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Family and Individual Counseling ServicesOur Services are to help individuals, couples and families to remediate personal struggles, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, blended family issues, addictions and sexual abuse, and improve communication between couples and families through counseling.Mediation ServicesMediation is a process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates the resolution of a conflit between two parties. Emotional and behavioral health are just as essential to our overall well being as physical health. ADHDADHD Assessment & Treatment Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly called ADHD, is a disorder that affects approximately 7% of the population. At Strongsville Family Counseling, we utilize the most up to date interventions for each different age group. With our help, you and your family can be happy again, ready to live the full life you know you are capable of.
Now he has put his best advice into a new book, ADHD Without Drugs: A Guide to the Natural Care of Children with ADHD. This book is written for every adult who cares for or influences the care of children with ADHD: parents first and foremost, plus caregivers, coaches, counselors, educators, physicians, psychiatrists, social workers and therapists – anyone who wants to learn how to better help all children with ADHD succeed. Parents of any child suspected of or diagnosed with ADHD, even those already taking medication, will find this book invaluable for their child’s health, happiness, and success. It is not a substitute for the advice and treatment provided by your physician or other healthcare professional.
It uses various methods to measure your body’s processes, helps to become aware of them, and learn to gain conscious control of them. Usually, biofeedback therapy uses some sort of device to make the subject aware of his own responses to stimulus. Biofeedback therapy is a noninvasive procedure, so it is certainly preferred over many other monitoring procedures.
It is widely accepted as a treatment for incontinence disorders, especially bedwetting and to control hypertension in adults. Some psychiatrists use biofeedback therapy as a training tool to help you in dealing with phobias.

There are different kinds of biofeedback therapies used for different kinds of treatments. Temperature biofeedback therapy – In this therapy sensors are attached to your finger or feet.
Electromyogram feedback – This therapy uses electrodes to measure muscle tension and also used to treat stress related illness.
This therapy is used to treat the disorders including epilepsy, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, and specific learning disabilities. Galvanic skin tension biofeedback – This therapy measures the activity of sweat glands, and is used to treat anxiety related illness like phobias and stuttering. The most important criticism of biofeedback is based on lack of scientific evidence that it works. Biofeedback therapy has often been one of the most controversial not only due to the lack of scientific evidence but also due to the lack of successful case documentation,this is one of the best and most complete comprehensive write up I have read about it, should help those who are trying to understand what it is, how ever more details on its application would be great.
It is gaining ground as the most favorite of the alternative dispute resolution methods.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderCommonly called ADHD, is a disorder that affects approximately 7% of the population.
In fact, problems with one’s emotional and behavioral health can have an impact on one’s whole body and the entire family. Knowing how to help a child or teenager with serious problems often requires specialized training. Whether you need our mediation services,individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, or your child need play therapy, sand tray therapy, or behavior therapy we can help. It was so difficult in the beginning months when I was dealing with so much and then the “man above” brought you into my life.
Newmark has finally crafted the book that I have long been wishing for: a wonderful self-help guide for parents looking for a thoughtful and science-based natural approach to treating ADHD. It is well-written, practical and filled with the uncommonly good common sense of an experienced and compassionate clinician with fair-minded and rigorous reviews of the state of the science.

Sandy Newmark has specialized in successfully treating children diagnosed as having ADHD using methods other than psychostimulant medications.
Newmark explains how to treat the whole child, not just the symptoms of ADHD, using safe and natural methods. Some of them are asthma, ADHD, high blood pressure, incontinence, headaches, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, epilepsy, and anxiety.
These treatment methods are most commonly used for measuring heart rates, galvanic skin tension, brain waves, muscle activity, pulse rate, perspiration levels, and body temperature.
It is used especially to teach how to relax the muscles involved in neck pain, headaches, backaches and grinding your teeth.
ADHD is characterized by difficulty initiating and maintaining attention as well as hyperactivity and impulsivity.
His successful treatment strategies are written in plain language that parents can understand easily and implement immediately. In place of biofeedback therapy you can use less expensive but just with the addition of meditation and relaxation exercises. The book radiates a balanced wisdom that comes so rarely from practicing physicians today..
He also dispels the myths and misinformation surrounding ADHD, as he explains the latest research concerning what ADHD actually is, what causes it, and how it can be treated. White, I just wanted to tell you again how invaluable your insight, guidance and support are to me.
Thank you to all of the people who have been able to change our lives and be able to change your lives as well.

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