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Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters. Paranoid schizophrenia is a subtype of schizophrenia in which the patient has delusions (false beliefs) that a person or some individuals are plotting against them or members of their family. The majority of people with paranoid schizophrenia, as with most schizophrenia subtypes may also have auditory hallucinations - they hear things that are not real.
An individual with paranoid schizophrenia may spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking up ways of protecting themselves from their persecutors.
Typically, a person with paranoid schizophrenia has fewer problems with memory, dulled emotions and concentration compared to those with other subtypes; which allows them to think and function more successfully.
With proper treatment and support, patients have a very good chance of leading happy and productive lives. A symptom is something the patient senses and describes, while a sign is something other people, such as the doctor notice.
The patient will have relatively stable, frequently paranoid delusions, which are usually accompanied by auditory hallucinations (hearing things that are not there) and perceptual disturbances. Some schizophrenia symptoms are not prominent, such as disturbances of volition, affect, speech and catatonia. Delusions - beliefs that are not real; false personal beliefs that are not subject to reason or contradictory evidence. Anxiety - a patient with paranoid schizophrenia will usually suffer from periods of high anxiety.
Anger - this emotional state may range from mild irritation, which most healthy individuals sometimes have, to fury and rage. Condescension - sometimes the patient may seem patronizing; perhaps they may feel they know stuff other people don't and subsequently assume such a manner. Suicidal thoughts and behavior - these may be noticeable by people around the individual, with statements such as "I wish I were dead", I am going to kill myself", or "I wish I had never been born". While some patients may have clear suicidal behaviors and thoughts (obvious to others), others may be more secretive.
Patients with paranoid schizophrenia are more likely to be affected by positive symptoms, such as delusions and auditory hallucinations, and less by problems with mood, cognition (thinking, concentration, attention), compared to other types of schizophrenia.
A risk factor is something which increases the likelihood of developing a condition or disease. Genetics - individuals with a family history of schizophrenia have a higher risk of developing it themselves. Viral infection - if the fetus (unborn baby in the womb) is exposed to a viral infection, there is a bigger risk of developing schizophrenia.
Fetal malnutrition - if the fetus suffers from malnutrition during the mother's pregnancy there is a higher risk of developing schizophrenia. Stress during early life - experts say that severe stress early on in life may be a contributory factor towards the development of schizophrenia. Parental age when baby is born - older parents have a higher risk of having children who subsequently develop schizophrenia, compared to younger parents. Drugs - the use of drugs that affect the mind or mental processes may sometimes raise the risk of developing schizophrenia. Nobody is certain what the causes of paranoid schizophrenia and all other schizophrenia sub-types are. Experts think that an imbalance of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is involved in the onset of schizophrenia. Changes in key brain functions, such as perception, emotion and behavior lead experts to conclude that the brain is the biological site of schizophrenia.
On the next page we look at how paranoid schizophrenia is diagnosed, the treatment options and the possible complications associated with paranoid schizophrenia. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report:MLANordqvist, Christian. For any corrections of factual information, or to contact our editorial team, please see our contact page.
Please note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. If one considers treatment for other disorders, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, it is well-founded that sensible and ethical treatment for these disorders involves in some sense paradoxical interventions.
While treatment with implacable good will may not be considered paradoxical, this kind of treatment is nevertheless quite different than the way someone with borderline psychopathology is usually treated.
Psychotherapy, then, allows those who cope with these disorders to overcome the symptoms of their conditions that may be a consequence of labeling.

The paranoid schizophrenica€™s hallucinated experience occurs in conjunction with isolation and fear.
The psychotherapist who empathically enters into the paranoid schizophrenica€™s delusional perspective may find themselves daunted by the vision of reality to which the psychotic individual adheres. Inside his alienation, he seeks a connection with others, including his treatment providers, and so he may insist on the validity of his perspective. The acceptance that is entailed by appropriate treatment of narcissistic and borderline personality disorders may be curative in that acceptance of those with these disorders may allow for change.
When a paranoid psychotic individual becomes entangled with delusional beliefs, his delusional ideation may be a response to non-normative experience that he cannot make sense of. It is not suggested that the psychotherapist, engaged in treatment with the paranoid psychotic client, should agree with the psychotic individual regarding whatever his delusional system is.
It should be asserted that the paranoid psychotic person may not feel as frightened by his own delusions if he is in some sense affirmed by the psychotherapist. The psychotherapist may let the client know that, whatever the reality or lack of reality of his situation, life events proceed somewhat normally.
