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This septic system design reference lists and describes all of the types of septic systems, including both conventional septic tank and drainfield systems and alternative septic system designs for difficult building sites such as wet sites, steep sites, rocky sites, limited space, bad soils with no percolation or sandy soils with too fast percolation, and other difficult site conditions.
We include links to septic design engineers, advanced septic system products and septic design books and building codes. This document catalogs conventional and alternative septic system designs and provides links to detailed descriptions of these designs for onsite wastewater treatment. Each of the links below presents a document with more in-depth information about each of these alternative septic system designs. Septic tanks are responsible for retaining solid waste in a residential onsite wastewater treatment system (septic system), and for partial treatment of sewage and septic effluent to improve its sanitation. The remaining effluent treatment normally occurs in the soils around and under the drainfield or absorption system.
More septic tank compartments means that solid waste (floating scum, settled sludge) are better-separated from septic effluent before it is discharged to a drainfield. Advanced treatment septic tanks may use more compartments, including a final pumping chamber, as well as other features such as aerobic systems (shown at the top of this page), media filters, or effluent filters that both improve the level of wastewater treatment and also improve the life expectancy of the absorption field or drainfield.
You may also notice that our septic tank shown above has inlet and outlet baffles constructed of concrete while the septic tank below shows an inlet baffle constructed using plastic pipe - a common repair method if septic tank baffles are damaged. This USDA sketch of a different two-compartment septic tank design illustrates how additional compartments can help retain solid waste in the septic tank and improve the quality of wastewater discharged to the drainfield or soakaway bed or absorption bed. Home-made site-built, using concrete blocks, stone, or even in on occasion wood; often we find such tanks are unsafe, under-sized, and short lived. Steel, round or rectangular, various profiles including low-profile for shallow-depth rocky sites; extra risk of rust-out, leaks, unsafe covers, lost baffles. Here are some more detailed articles about basic septic system design, installation, inspection, maintenance, cleaning or pumping, & repair.
Chemical toilets have limited storage capacity and must be pumped and periodically cleaned by a septic company.
COMPOSTING TOILETS: may be used where the water supply is limited or not available at all, or where a building owner for other reasons wishes to conserve water use. The activated sludge process is an aerobic suspended-growth process that maintains a relatively high population of microorganisms (biomass) by recycling settled biomass back to the treatment process. Preliminary treatment to remove settleable solids and floatable materials is usually provided by a septic tank or other primary treatment device. Dosing Systems, Pressure or Gravity: Dosing septic systems permit the septic system drain field to rest between effluent doses and, depending on design, may alternate use of drainfield sections. ET beds may be used with or without intermediate storage tanks and with or without effluent recycling systems. FIXED-FILM PROCESSOR septic system designs (FFS) are biological treatment processes that employ a medium such as rock, plastic, wood, or other natural or synthetic solid material that will support biomass on its surface and within its porous structure. GRAVELLESS SEPTIC SYSTEMS or "no rock" or "chamber" systems are not a complete alternative onsite wastewater design.
Dosing systems permit the drain field to rest between doses and, depending on design, may alternate use of drainfield sections.
HOLDING TANK SEPTIC SYSTEMS: use a sealed tank to hold household waste and wastewater until the tank can be pumped out by a septic pumping company. State we've seen holding tank systems in use on small-lot properties located along the Hudson River. INCINERATOR TOILET SYSTEMS: incinerating toilets use electricity or gas to burn the waste placed into these systems.
See ALTERNATIVE & WATERLESS TOILETS for details about all types of waterless toilet systems. An alternative but possibly less long-term reliable version of a drainfield dosing system that may not require electricity is the siphon system.
Raised systems are often confused with "mound systems" (see below) but have different design requirements, and make at least partial use of existing soils for wastewater treatment.
SEQUENCING BATCH REACTOR SEPTIC SYSTEMS - The sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process is a sequential suspended growth (activated sludge) process in which all major steps occur in the same tank in sequential order (figure 1). STEEP SLOPE SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGNS - how to install sewer lines from building to septic tank; how to install septic drainfields, leach field systems at steep or sloped sites. A high-specific-surface anaerobic reactor is any tank or cavity filled with solid media through which wastewater flows with a high hydraulic retention time (HRT). The first is characterized by horizontal flow and prolific growth of macrophytes on the surface. Continue reading at SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the answer you need at InspectApedia. John Cranor is an ASHI member and a home inspector (The House Whisperer) is located in Glen Allen, VA 23060. Document Sources used for this web page include but are not limited to: Agricultural Fact Sheet #SW-161 "Septic Tank Pumping," by Paul D. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. Outstanding technical reference especially on alternative septic system design alternatives.
