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Stress is something which everyone must have experienced at some point or the other in life.
There are many prescribed medicines for relieving stress and several drugs that your doctor might suggest, but the best ways to deal with it through alternative therapies. Another tried and tested alternative method to treat stress is to listen to soothing music. Another alternative method for alleviating stress from your life is to engage in yoga or meditation practices. Acupressure is another way to find relief from stress and anxiety and is a practice of applying finger pressure to certain acupoints throughout the body. Generally speaking, conventional medicine has a good handle on how to treat thyroid disorders.
Before considering the avenue of alternative medicine, it would be important to consult with your doctor.
Prior research has determined that the thyroid gland functions optimally in those with a diet rich in iodine, magnesium and protein. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the treatment of thyroid conditions using naturopathy. After consulting with your doctor, you may want to consider naturopathy as a complement to, rather than a replacement for, your usual method of treatment. Acupuncture may also serve as a supplement to conventional medicine in the treatment of thyroid disorders.
An overall healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and exercising, can help you manage thyroid disease.
While some may feel stress at some points in life, others may feel it on a day to day basis.
Both of these practices are backed with scientific evidence as far as stress relief is concerned and are known to make a person calmer, more confident, less anxious, healthier and much less stressful on a daily basis.

This technique is used for relaxation, promotion of wellness and to cure several other disorders and problems.
Hyper- and hypo-thyroidism are usually routinely managed with medications that are designed to restore the body’s hormone balance. However, below you can find some general information about alternative therapies and medicines you may consider as conservative measures for the treatment of thyroid disease. In addition, vitamins A, B and C have also been shown to have positive effects on the thyroid. The resulting improvement in circulation of the blood and the reduction in muscle tension have been known to provide improvement in metabolic function.
In America, some states have authorised naturopaths to treat thyroid patients; others do not. Current research suggests that by stimulating areas of the body with fine needles you can elicit a response in another area.
Alternative therapies are not likely to become the treatment of choice, but in some cases may be used in conjunction with your thyroid medication. Stress can slowly eat out the calmness out of a person and hence it is important to cure it as soon as possible. Music is used as a prescribed therapy for many people suffering from various types of psychological disorders and same is true for stress as well.
But it is important to consult with your doctor before getting acupressure or acupuncture done for treating stress. Contemporary medications are rigorously tested and determined to be safe and effective before being made available. Keep in mind that alternative therapies are not a substitute for evidence based conventional therapies.
Individuals with thyroid disease should avoid caffeine and foods containing high doses of selenium, which can negatively influence the functioning of the thyroid.

However, these are not generally viable in the long term and conventional medicines may still be required. In states where it is permitted, a naturopath may provide herbal preparations that are based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).
In recent times, there has been overwhelming evidence that suggests this idea is a valid and effective treatment method for a variety of conditions including thyroid disease.
If you are considering trying alternative therapies for thyroid disease ensure that you consult with your doctor, to ensure personalised and comprehensive care. Infact, there are professionals called music therapists who can actually design sessions for you to find relief. This leaves little room for the consideration of alternative therapies, although they may have been researched and determined to be safe and effective.
However, it is important to note that it is often difficult to control thyroid conditions by diet alone and conventional medicines may still be required. However, like with diet and manipulative therapies, it is common that acupuncture be complementary to medications. If you keep taking kava regularly, then you can root out the problem of stress within 4 weeks. However, there is little information in the literature and research to suggest this is effective, although the preparations may ease the stress you are feeling due to symptoms of thyroid disease.

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