic, heavy metal, detergent coagulated sludge) clogs the vast network of arterial veins & capillaries, inducing Ischemia.
Cancer harms the body when damaged cells divide uncontrollably to form lumps or masses of tissue called tumors (except in the case of leukemia where cancer prohibits normal blood function by abnormal cell division in the blood stream).
Physicians and researchers who specialize in the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer are called oncologists.
Parabens are chemicals used as a preservative in a number of cosmetics and personal care products including deodorant, shampoo, makeup, lotions and oral care products, as well as in processed food items and some pharmaceutical products.
Even qualified doctors are only allowed to prescribe chemotherapy or radiotherapy or to send their patients for surgery. Other cells in the affected area may survive by becoming abnormal, these are called malignant.
Because Vitamin C is so powerful, one of the greatest healers out there, you can fix nearly every heart problem, cardiovascular blood problem.
They observed that children, teenagers & young adults that had the most sun exposure reduced their risk of getting breast cancer later in life by 50-75%.
Cancer cells quickly adapt to anti-viral drugs & chemo treatment, causing the cancer to spread. As I was going on holiday the day after I saw the ENT Consultant, I had a month before the op to do something radical!
It took Rife many years, working 48 hours at a time, until he discovered the frequencies which specifically destroyed herpes, polio, spinal meningitis, tetanus, influenza, and an immense number of other dangerous disease organisms. The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5% of the patients also responded within the next four weeks. It explains how it works in the body at the site of a cancer but reacts with enzymes in healthy parts of the body to be expelled harmlessly – a wonderful holistic approach (harnessing nature’s nutrients & toxins to attain maximum health). The Aviram research group concluded that pomegranate juice can offer a wide protection against cardiovascular diseases which may be attributable to its antioxidative properties. No solid food is taken for 42 days and this juice is all that is consumed except for an onion soup you can make that is described in the book.
Italian researchers, Armenante F et al (3) reported in 1999 that reducing DNA methylation correlates with interleukin-6 (IL-6) gene hypomethylation and increases the level of its expression.
A team from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver says mice given the extract displayed a 44 percent reduction in the size of advanced colorectal tumors. After only two weeks of using the product, you will notice your skin and hair looks much better.
227 PSA to 27 in 5 weeks – frankincense, myrrh, sage, myrtle, orange, switched it around and added a few things to mess with that tumor with grapefruit, sandalwood, ledum, lemon. But wherever you find lots of stagnant water, you will find algae growing and thriving.So think of cancer as algae.
Selenium proven to blow cancer away!Natural remedies for cancer - Is green tea really the ultimate cancer cure? I started taking 3 to 4 tablespoons of oil a day plus whatever I used in preparing my meals.
Ia€™ve not even had an inkling of the symptoms of pain in my knee since taking the virgin coconut oil. But most everyone will know that eating everything is not smart and can lead to health problems later in life. I also want to emphasize that my health is excellent as Ia€™ve been into the health movement since the a€?70a€™s. The more MCFAs in the mothera€™s diet will further ensure that more nutrients will go to her milk.
The group which had soybean oil for supplement lagged behind in weight gain and nutrition level. But it should not be a mystery; for I have told you that you shall shine as the stars of heaven! For, in the Latter Days, this shall be!  My house shall be established at the top of the mountains. I will set up a new city, a holy city, and My light will shine from that city and will illuminate the hills, the valleys and the ocean. And, though you reject My servant, Linda Newkirk, and though you mock, ridicule and blaspheme her, you have not changed one iota the significance of My work in, of, and through her. For, through the fires of My testing, I will purge them all until they also shine, even as the stars, in their own right. And, there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamba€™s book of life.
Almost every disease is said to be idiopathic (without known cause) or genetic – although this is untrue. Underarm deodorants often contain parabens and have been thought to contribute to an increased risk of high paraben levels in the body that have been linked to breast cancer. There are people with Cholesterol of 600, perfectly healthy, never been sick in their lifetime, So what do you do with a patient in a burn unit, you give them 20-25 hard-boiled eggs a day…Nearly 87% of the cell is built on Cholesterol.
