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Alternative Medicines: Pros and Cons By Wellness MedimanageAdvancement in medical science has greatly helped to improve the life span of an average human being over the course of years.
Medical science divides the types of medicines into two branches: conventional medicines and alternative medicines.
Alternative medicine denotes all kinds of methods that exclude regular medication for instance, acupressure, ayurveda, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, reiki, acupuncture etc. Research conducted by BBC has shown that alternative medicines are becoming increasingly popular though their efficacy is very much debated. Conventional medicines are produced for the global consumption whereas alternative medicines are personalized to suit the needs of the individual patient. Conventional medicines or antibiotics cannot distinguish between the beneficial bacteria and the virus and bacteria that can cause damage as a result eradicate the beneficial bacteria from the body.
Alternative therapies can be used to complement your conventional treatment when serious illnesses are considered however; attempts to treat serious illness with alternative therapies can aggravate the ailment. Alternative therapies not only take longer time to heal but also require serious dedication and disciple to change eating or lifestyle habits to show positive results. To sum up, alternative therapies are effective but it should be used in conjunction with the modern medicines to avoid delays in getting the right treatment. In this year’s science course we’ve been debating about alternative and conventional medicines. The basic difference between alternative and conventional medicine is that alternative medicines are made by natural things, such as herbs, and conventional medicines are more “toxic”.
Now focusing on conventional medicines, we can say that they are more expensive comparing to others types of medicines including alternative ones. To sum up, taking in consideration all the pros and cons of both medicines and my personal experience using both medicines, I would like to say that personally I think that conventional medicines are better because, based on my own experience, alternative medicines didn’t help me in my treatment. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.
A type of herbal medicine, white willow bark may be effective at treating joint pain, fevers and back pain.
The pros and cons of cancer and alternative medicine are that alternative medicine can help to manage symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy medicines, but it is scientifically unproven, so the effectiveness of these treatments is largely unverified. Studies on cancer and alternative medicine have found that no alternative treatments can actively cure or fight cancer. Research conducted into the use of alternative medicine to help manage symptoms associated with cancer has had more positive results. The health care system in its present form, though constantly improving, still has several lacunae that need addressing. Holistic medicine could be defined as a form of healthcare where the various aspects of health work in harmony with each other so that body, mind and soul function normally as a whole and favorable health is achieved.
Occupational therapy embodies a purposeful and meaningful occupation to enable people who are challenged to share in everyday life. With new drugs that are too expensive and old ones with severe side effects, some people are looking into alternative treatments. Certain herbs and teas may boost your health, while flushes, cleanses, detoxes could be harmful.
Milk thistle, vitamin D, and green tea are touted as options to treat hepatitis C, but lack solid evidence.
Yoga and meditation may reduce your stress and improve fitness, but won’t cure hepatitis C. While drugs to treat a viral hepatitis C infection of the liver are better now than ever, because of their cost, they remain out of reach for many. Some people who can’t afford the newer medications may use the older-generation treatment — a combination of pegylated interferon and the antiviral drug ribavirin — but it’s much less effective than the newer drugs.
When considering alternative treatments like herbs, vitamins, teas, or yoga for hepatitis C, “it’s totally reasonable to look into all of these, but they should be assessed carefully,” says Christopher Moore, MD, a hepatologist and assistant professor in gastroenterology at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.
Here’s a rundown of things you should know about five types of popular non-traditional therapies for hepatitis C. Because the studies have not shown milk thistle to be dangerous for the liver, patients who feel strongly about trying it can probably take an oral form without any problems, says Hashemi, as long as they tell their doctor first.
If you want to try vitamin D, talk to your doctor — you’ll need a blood test to check whether you’re deficient in the vitamin.
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The impact of hydraulic fracturing on both climate change and local air pollution is similar to its impact on water, according to the study, published in the journal Annual Review of Environment and Resources.
Those living near fractured wells are potentially at risk of health threats given the increased amount of volatile organic compounds and air toxins in the area.
In terms of global climate change, however, scientists are still unsure of what role fracking's resulting toxins play in the greenhouse gas effect. But possibly the most cited issue associated with fracking is its impact on groundwater contamination. Previous research has shown that 10 to 40 percent of the chemical mixture injected into the ground during fracking flows back to the surface during well development, Nature World News recently reported. Although further research is needed to conclusively determine fracking's role in groundwater contamination, as well as climate change and air pollution, scientists behind this new study highlight several policies and practices that could optimize fracking's environmental cost-benefit balance. Pradip Shah, well known Physician from Fortis hospital says, “Alternative medicines should be considered only when conventional medicines fail to deliver results. They focus on healing the cause of the disease and address not just the physical body but also the patient’s spiritual and emotional health.
Alternative medicines are unique by nature and hence designed as per the needs of the individual patient. Modern medicines accounts for stress as a part of life and hence does not consider stress when curing any ailment. The herbs are naturally available and do not need any research to develop and hence are quite cheaper than the modern medicines.
It is important to educate yourself with all the options available and accordingly make decisions that are right for you. Most Alternative therapies work on the principle of eradicating the problem from its root, hence takes a longer time to heal the problem. There are some disadvantages that distinguish alternative medicines from conventional ones.
