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Contact information of distributors is provided in he table at the page bottom in the Ordering section. Testimonials can be a very powerful tool to help in the healing process because they can boost your belief in a treatment.
For the above reason, smart cancer patients avoid using testimonials to select a cancer treatment.
You cannot pick an alternative cancer treatment the same way you pick your other medications. A person's unique body chemistry seems to be the most important consideration in selecting an alternative cancer treatment. The treatment indicated by energy medicine testing using the Alternative Cancer Treatments Test Kit*. Beta-glucan is a fiber-type complex sugar (polysaccharide) derived from the cell wall of baker’s yeast, oat and barley fiber, and many medicinal mushrooms, such as maitake.
Glucan is a potent reticuloendothelial-modulating agent whose immunobiological activity is mediated, in part, by an increase in the number and function of macrophages. Research papers on Bate Glucan are definite in their conclusions regarding its ability to strongly enhance the immune system.
People who change their eating habits greatly increase the effectiveness of the supplements they take. Chronic: If you have recurring problems, but they are not acute, or life threatening, you would take more.
For nearly three decades, Beta-1, 3-D glucan has been available to laboratories and medical schools.
To take 1500 MG (three 500 mg pills) a day (an average to strong dose) costs between $40 and $90 depending on the manufacturer.
There are many valid alternative cancer treatments that conventional doctors cannot prescribe.
The best treatment for a patient depends more on body chemistry than the type or stage of cancer. The University of Louisville, Department of Pathology, Louisville, Kentucky ran a study on comparing commercially available beta glucan. After you make an order, be sure to review the essentials to alternative cancer treatment* that go hand and hand with the principle alternative treatment. Without a doubt the best present you can give a cancer patient is a spontaneous remission, consider learning more about hypnosis CDs and spontaneous remissions, click the CD.
This web site has over 100 web pages, consider searching for a phrase without using quotes.
The two important things which cancer specialists consider while planning for the type of treatment to be given to their patients are the type of lung cancer and the stage of the lung cancer. It is advisable to discuss the various options available for your treatment with your doctor. Lung Cancer Treatments Treatment of lung cancer includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
People who are diagnosed with advanced cancer are treated with gefitinib or erlotinib (biological therapy).
Surgery is usually not considered in case of small cell lung cancer except in one condition i.e. If the cancer cells have not spread to your lymph nodes in the center of your chest then your doctor may recommend surgery followed by chemotherapy. If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its first stage then you have to undergo surgery so that the part of your lung having tumor can be removed. If the surgery is successful and the cancer is completely removed from your lung then your doctor may advice you to go for chemotherapy so that the chances of reoccurrence of non-small cell lung cancer are reduced to minimum.
But before giving your approval for chemotherapy, try to learn about the side effects and advantages of this treatment.
If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its third stage then your doctor may recommend surgery to you depending on the position of the cancer in the lung.
If the signs of cancer are observed on the same side of your chest then you may have to undergo chemotherapy before the surgery.
If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its fourth stage then you may have to go for chemotherapy and also for biological therapies depending upon your condition. More Information About Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Combination chemotherapy is better than single agent chemotherapy. If the cancer continues to spread even after chemotherapy treatment then your cancer specialist may treat you with docetaxel alone. Some More Things You Need to Know People who are diagnosed with lung cancer should be treated by a team of health professionals that includes specialist surgeons, medical oncologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, specialist lung cancer nurses, radiologists, histopathologists, social workers, psychologists and dieticians.
Before recommending any treatment, it is the duty of your cancer specialist to inform you about the pros and cons of the treatment. Are you struggling with obesity and trying out every possible means to curtail the fat from your body? The quest for a family begins with an overall assessment of the personal health and fertility of both the partners. Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times. The study was primarily a psychological evaluation, but the initial results also revealed that the control group performing yoga experienced less fatigue and an enhanced ability to do daily tasks and walk a mile.
These studies focusing on alternative cancer treatment facts for yoga practice are pilot programs, but it's clear practicing yoga while undergoing cancer treatment improves your quality of life.
Instead of thinking of yoga as a replacement for cancer treatment, consider it an enhancement to whatever you and your healthcare professional decide as the best course of action. Practitioners of yoga therapy believe that the an individual's immune system has the capacity to speed up healing through an integration of asanas, Pranayama or breathing exercises, and a healthy diet. The centering relaxation that yoga provides may also help many cancer patients achieve peace, as well as an acceptance that this is the journey their bodies are experiencing now, and circumstances will change.

Obviously, any factors that reduce stress in the patient and, for that matter, loved ones and caregivers, will enhance the mind, body, and spirit connection. In this Yoga Journal article, people discuss coming to terms with their conditions and how yoga benefits them.
