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It is well known that Diabetes Mellitus cannot be completely cured but certainly well controlled through natural healing methods. Beta cells present in Islets of Langerhans of the pancreas   produces insulin, which is then utilized for metabolism of glucose.
Naturopathic treatment for Diabetes Mellitus is a combination of cleansing routines, yoga and pranayama practice, meditation, fasting therapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, massage therapy and chromotherapy, which staves off the excess toxin matter to activate the pancreas and other digestive organs. The primary aim of the any diabetic treatment is to reduce the increased level of glucose in the blood and also increase the uptake of insulin by the cells. Fasting therapy should always be taken up under the supervision of a qualified, registered and experienced Naturopathic doctor. Before breakfast: A glass of luke warm water with ? lime and ? table spoon natural honey mixture. Potatoes, beet root, sweet potatoes, yam, tapioca, broad beans, double beans and cluster beans in a limited amount. Raw foods rich in essential enzymes and are the best source of vitamins and minerals for diabetics. Fenugreek seeds (sprouted fenugreek or one teaspoon of fenugreek powder) in daily meals have a special benefit in reducing the high blood sugar levels.
Mud therapy includes full mud bath and direct mud application or mud pack on the abdomen and on the forehead with eyes. Massage therapy improves the activities of circulatory, musculature, lymphatic and nervous system. Yoga practice is not only to do with physical exercise but also works on the aspects of breath, mind, emotions and the intellect. Exercise: It has been proved that 45 minutes daily walk provides benefit in controlling sugar and helps cells to use insulin more efficiently and increase the consumption of blood glucose. Sun Bath: for 20-40 minutes every day in the early morning is believed to regulate the metabolic activity. Research: According to a Journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, clinical evidences support the link between oxidative stress and the development of diabetic complications. Some antidiabetic agents and natural antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables can increase the antioxidant defence and protect from reactive species formation. It is very important and recommended that all the above therapies should be administered under a qualified and registered naturopathic doctor.

Please do not try any of these therapies by yourself, as we will not be responsible for any untoward episodes or incidents.
Insufficient production of insulin or decreased response of cells towards insulin called as Insulin resistance leads to excess glucose level in the blood which ultimately causes the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Irrespective of the cause and type of diabetes, it always requires lifestyle interventions along with the medical treatment for better management of the diabetes. According to naturopathic principles, all diabetic symptoms are due to the abnormal functions of the digestive, absorptive, assimilative and eliminatory organs.  Therefore naturopathic treatment aims to decongest and activate the digestive organs, including pancreas.
Naturopathic treatment helps to work on every cell of our body to eliminate toxins and enhance its physiological functioning to optimal levels. Environmental toxins and hormonal imbalances are also considered for initiating insulin resistance.
The duration and type of fasting is determined by the doctor after a thorough evaluation of the patient. This therapy specifically targets the accumulated toxins caused due to imbalance of the digestive and endocrinal organs. In combination with other naturopathy treatments, yoga practice provides better control over blood sugar level. Patients can lose weight, gain significant energy, and reduce their glucose numbers, lipid values, and blood pressure.
Some prospective studies show a direct correlation between an increase in oxidative stress biomarkers and the appearance of diabetes complications.
Interventional trials with supplemented antioxidants have failed to show any beneficial effects. A synergistic action in this respect could convincingly be obtained with a balanced “Mediterranean Diet” type. Naturopathic physicians will investigate those areas of obstacles for cure to find out which aspects need to be specifically addressed in the individual patient. It is also believed to increase the circulation, relieve inner congestion and eliminate morbidity. Asanas are believed to give a massage effect to the digestive organs  and  thus help in the management of diabetes. Beneficial pranaymas includes anulom-vilom, ujjayi, bharamari (atleast 9 rounds of each), bhastrika and suryabhedana pranayama.

Some patients with kidney damage and neuropathy can even see their damaged nerves and kidneys to recover full-functioning.
Early intensive glucose control is still the best strategy to avoid oxidative stress and related complications in diabetes" - Journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases. It will help prepare youA for a crisis and teach you how to accurately communicate vital informationA about your horse's condition to your veterinarian. This will, in turn, enable your vet to respond precisely andA accuratelyA to your situation. Securing a safe place for you and your vetA to work on your horse: When and howA to move him, when not to move him. Is this aA life-threatening emergency, does it have the potential to be life-threateningA ? Examining horse's body for injury,wounds, bleedingA , lameness, heat, swelling, symmetry,infection, colic symptoms, etc.
These remedies will not interfere with meds or treatments your vet mayA administer upon arrival.
However,always discuss this topic with your vet prior to an emergency to be sure they approve.A 3.
Colic: Prevention, signs and symptoms, different types, listening for gut sounds, performing a sand test, hydration test,vital signs,A emergency management while waiting for vet's arrival.How to avoid making matters worse! Natural remedies that may be used and will not interfere with any meds or treatments your vet will administer upon arrival.We will spend much time on this since colic is a huge cause ofA deaths and euthanasia for horses.
You will also need a watch with a second hand.A Class will be held in the barn so please dress appropriately. However, this is just a starting point, it is up to you toA practice these skills, learn this infoA to become effective at assisting your horse in an emergency. It will help prepare youA for a crisis and teach you how to accurately communicate vital informationA about your horse's condition to your veterinarian. Examining horse's body for injury,wounds, bleedingA , lameness, heat, swelling, symmetry,infection, colic symptoms, etc.

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