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People with diabetes are 1.6 times more likely than people without diabetes to use a complementary or alternative medicine supplement. Don't let your patients put themselves at risk simply because they're afraid to talk to you about alternative medicines.
The skin has evolved over millions of years of life from a simple envelope to cover microscopic organisms to a complex organ system that has protected complex life from a harsh environment.

Of those patients who do choose to use an alternative or complementary therapy, less than 40% tell their health care providers about it. This clinician's guide will give you the facts and tips you need to help your patients successfully consider using a complementary and alternative medicine supplement. The skin and central nervous system (CNS) develop together in utero and remain intricately connected throughout the life of Homo sapiens.

Diseases of the skin have led to considerable medical as well as psychological morbidity, caustic contumely, and even Stygian mortality over the hundreds of years of the hominoid existence.

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