This rationale behind empathic treatment of psychosis corresponds not only to attempting to affirm, within reason, the delusional beliefs held by the psychotic person. Many psychotic individuals do have the potential to transcend their non-normative and delusional belief systems.A As a psychotherapist, the clinician must try to find the reasons why the psychotic person presents with his particular delusions, with his particular experience, and attempt to untangle the presentation of the psychotic individual based upon his own creative, imaginative and empathic view of the psychotic client.
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They may also have delusions of personal grandeur - a false belief that they are much greater and more powerful and influential than they really are.
Even so, paranoid schizophrenia is a chronic (long-term, lifelong) condition which may eventually lead to complications, including suicidal thoughts and behavior. The patient may firmly believe something, even though there is incontrovertible evidence that it is false. If there is no history of schizophrenia in your family your chances of developing it (any type) are less than 1%. Research suggests that most forms of schizophrenia are caused by brain dysfunction; we just don't know why that brain dysfunction happens.
They also believe that this imbalance is most probably caused by your genes making you susceptible to the illness. Narcissism in a person with this disorder responds well to empathy, and borderline psychopathology responds well to implacable good will on the part of the psychotherapist.
For this reason, in treatment for both of Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the aim is to provide these diagnosed individuals with experience that is different from what he usually experiences, and this is the essence of paradox in treating these disorders.
Labeling derives its power from the assumption of an identity that is enacted in the sense of self-fulfilling prophecy.
The paranoid schizophrenic will feel isolation and fear due to the fact that his reality is not affirmed by others. Inside his fear, he seeks someone, especially his psychotherapist, to take him seriously.A Alone, he feels unable to protect himself. The fact of acceptance of the client by his treatment provider may culminate in the clienta€™s self-acceptance. This essentially constitutes transcendence of the problems associated with these disorders.A It may be argued that the paranoid schizophrenic will benefit from acceptance and empathy, as well. Some of these are unethical, immoral and perhaps illegal, but some of these are enacted or created for the sake of the good.A  Society represents a pragmatic conspiracy for the common good.
As indicated, having divergent experience of this kind clearlyA  may be frightening because one is alone with this experience, and one may emerge with a view of reality that is not affirmed by others. The paranoia that the schizophrenic feels may reflect the alienation which accompanies him in his thoughts.
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Before any acute symptoms are apparent, people with schizophrenia habitually become bad-tempered, anxious, and unfocussed.
Some scientists say the levels of other neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, may also be involved. To an extent, it has been traditionally asserted in the field of mental health that one should not affirm the psychotic beliefs of the schizophrenic.
To empathize with a person who deals with narcissism allows that person to transcend the need for self-validation, and applying implacable good will to treatment of borderline personality disorder provides that individual with validation, as well.A Such validation may seem counter-intuitive when one experiences the presentation of these disorders as a therapist. The seeds of the diagnosis may be, at least in part, within the label.A It might be suggested that paradoxical treatment for schizophrenia implies treatment techniques are counter-intuitive, as well, and labeling plays a role in this type of psychopathology.
Anyone who has experience that is not considered to be real might react with these symptoms:A isolation resulting from their aloneness in this experience, and fear because they are seeing or hearing or feeling something that others say is not real. This is because he has non-normative experience that he endures as visceral isolation in shame and fear. This means that the client may enact self-acceptance that is fundamentally curative, simply by having his perspective to any extent affirmed through mirroring of this perspective by his psychotherapist.
Laing enacted a paradoxical intervention through a statement regarding that clienta€™s belief system.A Specifically, the client had asserted his belief in a conspiracy. Laing exercised validation accompanied by creativity in responding to this clienta€™s concerns. Moreover, there are ways that the psychotherapist can mitigate their clienta€™s fear sensibly. The therapist can a ffirmA  that the client does not know the truth about his experience, and this is a reality that the schizophrenic may be able to grasp.A Given this fact, the schizophrenic should and may be able to get as comfortable as possible with simply not knowing. 14 Some approaches for dealing with health care costs may reduce the level of spending but not the rate of growth.
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Contrarily, some clinicians believe that one should persistently deny the schizophrenic any validation in this regard.
Treating paranoid schizophrenics in a way that affirms their experience as illusory is fear-inspiring for them.
He is alone in this, and no one, even his psychotherapist, can understand what he is thinking and feeling. Laing responded that perhaps there was a conspiracy, but was it a conspiracy for good or a conspiracy for evil? Carl Sagan affirmed the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms, why should the psychotic individual not do so?
They may think simplistically about their non-normative experience, and some psychotic people will never emerge from their delusional systems.
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These factors are often blamed for the onset of the disease, when really it was the other way round - the disease caused the crisis. Some such individuals will always be confused by their experience, bu t others will not be.
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