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In today’s health care system, physicians often treat the symptoms while the cause goes undetected.
While doctors are schooled in traditional Western medicine, a growing number like Michelfelder are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to stay healthy, then integrating the techniques into their medical practices. A study published in the online version of Health Services Research in August found that 76 percent of health care workers and 83 percent of doctors and nurses used CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine), compared with 63 percent of the general population. Doctors who work in hospital integrative medicine departments or use CAM methods in their own practices say their referrals from other physicians have been steadily increasing, though many physicians are still reluctant to suggest it. Doctors themselves might contribute to this problem by narrowly believing in what they were taught in medical school and adopting paternalistic attitudes towards their patients. About Jonathan BechtelOwner of Health Kismet, maker of Incredible Greens, a green superfood supplement that combines 35 different raw greens, herbs, probiotics, grasses and fruits into a sweet tasting powder. I come with my parents to the hospital sometimes (who are terminally ill), and at times I feel like the doctors are using my mom as a convenient way to play with their toys.
A receptionist answers 24 hours a day and if I'm available they'll transfer the call to me. Jonathan Bechtel is health enthusiast and chief writer for Health Kismet, a nutritional supplement company that manufactures green, red and purple nutrient powders. These products or any information contained within this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
There are several different kinds of alternative medicines: homeopath, osteopath, chiropractic, herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture. The treatments used in conventional medicine are the result of scientific research and successful results.

Some doctors use alternative medicine in a complimentary manner along with their conventional treatments.
Most people assume that only the latest high-tech treatments will be affective, but sometimes these are not as tried and proven as the old time remedies passed down over the years. Though our bodies are very resilient and have the amazing ability to heal their selves, there are times that we will need help.
Shari devotes her health care practice to looking beyond a patient’s surface symptoms in order to uncover the real issues. But doctors agree that patients themselves are the ones who have pushed much of the change in health care. Compare conventional medicines to alternative medicines so you’ll know the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Alternative medicine is a system of theory and practice used by many individual cultures around the world. With alternative medicine, an individual is using natural remedies to build up the immune system to fight off infection and diseases. Alternative medicine practitioners usually have a quality education with degree-level exams and monitored evaluation. Instead of trying to rid the body of a disease or symptom, the whole body is treated, and the cause is addressed. In recent years, Americans have spent billions of dollars on unconventional medicine, doctor’s visits, and herbal remedies.
Several medical schools and renowned hospitals are offering courses and clinics using alternative medicines.

It is best to be informed about both conventional and alternative medicines when the time comes to make a choice. There are several differences in conventional and alternative medicines, but there are some practitioners that use them together. Other therapies not as common are reflexology and aromatherapy, which use less invasive methods. Medical schools are divided into organ specific departments where the organs are learned about separately, and are not taught as being related to each other. But in most cases, they will treat everyone with the same treatment when they could have different factors affecting their health.
Shari will spend as much time as necessary with you to ensure that together, you choose the best course of treatment. This works fine for emergency and trauma treatments, but does not promote better health over all.
Through extensive questioning and diagnostic tools, the practitioner works to determine the cause of health problems. If there are underlying factors influencing your health, they will work to find the problem. Instead of using the same treatment on everyone with a common symptom, they try to find the hidden cause and treat it.

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