People ask themselves “if conventional medicine is the answer to our problems, so why have diseases increased?”. On the other hand, all treatments I have undergone using conventional medicines have been effective. Alternative medicine differs from complementary medicine because the treatments claim to be a replacement for conventional medical treatment rather than an addition to it. Research conducted into the effects of vitamin and mineral treatments, botanical supplements, and antioxidants has concluded that none of them has been verified to help fight against cancerous cells and tumors. Studies have confirmed that botanical and vitamin supplements help patients manage the symptoms associated with cancer treatment and the disease itself. Alternative medicine is not designed to supplement the effects of conventional medicine; it is designed to replace it. An example of this is willow bark, a natural remedy that is more commonly known as aspirin.
It embodies all known modes of diagnosis and treatment including surgery and drugs as a last resort if no alternative is available. Interferon often comes with a host of difficult side effects, like anemia, kidney failure, and fatigue, Hashemi says.
Taking too much vitamin D over a long period of time can cause dangerously high levels of calcium in the blood, according to the National Library of Medicine. This supplement has much higher doses of the active ingredient, EGCG, and can be toxic to the liver, according to the National Library of Medicine. View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories. While this is a form of alternative energy, it also has harmful environmental implications, influencing local air pollution, earthquakes and, especially, clean water supply. Fracking requires more water than conventional gas drilling; but when natural gas is used in place of coal or nuclear fuel to generate electricity, it ends up saving water.
On the flip side, when natural gas replaces, say coal as a fuel for generating electricity, the benefits to air quality include lower carbon dioxide emissions than coal and almost none of the mercury, sulfur dioxide or ash. It is important to keep this principle in mind while considering the option of alternative medicine.
Many therapies encourage individuals to lead a healthy life and have treatments to prevent diseases before it occurs, in addition to being helpful when sick.
Alternative therapies like pranayam, meditation, yoga etc helps to reduce stress and combat illness such as hyper tension, diabetes etc.

Nevertheless conventional medicines have advantages: treatments using these medicines are usually successful, especially in cases of surgeries and traumatic conditions.
Scientific studies have shown that alternative treatments for cancer itself are ineffective or even could increase death rates. Botanical supplements such as those used in Chinese medicine could have some positive effects, but these may also interfere with conventional medical treatments. Massage, meditation, yoga, and hypnosis can also fight medication side effects and cancer symptoms. Practitioners claim that alternative treatments can cure 90 percent of all cancer, but none of these claims stand up to scientific scrutiny. After testing of natural or alternative medicine has taken place, the effective treatments become medicine, not alternative medicine. It is passed by direct skin-to-skin contact through genital, oral or anal sex with an infected partner. This plant has been used for liver, bile duct, and gallbladder health for thousands of years, according to the National Institutes of Health.
A study published in January 2015 in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management found that patients who took vitamin D had lower amounts of substances associated with liver injury in their blood. Many natural-health websites extol the compounds in green tea as a treatment for various conditions, including hepatitis C. While mind-body practices can’t treat hepatitis C, they can help you stay well while you have the virus, Hashemi says. As with green tea, many websites recommend special “cleansing diets” to rid the liver of toxins and remove hepatitis C virus from the body.
Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. On the other hand, doctors are having great result from patients who have used this type of medicine.
Symptoms associated with cancer treatment, such as pain, fatigue, vomiting, and insomnia, can be helped with alternative medicine in some cases. For this reason, any patients considering alternative cancer treatment should discuss the options with a doctor. This research supports the use of alternative treatments for cancer, but only as a complement to scientific medicine.
Patients who choose to replace scientifically effective treatments with those supported by poorly conducted studies or inconsistent evidence are risking their cancer getting worse.
Cancer and alternative medicine isn’t a good combination for most patients because the condition is serious and the medicine is still “alternative.” Any positive effect experienced from alternative medicine is likely to be as a result of the placebo effect, when the idea of receiving any type of treatment causes an improvement in condition. Milk thistle and its active ingredient, silymarin, are probably the most well-studied of the alternative hepatitis C treatments, Hashemi says.
People with hepatitis C may find some value in taking extra vitamin D if they need it, Hashemi says, but they shouldn’t expect it to change the course of their disease. And a polyphenol in green tea known as EGCG is actually a potential inhibitor of the virus, according to research and a review in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Patients should discuss these treatments with a qualified oncologist before commencing treatment. Additionally, antioxidants and beta-carotene supplements might actually increase the risk of cancer and mortality. Complementing conventional treatments for cancer and alternative medicine can help patients’ outlook and even management of symptoms, but replacing it is dangerous.
A study published in Cellular Microbiology found that, in the lab, silymarin may help inhibit the virus from entering liver cells.
But, as with milk thistle, the evidence still isn’t strong enough to recommend green tea as an effective hepatitis C therapy, Hashemi says. Certain forms of yoga can also improve your physical fitness, which can reduce your risk of fatty liver disease — a condition that’s more common in people with hepatitis C, according to Hashemi.
But a placebo-controlled study published in JAMA found no positive effects on liver disease in patients with hepatitis C. While drinking a daily cup of green tea probably won’t do any harm, it also won’t have any effect on virus levels in the body, she says.
A review of five clinical trials concluded that milk thistle did not have enough evidence as an effective treatment of hepatitis C, but also that it had not caused harm.

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