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ADHD expert Ned Hallowell's adult ADHD treatment plan for improving memory, attention, and task management. Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Are you looking for ADHD treatments that help curb symptoms such as poor memory and attention issues? ADDitude's free community site offers free support groups for adults with ADHD, plus medication reviews and much more. Cancer of the thyroid gland is easy to survive but hard to find unless you’re really looking for it. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland about 3 centimeters wide that sits below the Adam’s apple. In 2013, Chasin stopped by the radiology department that sits next to her office to get an ultrasound done and end her family’s nagging. Chasin had her thyroid gland removed and now has to take synthetic thyroid hormones every day. The genetic pathways that explain the tumors in Chasin, her mother, and her uncle remain a mystery. Because thyroid cancers found early are so easy to treat, Teng recommends that those with a family history of the condition be screened, as Chasin eventually was. Chasin agrees that screening is the smart move for those with a family history of the cancer. The bad news is that routine laboratory tests, which show levels of thyroid hormones in the body, don’t reveal anything about possible thyroid cancers.
There’s some controversy about whether patients who don’t have a family history or any symptoms should worry about thyroid cancer. For those who believe knowledge is power, some doctors recommend self-examination of the thyroid at home in front of a mirror to check for any changes. In the United States, breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women and the second leading cause of cancer death among women of all races and ethnicities.
Written by Jonathan Vernon SOURCE Multiple sclerosis is strongly associated with genetically lower levels of vitamin D, according to a new study by researchers from Canada.

Here’s how to beat fatigue, sidestep stress and soothe sore, stiff muscles from 9 to 5 and beyond.
There are currently two bills that, if passed, would legalize medical and recreational Marijuana in Kentucky. Many people with cancer are interested in trying anything that may help them, including complementary and alternative cancer treatments. If you have problems with short-term memory, use a timer that you can set to alert you, again and again, as you get closer to a deadline.
When having an important discussion with your partner, or planning out the weeka€™s tasks, shut off the TV or computer, let the barking dogs out in the yard, or move to a quieter room. ADHD medication, doing yoga, or meditating before thinking up strategies for finishing a project can all slow a racing brain.
Before a meeting, write a note on a pad, telling yourself that ita€™s important to pay attention for the next 20 minutes. Many studies show that exercise boosts attention and alertness, increasing the chance that you will remember things. Simple carbs (low in fiber or whole grains) and sugars cause your glucose levels to rise and plummet. Continue to read to your fifth-grader at night, but arrange to have a friend drive her to basketball practice. Alternately, you can say, a€?Ia€™ll have to think about it,a€? to buy yourself some time to think it over. Although it’s among the ten most common types of cancer in the United States, and diagnosis rates continue to rise, the vast majority of thyroid cancers grow slowly and respond well to treatment.
Stacie Chasin worried about, either, even after her mother and uncle were diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancers in 2011. There’s a familiar pattern to incidence, but it’s not a very obvious and linear one,” said Dr. She had to be treated with radioactive iodine, which forced her to isolate herself from her family while the radiation faded.

The debate is similar to the one surrounding prostate cancer: Most of these tumors are so slow growing they really only need to be watched. When your ideas are better organized, you can put them into a reminder system that draws them to your attention. At work, when getting directions for a project, close the door or put a a€?Do Not Disturba€? sign on it to limit interruptions. Turn away from the computer and make eye contact when talking with a colleague or the boss.
Chasin, an internist in Goshen, New York, initially shrugged off the advice that she have an ultrasound to see whether she had the cancer, too. A thorough physician’s assistant noticed a bump on Chasin’s mother’s thyroid during a routine exam. They do know that medullary thyroid cancers, which make up just 5 percent of all cases, can stem from a genetic syndrome called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia. Marita Teng, an associate professor of otolaryngology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. It sorts through projects, according to how you prioritized them, and reminds you, with visual prompts and alarms, when your deadline approaches. To remember better, you have to maximize your attention while the information is entering your brain. At home, schedule a special time a€” at breakfast or before bed a€” to plan the following day.

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