There are a number of retreats that specialize in providing educational programs, yoga sessions, beneficial diets, and other wellness initiatives for cancer patients. Ashrams of the Sivananda has locations around the world featuring yoga therapy and Ayurveda applications. Shambahala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, is rooted in Buddhist teachings of health and wellness, and an annual retreat for women touched by cancer. New information on alternative cancer treatment facts for yoga practice is documented in medical journals, so partner with your health practitioner to seek out possibilities. They save testimonials for the role that they perform the best, bolstering belief after treatments have been selected. Only energy medicine offers a selection method that takes body chemistry into account - the Alternative Cancer Treatments Test Kit*. If you body is not able to deal with its cancer cells due to an immune system deficiency, then Beta Glucan may help. Here is one report that references many studies, Beta Glucan Articles and Medical Summary**, by A. It does not work directly on cancer cells, but encourages the body's immune system to do that work. Since the most used by even large people is around six 500 MG pills a day, Beta Glucan is easy to take. It was not performed using small doses such as 3, 5, or 10 mg that some supplements contain.
To maximize absorption of Beta Glucan, take it on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking. The success of any treatment depends on the following factors- your general health, medical condition and tumor characteristics. Chemotherapy is generally used to treat small cell lung cancer while in case of non-small cell lung cancer, all the three treatments, that is, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be used depending on the stage of the cancer. It is not necessary that all the patients diagnosed with lung cancer will receive the same treatment like you. However, if the cancer cells have spread to your lymph nodes then your doctor may recommend chemotherapy, radiotherapy or biological therapy. But if the signs of cancer are observed on the opposite side of your chest then you may have to go for chemotherapy only.
According to studies, people with advanced non-small cell lung cancer are able to live longer if they undergo radiotherapy after chemotherapy. High energy rays are used in radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells but it is not without its side effects that include sore throat, tiredness, chest pain, cough, hair loss, sore skin and difficulty swallowing. The responsibility of  these health professionals is to take good care of you and to suggest you treatments that will help you to recover from this disease.
At this crucial time it is necessary for you to get the support and love of your family, friends and relatives. Anderson Cancer Center conducted a pilot study in 2005 with 61 women recovering from breast cancer surgery and undergoing radiation treatment.
Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute conducted nine different yoga studies involving cancer patients and survivors.
For this reason, people who practice yoga also incorporate some method of meditation into their daily routine.
We at the New Hope alternative cancer treatment center do not believe that “one size fits all”. Much of this information cannot be supplied by a Beta Glucan distributor or manufacturer due to FDA regulations.
Due to the millions of people who have cancer and the increasing use of alternative cancer treatments an alternative with only a 5% success rate can still produce many genuine and impressive testimonials. Biologic response modifiers, like Beta Glucan, will modulate immunity, modify neoplastic (cancer) disease and increase resistance to microbial challenge. For this reason Beta Glucan can be seen to be supportive of a persons fight against any form of cancer. Therefore, a cancer patient may want to investigate additional cancer treatments that directly attack cancer cells. After you order Beta Glucan, learn how to ask you body to select another cancer treatment using Applied Kinesiology*. If you have early stage small cell lung cancer then your doctor may recommend radiotherapy to treat it so that any cancer cells that might have spread to your brain could also be destroyed. If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its second stage then your doctor may suggest you to undergo surgery depending on the position of the tumor. If you are not able to get the two treatments mentioned above due to some health issues then your specialist may suggest you to undergo radiotherapy. If your cancer specialist observes the cancer cells in the middle area of your chest then he may advice you to go for radiotherapy instead of surgery.
Your doctor may suggest you to undergo radiotherapy after the course of chemotherapy is completed. The drugs that can be used along with cisplatin are etoposide, doxorubicin, taxol, gemcitabine, vinorelbine, mitomycin, topotecan, ifosfamide, docetaxel and pemetrexed. If you have any of these side effects after undergoing radiotherapy then consult your cancer specialist. After the discussion, if you have some questions in your mind then do not hesitate to discuss them with your specialist.
However, many cancer patients report a better quality of life if they perform yoga during treatment. General results included better sleep, improvements in mood, reduced stress, and enhanced day-to-day capabilities.

Others suggest practicing Nidra yoga as a means to focus your intention on the area the cancer occupies and encourage healing.
We also do not believe that you can put a band-aid on the symptom, you have to get to the root cause if you want to stay in remission!
