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First, prepare for your detox by setting aside a quiet three-day weekend when you won’t be disturbed by family or friends. Eat only fruit on Saturday and Sunday limiting your total intake to about three pounds a day. Engage in moderate exercise during your fast, such as stretches, gentle yoga or pleasant walks.  The activity will stimulate the release of toxins and boost circulation and appetite. Gradually reintroduce a normal diet after your fast.  Don’t immediately pig out on rich foods. Instead, spend about a week avoiding dairy foods and high-fat meals while your body readjusts itself. An alternative to this type of fruit fast is an idea from the book “Fit for Life”, where the authors advise daily fruit fasting until noon.  This is a wonderful way to maintain detox on a daily basis.
Recently it seems in both my studies and in my assessment of students the difficulty of assessing projects and assignments is very apparent. This becomes even more worrying when you put this in the context of the student rather than the teacher.
I will be interested when I begin to teach IB Technology and IT courses next year which from looking initially seem to still focus very much on project work how there assessment criteria differs from National Curriculum courses? This also links with my recent 3rd assignment grade which I was pleased with, even though it was a few words over the limit and so must have been marked down because of this. At this moment there is some excitement within the my current school as the directors have purchased Onfinity Portable IWB System – which is a cheaper alternative to the Smart Boards most of us have knowledge of.

Fasting will boost your immune system, slow aging, stabilize your weight, and revive your energy levels. Avoid acidic citrus fruits, but choose a wide variety of others — like apples, grapes peaches, apricots or even kiwi—to keep snack times interesting. Lay In a supply of good books, your favorite CDs and videos you want to see so that you’ll be entertained while you’re fasting.
Concentrate on fruits, vegetables and salads and avoid heavy fried foods, sugary sweets and high-fat snacks.
Add about 450 grams of Epsom salts to the warm bath water climb In and relax for about 20 minutes — then dress warmly and go straight to bed. Your energy levels may not be high, and you’d do best to relax, sleep and enjoy your leisure. You may suffer minor constipation, headaches, low ered body temperature and fatigue.These are normal reactions to a fast, but If they worry you check with )our doctor just to be safe.
How difficult is it if neither the consistency of assessment for an examination or an easy method to explain to students what marks are given for what – where does that leave students. However another student on the course asked that from the basic feedback he had received he had no idea of where he went wrong, how would he improve etc… It again made me think that the assessment criteria is similar to the GCE courses in being very vague. I have tried systems like this before and not been impressed especially with the robustness and ease of setup of the systems. It brings up the further question of assessment in general, what is being assessed or even what is important to assess?

Maybe at Masters Level this needs to happen due to the diversity of the projects and assignments undertaken. We will be trying them out this week at school, and I will be giving a training session at the end of the week to teachers. If the criteria says a student should research six items and they research six but not the specific categories linked into the criteria they lose a great deal of marks – when in fact the research and area they have looked up is more up to date and shows a great deal of thought.
But in one point his comment was salient in that the three assignments I have finished I don’t really know apart from word limits and double spacing my assignments where I have gone wrong. My initial thoughts are the technical side of the system seems fine, but the software and support look to be poor. Within distance learning this maybe opens a problem, in that face-to-face meetings would have inevitably led to some discussion of the assignments and how to improve.
Whereas in distance learning unless as a student you specifically search for this, this sort of feedback does not happen?
So my challenge within this week, is to try and find some free interactive applications that can use this style of IWB to its full advantage. The Masters course also focuses only on the assignment, not on the initiative or project idea, not on the seminars and collaboration within discussions and projects…would it not be feasible to provide a more rounded assessment even at Masters level?

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