Quoting from Amazon's description: For the homebuilder, one mistake in estimating or installing wells and septic systems can cost thousands of dollars.
Quoting an Amazon reviewer's comment, with which we agree--DF:This book is informative as far as it goes and might be most useful for someone with an older system.
Composting Toilet System Book: A Practical Guide to Choosing, Planning and Maintaining Composting Toilet Systems, David Del Porto, Carol Steinfeld.
The information is conveyed in a humorous, folksy, down-to-earth easy to understand style along with drawings, charts, tables, photos and a wealth of resource info for further research. Quoting Amazon review: This digital document is an article from Countryside & Small Stock Journal, published by Countryside Publications Ltd. From the supplier: A composting toilet is a good alternative to propane burning toilets, but it also has many problems. US EPA Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual [online copy, free] Top Reference: US EPA's Design Manual for Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal, 1980, available from the US EPA, the US GPO Superintendent of Documents (Pueblo CO), and from the National Small Flows Clearinghouse. Quoting a review from Amazon: I recommend that you get the 3 companion books on greywater treatment "Create an Oasis", "Branched Drain Greywater Systems" and "Builder's Greywater Guide".
Branched Drain Greywater Systems [superseded by "The New Create an Oasis with Greywater"], Art Ludwig. Quoting from an Amazon review: This book reviews the art of roof and ground catchment systems for rainwater.
One might say the book is really written for the 'aid worker' since it also considers ethnic and gender issues that would be 'obvious' to the future owners of the the systems.
Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse, Heather Kinkade-Levario.
Provides numerous case studies, Details the assembly and actual application of equipment, Includes specific details, schematics, and references. All aspects of rainwater harvesting are outlined, including passive and active system setup, storage, storm water reuse, distribution, purification, analysis, and filtration. In addition to rainwater, there are several affordable and accessible alternate sources, including cooling tower bleed-off water, air conditioning condensate, gray water, and fog collection.
Heather Kinkade-Levario is a land-use planner in Arizona and the author of the award-winning Forgotten Rain.
Rainwater Reservoirs Above Ground Structures for Roof Catchment: Most Common Rainwater Tanks in Comparison and Construction Manual, (Paperback) Rolf Hasse. Amazon's description may be helpful: Loess soils cover vast areas in the arid and semi-arid regions of northern China. This is an article from: San Diego Business Journal [HTML] (Digital) available online in digital format.
Quoting from one of several Amazon reviews: The basics of septic systems, from underground systems and failures to what the owner can do to promote and maintain a healthy system, is revealed in an excellent guide essential for any who reside on a septic system. Test Pit Preparation for Onsite Sewage Evaluations, State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Portland OR, 800 452-4011. This septic system classic whose title helps avoid intimidating readers new to septic systems, is available new or used at very low prices.
It's more entertainment than a serious "how to" book on septic systems design, maintenance, or repair. US EPA Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual Top Reference: US EPA's Design Manual for Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal, 1980, available from the US EPA, the US GPO Superintendent of Documents (Pueblo CO), and from the National Small Flows Clearinghouse. Quoting Amazon: Each year, thousands upon thousands of Americans install water wells and septic systems on their properties.

Written in language any property owner can understand yet detailed enough for professionals and technical students this easy-to-use volume delivers the latest techniques and code requirements for designing, building, rehabilitating, and maintaining private water wells and septic systems. Quoting an Amazon description:Here's all the information you need to build a well or septic system yourself - and save a lot of time, money, and frustration. My poor little foster, Max, has more problems than any other dog I’ve seen in a while, but despite his issues, his personality lights up a room. Sharon prefers this treatment because it is less invasive and the pups don’t have to be crated and confined. For more information on Max or to read about my adventures in fostering, check out the Bill Blog!
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Mission:Up For Pups is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mistreated domestic animals by supporting the work of animal rescue organizations through creative, memorable outreach initiatives. We provide detailed articles about each alternative septic system design choice, listing its features, design requirements, inspection details, maintenance needs, product sources. In a typical conventional septic tank waste water is treated to about 40% of total treatment required before discharge to the environment.
