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If the government is concerned about health rebates for alternative therapies, it should also investigate the large number of university courses training practitioners. Fringe to mainstream: some universities now teach alternative medicine courses but these are now under scrutiny. Should Australian universities teach alternative and complementary therapies?The question is prompted by the recent government review into natural therapies. Landau-Halpern's course drew fire after scientists discovered her syllabus online and saw that she would be screening a documentary defending Andrew Wakefield, the fraudulent ex-doctor whose cruel, unscientific experiments on children kicked off decades of deadly vaccine denial (Landau-Halpern's website advertises a talk she gives in which she advises parents that measles and other childhood illnesses that can be prevented by vaccines are "almost always followed by massive developmental spurts. Earlier this year Queen’s University experienced a similar controversy when complaints about a course taught by instructor Melody Torcolacci raised concerns about the university’s kinesiology department. Could you recover a murder victim’s last sight of their killer by extracting it from the retina?

Backed by huge donations from vitamin companies, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is pushing to get naturopathic medicine recognized and regulated in all 50 US states, paving the way to receiving public funds in the form of Medicare reimbursements. Jared Sinclair developed the RSS reader app Unread, which made $10,000 in its first 24 hours on the iOS market. And we’ve all heard the story of Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen, whose creation was reportedly earning $50,000 a day at the height of its 2013 explosion. If you or your company’s IT system are besieged by black hat cyber attacks, an ethical hacker might be all that stands between crippling damage and a company’s long-term prosperity. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. Alternative Therapy Courses was started with the aim to promote and educate in the art of Alternative Therapy. BSS Community College (Bharat Sevak Samaj) National Development Agency promoted by Government of India.

Times of darkness often give way to a brighter and more integrated era of growth and development").
For (PCP) Direct Class Students Food, Accommodation and Transport must be of their own expenses. In addition to his accreditations, he has been practicing Yoga since 1987 and Teaching Alternative Medicine since 1998. After all, in 1877 physiologist Wilhelm Friedrich Kuhne was able to develop a simple image from an albino rabbit’s dissected eyeball.

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