During the same time period the mean artery thickness significantly increased in the placebo group. Hasan Mukhtar and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin have shown that a topically-applied pomegranate fruit extract can block skin tumor formation in mice. Breuss also recommends some herbal teas for specific application like Cranesbill tea for adrenal support and Sage tea that he recommends you drink every day. The researchers found in experiments on a breast cancer cell line that when they suppressed methylation, it increased (IL-6) gene expression in the cancer cells.
Contrary to what researchers and the medical profession may be telling us, we are going backwards real fast with our current approach of orthodox treatments for cancer (the cuta€“burn-poison approach). Jones, a 40 year cancer researcher and Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkley, California, did an exhaustive 25 year study on the lifespan of cancer patients and discovered this shocking truth.
I started doing research on what medicinal plants I should grow that would boost my immune system. I would add it to my oatmeal in the morning, put it in my hot chocolate, cook my meals in it.
So I asked her how many 52-year-old guys does she come across that have numbers this good and are on no medications of any type. Lauric acid contained in a human mother’s breast milk is the major reason nursing infants have a high resistance to getting sick.
So where does the new cell potential foundation come from if you have a lack of Cholesterol? Another study demonstrated significant antitumor activity of pomegranate-derived materials against human prostate cancer. In layman’s terms, lack of methyl donors leads to hypomethylation and causes the IL-6 gene to become more active thus producing more IL-6. Betaine (TMG) as a methyl donor, and other methyl donors, reduce blood levels of homocysteine, a toxic byproduct of cysteine amino-acid metabolism linked to arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis. German doctors have used it thousands of times with impressive results.  A typical treatment lasts about 6 hours. Programmed cell death is called apoptosis, and when this process breaks down, cancer begins to form. TMG is referred to as lipotropic and reduces fatty liver and protects against chemical damage and alcohol damage to the liver. This woman told Caisse that an Ojibway medicine man had shown her herbs to make a special tea. During the first 2 hours patient’s body temperature is gradually raised to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. He discovered that women who refused orthodox medical treatments actually lived four times longer than women who accepted these conventional treatments. Unlike regular cells, cancer cells do not experience programmatic death and instead continue to grow and divide.
IL-6 and TNF-a are known to be over active in cancer, AIDS, CFIDS, candidiasis and numerous other conditions and plays a significant role in the progression of these conditions. So after 5 years, only 2 to 3 people out of every hundred are still alive after receiving chemotherapy! Dr Jones stated, a€?People who refused treatment lived for an average of 12 and a half years.
I thought about planting coffee under the coconut trees and start an herbal medicine garden. I also took half a tsp of bicarbonate of soda mixed with half a glass of water daily along with gargling with 12 drops of grapefruit seed extract in half a glass of water daily.
Those who accepted other kinds of treatment lived on an average of only 3 years.a€? Ita€™s important to note here that there have been other researchers who have come to the same conclusions as Dr Jones, as a search of the Science Citation Index shows. Anyway my voice rapidly improved and I was convinced that my methods had probably got rid of it!
My grandmother used to make coconut oil from fresh coconuts just as many of the farmers did. That when this book (Eat Fat, Look Thin by Bruce Fife) came into my hands – a godsend. However on the day of the operation I asked them to have another look at my throat before the op, which they were not happy to do. The bad news was that he could not take it all out; 20% of it was at the back of my skull in the center over the main artery. Anyway to their amazement they found that all traces of the Leukoplakia had vanished and the next day I was discharged from the hospital. Chemotherapy had not been successful after breast surgery so there was little hope it would be of any use now.
Since then I have lost a total of 24 pounds, and still losing steadily at about a pound a week, enjoying full meals. Unfortunately I didn’t tell them how I got rid of it as I knew the ENT team would just laugh! It took getting cancer and a desperate search for a cure that made me rediscover this miracle oil.

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