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In my training and experience I have seen good results using the treatment principles of cooling blood, resolving fire toxins, and scattering wind. Recently I have been working with a young boy who developed guttate psoriasis a few months before coming to see me. I prescribed him some herbal medicines based on the principles I outlined above, which he was very eager to try. Within 2 weeks of ingesting herbal teas that were specially crafted for this individual we can see more than 60% reduction in his psoriasis, including the disappearance of a relentless itch. It is obvious that this boy has received tremendous benefit from properly prescribed Chinese herbal medicines. Small, pinkish to reddish drops than appears suddenly 2 to 3 weeks after a strep infection. The drops shall start on the patienta€™s trunk, arms or legs and shall spread to the face, ears or scalp. Patients who are said to may have a significant high number of human leukocyte antigens such as BW17, B13 or CW6 are those affected with the condition. This is provided to patients who are suspected to have a bacterial infection and this remedy is also for prophylaxis. Surgical intervention a€“ this intervention is not rooted for the condition itself but to the underlying condition that may have caused the disease. Application of cortisone cream, dandruff shampoos, lotions with coal tar, moisturizers and vitamin D and A. The patient should be aware that the condition should not be taken lightly for this can be a chronic or lifelong ailment.
Guttate psoriasis which fails to respond to steroid treatments can only be treated and cured in a herbal approach, such as our Monk herbal medicine. Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Clinical Presentation of PsoriasisAnanya Datta Mitra1, 2 and Anupam Mitra3[1] Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, University of California, Davis, School of Medicine, Sacramento, CA, USA[2] VA Medical Center Sacramento, Mather, CA, USA[3] Department of Dermatology, University of California, Davis, CA, USA. R Jobling, Naldi L: Assessing the impact of psoriasis and the relevance of qualitative research. V Chandran, Raychaudhuri SP: Geoepidemiology and environmental factors of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. K Asumalahti, M Ameen, S Suomela, E Hagforsen, G Michaelsson, J Evans, M Munro, C Veal, M Allen, J Leman, et alGenetic analysis of PSORS1 distinguishes guttate psoriasis and palmoplantar pustulosis. A Kawada, T Tezuka, Y Nakamizo, H Kimura, H Nakagawa, M Ohkido, A Ozawa, A Ohkawara, H Kobayashi, S Harada, et alA survey of psoriasis patients in Japan from 1982to 2001. D Zisman, L Eder, M Elias, A Laor, H Bitterman, M Rozenbaum, J Feld, D Rimar, Rosner I: Clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with psoriatic arthritis in northern Israel.
M Esposito, R Saraceno, A Giunta, M Maccarone, Chimenti S: An Italian study on psoriasis and depression. L Mallbris, O Akre, F Granath, L Yin, B Lindelof, A Ekbom, Stahle-Backdahl M: Increased risk for cardiovascular mortality in psoriasis inpatients but not in outpatients.
Lindegard B: Diseases associated with psoriasis in a general population of 159middle-aged, urban, native Swedes.
J Schmitt, Wozel G: The psoriasis area and severity index is the adequate criterion to define severity in chronic plaque-type psoriasis.
O Neill, P Kelly, P: Postal questionnaire study of disability in the community associated with psoriasis.
Trevor Erikson - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine White Rock Usually following a strep throat infection, guttate psoriasis can manifest with widespread, small, tear-drop shaped lesions that are red, raised and scaly.
The problem with statistics is that no one can say whose guttate psoriasis will clear on its own, and whose will not.
These are basically Chinese medical terms indicating which herbal medicine categories to choose from. His doctors had said that it would go away on its own, but there was no real evidence of this happening. At his two week follow-up appointment I was impressed to see that he had actually cleared by over 60%. This can provide discomfort to the client that is why the patient is needed to be given care after the first outbreak.

