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Viagra and similar ED medications are prescribed for erectile dysfunction, or for men that have a problem getting or maintaining an erection. However, an increasing number of men without any problems performing, have been using Viagra and similar drugs recreationally, just to “enhance” their sexual pleasure. In fact, such use has become so rampant that some drug enforcement professionals have speculated that oral ED medications are now the most misused and abused prescription drugs in America! Recreational abuse of Viagra is described as when young healthy men, without ED, take the ED medications not to get an erection, but to get erections that will last longer. First of all, most men who abuse ED medications do not obtain them with a legitimate prescription from certified pharmacies; instead they buy them online. Beyond that, men who take it upon themselves to use Viagra without consulting a doctor, may not be aware of its side-effects and dangerous interactions with other medications. Also, as with other drug abuse, men who use Viagra recreationally run the risk of becoming dependent on it, and may find they actually cause themselves to develop ED and can no longer perform without it! It is called the GainsWAVE, and it uses acoustical sound waves to increase your ability to get an erection. GainsWAVE therapy is completely painless, is drug-free, injection-free, and will have you going all night, and rocking your partners the way you did in your 20’s!
Even men who said they had absolutely no problem with their love life, were amazed at how much better they were able to perform and satisfy their lovers, after a single GainsWAVE treatment!
If you do have ED, and have been “let down” by Viagra or other oral ED drugs, or cannot take them because you have diabetes, or high-blood pressure, GainsWAVE can help you too! In recent clinical trials, pulsed-wave therapy for ED proved to be effective, even for men that did not respond well to other treatments. 30% of the men in the study, who were using oral ED medication, achieved significant improvement, and did not need to use medication for months after receiving pulsed-wave therapy as an ED treatment. Contact our offices today, for more information about this radical new male enhancement procedure.
Here are 8 most common types of cravings, but did you know that your body may be predisposed to crave certain foods? While some of testosterone supplements can boost testosterone to some degree, none are as effective as testosterone therapy, and none can deliver anywhere near the results of the real thing.

Oral ED medications may be the most misused and abused prescription drugs in America; which of course comes with side effects. No prescription will be provided unless a clinical need exists based on required lab work, physician consultation, physical examination and current medical history.
The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
In an interesting twist to an already controversial story, Charlie Sheen revealed he temporarily went off his HIV medications.
In an interesting twist to an already controversial story, Charlie Sheen revealed he temporarily went off his HIV medications. Sheen, who has been a staple of American pop culture over the past few years, was diagnosed with the disease in 2011.
The interview was part of a segment that delved into the alternative medications Sheen chose to take.
Oz also interviewed the Mexican doctor who was so sure of his treatment that he injected himself with some of Sheen’s blood.
Sheen did not go into detail about what the treatment entailed, but he doesn’t recommend the treatment he received in Mexico to everyone.
However, Sheen’s manager confirmed to PEOPLE that Sheen began taking his medication again on Dec. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss the hot stories Thank you for subscribing to Global Grind! One mans story about how integrating nutrition and alternative healing with modern medicine saved his life numerous times. The information presented will be detailed where possible, and handouts will be provided at the seminar for those that register in advance by phone or email. If there is time at the presentation, individuals from the audience will be invited to participate by describing their health concern and what they are doing about it.
While the information in this lecture is extremely important for the human body, individual results may vary based upon current health, age, weight, diet and other important factors.
Basically the pulsating waves stimulate increased blood flow to the penis, by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.

A recent study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that all of the men treated with wave therapy showed some improvement in erectile dysfunction. Please note, agreeing to lab work and physical exam does not guarantee a finding of clinical necessity neither a prescription for hormone therapy. After rumors and speculations of the star’s diagnosis, he came clean and confirmed his status in November on the Today show.
Any time Taylor Swift posts a photo with her cats, it's bound to get millions of likes. Kylie turned 18 this year and her then-secret boyfriend Tyga wished her a happy birthday with this racy pic.
Zendaya's thoughtful IG response to Giuliana Rancic showed us that her clapback game was classy, yet real. How he almost died several times while on medications, and how his search for wellness uncovered amazing secrets hidden in medical research archives about medications, herbs, supplements, antioxidants, genetics and energy therapies. Benedict of ASI Health & Wellness) is not a doctor, and cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.
They are usually expired medications that should have been destroyed, or worse, are counterfeits that can contain useless, or even dangerous ingredients.
We have recently introduced a drug free, surgery free procedure that can help any man improve his lovemaking! No claim or opinion on this website is intended to be nor should it be construed to be medical advice or hormone diagnosis. During his highly-publicized interview, Sheen claimed he had undetectable amounts of HIV in his blood. This will be an interactive presentation, and your story will be encouraged (not required), as we can all learn from each other.

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