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As holistic practices grow in popularity, more and more nurses are jumping on board by integrating holistic principles into their healthcare routines. If you are interested in working beyond the bedside, there are a number of alternative nursing careers to choose from.
As a travel nurse you have the opportunity to work anywhere in the country or abroad, depending on which nursing agency you work for. This is an ancient technique that uses gentle non- invasive massage to reposition abdominal organs, including reproductive organs and pelvic bone structures that have shifted out of alignment. There are lots of career routes out there that will pave your way out of the clinic or hospital. Holistic nursing allows nurses to bond with their patients on a deeper level, and give a patients a more personal experience.

This covers a few areas such as quality improvement, risk management, chart and utilization review. Critical care flight nurses are responsible for transporting sick or injured patients from one facility to another. This option is perfect for those considering holistic nursing, as this technique’s philosophy is right in tune with the ideas in holistic healing. As a nurse on a cruise ship, you will be gone for weeks at a time, with the cruise ship providing your room and board.
Caring for patients while in flight on a helicopter is very challenging work but it’s certainly not boring. This is definitely a nursing career path to consider if you want to explore new opportunities and you enjoy experiencing new places.

The pay might not be as great but the benefits of traveling to very nice places outweigh the lower pay.
All hospitals, nursing homes and home care agencies have one or all of these types of nursing jobs on staff.
If an organization does not have these nurses on staff they will usually outsource these tasks to private companies. You can start by doing research on healthcare consulting agencies or read this article on case management if you’re interested in pursuing this as a nursing career.

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