These infections include streptococcal infection that can cause tonsillitis and pharyngitis.
The infections may have started within the respiratory tract, which is why these drugs are prescribed.
Herbal cream, shampoo, spray, oil, gel, ointment and lotion are available in our TCM laboratory to help every patient with guttate psoriasis. C Nossent, Gran JT: Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of psoriatic arthritis in northern Norway.
M Sommer, S Jenisch, M Suchan, E Christophers, Weichenthal M: Increased prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis. R Taylor, C Pezon, T Fasihi, Kirsner RS: Methotrexate reduces incidence of vascular diseases in veterans with psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis. N Bavinck, L Vaillant, Roujeau JC: Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP)--a clinical reaction pattern. While nasty looking, it is generally thought that guttate forms of psoriasis will usually clear on their own within a few weeks, or months.
This seems to be a completely random experience for individuals and thus I think treatment is important. Many of these Chinese herbs are  found to be effective at clearing common oral bacteria, like streptococcus, and as such help rid the body of the infective aspect contributing to the psoriasis. I like to use raw herbal medicines, as I find their strength the best in these often stubborn situations. Actually the psoriasis lesions were worsening – growing in numbers, enlarging, and connecting together to form plaques. He was no longer itchy and was finding the tea not to difficult to drink (although he did complain about the taste a bit).
This condition is said to be an uncommon form of psoriasis and is also called Eruptive psoriasis. The drop like lesions should be treated accordingly so to avoid complications such as secondary skin infections and severe itching of the skin. Viral infections such as chicken pox, rubella and roseola can trigger the children for an outbreak.
It has been said that the drop like lesions shall clear completely after treatment but can worsen when not given attention immediately. Monk herbal spray, oil, lotion, ointment, cream and shampoo treat and cure your guttate psoriasis naturally. IntroductionPsoriasis, a chronic papulosquamous inflammatory skin disease, was originally thought of as a primary disorder of epidermal keratinocytes, but is later on recognized as one of the commonest immune-mediated disorders [1, 2]. J Chalmers, Telfer NR: How great is the risk of further psoriasis following a single episode of acute guttate psoriasis? J Pearce, J Chen, D Richmond, R Balkrishnan, Feldman SR: The skinny on psoriasis and obesity. B Harris, V Kipnis, T Mouw, R Ballard-barbash, A Hollenbeck, Leitzmann MF: Overweight, obesity, and mortality in a large prospective cohort of persons 50 to 71 years old. P Jonville-bera, G Lorette, Autret-Leca E: [Drugs associated with acute generalized exanthematic pustulosis]. The problem is that for some individuals guttate psoriasis may also become chronic, even lasting one’s entire lifetime. Chinese herbal medicines can be particularly effective at clearing psoriasis, especially the guttate forms, and should be looked at as a primary health option – that is, of course, with a doctor skilled in using herbal medicine for the treatment of psoriasis. I also like to use externally applied herbal creams and salves, as the most effective way to treat most skin disease is truly done by working from the inside and out. It has been noted that children are most affected of this condition and those who are younger than 30 years old. Although psoriasis starts with the involvement of skin, but limiting this disease to a skin problem is rather a restrictive approach. E Johannessen, B Rossebo, Brun JG: Prevalence, disease manifestations, and treatment of psoriatic arthritis in Western Norway. So do we wait and see what will happen, or do we treat proactively in order to help prevent this condition from sticking around.
This boy actually had a history of some previous psoriasis on his scalp and arms, making me think even more that his condition was unlikely to improve on its own.

The white areas are called post-inflammatory hypo-pigment, and are left over from the past psoriasis lesions disturbing the normal melanin production in that area. Psoriasis has been linked to a number of other diseases especially metabolic derangements and arthritis [3-5]. I Tsai, B Schenkel, M Zhang, Tang CH: Epidemiology and comorbidities of psoriasis patients in a national database in Taiwan. B Troxel, Gelfand JM: Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with psoriasis. He was also using a variety of different steroidal creams that did not seem to be giving him benefit.
The disease imparts a huge socio-economic burden [6, 7] and the diagnosis of psoriasis is purely based on clinical features. A Robinson, Iles MM: Meta-analysis of genome-wide studies of psoriasis susceptibility reveals linkage to chromosomes 621and 4q28-q31 in Caucasian and Chinese Hans population.
Although it may appear at any age, but majority of patients experience the first episode before the age of 40 years and is uncommon before 10 years [8]. The population based study at Mayo Clinic, suggest that psoriasis tends to appear at an earlier age in females compared to males [9]. The estimate of prevalence psoriasis varies among different ethnic groups and also by geographical location, more common in colder northern zone compared to tropical zone and has been reported to vary in between 0 to 11.8% [11, 12].
Several confounding factors need to be taken into consideration for analyzing the prevalence data of psoriasis namely: method of ascertainment (population based, clinic based, questionnaire based), age and type of prevalence estimated (point, period, lifetime) [8, 13]. Taking into consideration of the confounding factors, the prevalence of psoriasis is highest in northern Europeans and almost absent in aboriginal population of south America [11]. Latent, minimal and overt psoriasisThe course of the disease in the same individual is not uniform over time. No diagnostic test is available to predict future psoriasis development, that’s why the diagnosis of “latent psoriasis” in individuals without a previous history of the disease remains impossible. On the other hand, the diagnosis of “minimal psoriasis” largely depends on subjective variation due to lack of validated criteria. Classifying psoriasis: The clinical spectrumPsoriasis is a disease of coexisting signs and symptoms characterized by scaly, erythematous lesions with sharply demarcated margins. It’s interesting to note that scaling prevails in the stable chronic plaque stage of psoriasis and erythema predominates in the unstable progressing lesions of guttate psoriasis.
One of the classical sign of psoriasis is the ‘Auspitz’ sign, characterized by pinpoint bleeding when outer scales are removed from psoriatic plaques.
Psoriasis cannot be classified based on a single factor and generally involves differentiation of lesions based on: a. Chronic plaque psoriasisThis is the commonest form of psoriasis, represents 70-80% of psoriatic patients and is also known as Psoriasis vulgaris. The patient presented with sharply demarcated round-oval, or nummular (coin-sized) plaques with a loosely adherent silvery white scale, specially affecting the elbows, knees, lumbosacral areal, intergluteal cleft and scalp (Figure 1 & 2). The lesions usually begin as erythematous macules or papules, extend peripherally, and coalesce to form plaques.
Woronoff’s ring, a white blanching ring may be observed in the skin surrounding a psoriatic plaque [18, 19].
Rupioid plaques resembles limpet shells, small (2-5 cm in diameter) and highly hyperkeratotic.
Ostraceous psoriasis is characterized by hyperkeratotic plaques, relatively concave centres, resembles oyster shells. Scale is typically present in psoriasis, is characteristically silvery white, and can vary in thickness.
The amount of scaling varies among patients and even at different sites on a given patient.

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