A carefully selected group of positive testimonials cannot present an accurate picture of the performance of any treatment. It only takes about twenty minutes and you will have a skill that will help you do many things. Other treatments recommended by doctors to reduce these symptoms include cryotherapy, laser treatment, internal radiotherapy and photodynamic therapy. There is reason to believe that yoga will help cancer patients recover more quickly, but more study is necessary. A few major focuses during treatment at our alternative cancer treatment center are building the immune system, implementing anti-tumor protocols, and detoxification.
Unlike when a patient gets chemotherapy or radiation treatments, our goal is to build up the body as we destroy cancer cells and balance out the body by detoxification methods in order to rid the body of cancer waste.
DHEA, melatonin, thyroid and thymus hormones provide powerful immune support when given to patients after proper medical evaluation at our alternative cancer treatment center. DHEA and melatonin are also low in most cancer patients and many others with chronic diseases. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles create serious chronic degeneration of this internal cellular environment leading to an acidic condition, reduced oxygen levels, decreased cellular nutrient intake and waste disposal, and the build up of chemical toxins like pesticides and heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. Restore the proper balance and function of healthy intestinal microorganisms in the intestines. It is about 20 feet in length with an immense surface area that supports about 5 pounds of bacteria and fungi, most of which are beneficial to your health. However, many common features of modern living, such as recurrent antibiotic therapy, dietary sweets and alcohol, and stress, cause this delicate internal ecology to be upset.
Overgrowth of fungi, atypical bacteria, parasites, delayed onset food sensitivities, “leaky bowel syndrome”, and impaired nutrient assimilation are a few of the common bowel ecology disturbances that gradually create a chronic and debilitating workload for the immune system, as well as many other troubling symptoms in the body. Body detoxification therapies that focus on removing chemical toxins like pesticides, and heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic. These unfortunate by-products of modern living contribute to many diseases and weaken body systems, including the immune system. In addition to eliminating chemical toxins and heavy metals from the body, cancer patients need further detoxification support in order to remove the toxic load that comes from the death of cancer cells. When tumor degradation is rapid, the release of cellular toxins into the body may cause serious clinical problems.
Treating nutritional deficiencies and restoring optimal nutrition through proper diet and intravenous therapies. Patrick Quillin in his book Beating Cancer with Nutrition, “Nutrition is a low-cost, non-toxic, and scientifically proven helpful component in the comprehensive treatment of cancer.” There are thousands of medical studies identifying the effects of nutrient deficiencies, like Vitamin A, zinc and selenium, and gradual weakening of the immune system and the development of disease. For example, zinc is involved in every aspect of immune function and yet studies have shown that 68% of Americans get less than two-thirds of the recommended daily allowance.
Also, properly nourished cancer patients such as the ones at our alternative cancer treatment center, that are receiving chemotherapy and radiation experience less nausea, less immune suppression, malaise, hair loss and organ toxicity than those with nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. Stress reduction and psychological healing are an essential part of consistently effective treatments for cancer, as well as any other illness. Many scientists prefer the term mind-body to reflect the powerful unity between the mind and the body. Most of our cancer patients recall events in their lives that disturbed them to the extent that “they haven’t been the same since”. Many patients hold in their tears, anger, and sorrow, eventually reaching the debilitating state of “I can’t take it anymore”.
The staff at New Hope Medical Center has had much experience addressing these important issues and consider this a necessary part of treatment at our alternative cancer treatment center.The following aspects of therapy (not a complete list) are individualized for each patient after a careful evaluation of current medical and physical condition. Restoration of healthy intestinal function using appropriate antimicrobials and probiotics (healthy intestinal bacteria). Immune enhancement, or modulation, using a variety of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, medicinal mushrooms and other immunoactive substances.
Systemic enzyme therapy– Natural enzymes help break down the protective protein coating that surrounds cancer cells.
Intravenous beet derived levorotary vitamin C– Vitamin C inhibits the growth of the tumor, helps in the production of interferon and can stop the progression of carcinogenic N-Nitrose compounds. Homeopathic Medicine– Homeopathic medicines are natural remedies that work with the body’s natural healing force. These remedies are frequently effective for relief of pain, nausea, vomiting, and healing reaction symptoms. Chiropractic Medicine– can be helpful in reducing pain, improving mobility, and enhancing a patient’s well being. Acupuncture — Acupuncture is a healing technique from the East that has been used for over 5,000 years with success. Ozone Therapy– Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize winner) discovered that cancer cells could not survive when in contact with oxygen.
Ozone is an excellent anti-cancer agent because ozone is an oxygen molecule made up of 3 atoms.
The goal of this portion of the program is to reduce stress and pain through non-chemical means. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy– also known as photoluminescence, photo-oxidation, and extra corporeal photophoresis. This treatment to the blood helps improve microcirculation and oxygenation of tissues, stimulates the immune system, and is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and inflammatory treatment.

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