Some more advanced or alternative-design private septic systems achieve much higher levels of treatment by oxygenation (aerobic septic systems), chemical treatment (disinfection systems), or other methods.
Below we illustrate single compartment (below left) and two-compartment (below right) septic tank designs.
Depending on soil conditions, a steel septic tank can rust through in as few as five years, and typically last less than 20 years.
Other wastewater treatment will still be required for handling graywater from sinks and showers.
The biomass converts soluble and colloidal biodegradable organic matter and some inorganic compounds into cell mass and metabolic end products.
Most onsite designs are capable of providing significant ammonia oxidation and effective removal of organic matter. Septic effluent is distributed to the soil by a drip system that flows by gravity from through a series of perforated pipes or porous piping material.
ET systems depend entirely on evaporation while ETA systems make use of both evaporation and (limited) soil absorption of septic effluent. Greenhouses, like ET beds, may be used with or without storage tanks and effluent recycling systems. Each flush resulted in a more than 10-minute burn cycle which produced a pretty smelly exhaust.
A residential lagoon system may use a conventional septic tank, but effluent from the tank flows to a storage pond or lagoon for further treatment.
Effluent which has passed through the sand is collected by additional pipes at the bottom of the sand bed.
You'll need to identify the brand and model effluent spray head on your aerobic septic system in order to replace with the same part in-kind. There are two major classifications of SBRs: the intermittent flow (IF) or "true batch reactor," which employs all the steps in figure 1, and the continuous flow (CF) system, which does not follow these steps.
In onsite treatment the two primary types are vegetated submerged beds (VSBs) and anaerobic upflow filters (AUFs). The second comes in a variety of forms from upflow sludge blanket systems and fixed media anaerobic filters to partially fluidized beds of fine media. These systems are more common in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Florida where both municipal wetland septic designs and private homeowner wetland septic system designs are in use.
Cramer is a past president of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors and is a Florida home inspector and home inspection educator. Quoting an Amazon review: Del Porto's book is the definitive composting toilet book at this time. Jenkins' website has a forum for sharing more info, experiences and to answer any and all questions in the process of humanuring and constructed wetland gray water treatment. To get a high temperature in all of the material, the reactor has to have sufficient insulation. Although it's more than 20 years old, this book remains a useful reference for septic system designers. Ludwig is one of the most thoughtful, prolific, and sometimes controversial writers on gray water systems and alternative designs. The information in these volumes will keep most of us far more informed than most of the regulators, the system builders, and the experts-in-theory. He's obviously done all of his homework, mulled-over the variables, and come up with a common sense, economically reasonable, environmentally responsible approach to wastewater. Quoting from Amazon's review: Design for Water is an accessible and clearly written guide to alternate water collection, with a focus on rainwater harvesting in the urban environment.
Design for Water is geared to providing those making development decisions and guidelines with the information they need to set up passive harvesting techniques. Due to the lack of reliable surface water and ground-water, rainwater harvesting has played a prominent role in farmers' domestic usage and agricultural irrigation.
Burks, Mary Margaret Minnis, Hogarth House 1994 - one of the best septic system books around, suffering a bit from small fonts and a weak index. Rural residents receive a primer on not only the basics; but how to conduct period inspections and what to do when things go wrong. But with a maze of codes governing their use along with a host of design requirements that ensure their functionality where can someone turn for comprehensive, one-stop guidance? Then, the day after that they start taking three Multizyme capsules and three Zymex II capsules twice daily, one hour before food or two hours after.
The dogs usually test Heartworm negative within six months to a year after completing the treatment, with some testing heartworm negative more quickly. I cured my dog, Sophie, of heartworms with a combination of Black Walnut, COQ10, Artemesia Complex and HSII. We'll never share your address with others, and we only send useful mail once or twice a month. Shingles is caused by the virus called herpes zoster virus—a virus which is also related to the infecting organism causing chicken pox. The biomass is separated from the wastewater through settling in a clarifier for recycling or wasting to sludge handling processes.
A number of important waterborne pathogens are found in the United States, including some bacteria species, protozoan cysts, and viruses. A third classification includes dual-process systems that encompass both fixed and suspended biomass together or in series. Quoting part of an Amazon review: The Humanure Handbook provides a wealth of thoroughly researched, hands-on experience and scientific data that demonstrates that after a natural process called "thermophilic" bacterial digestion, which occurs in a compost bin and where all pathogens are killed, excreta is then converted to a valuable nutrient for agriculture and thereby completing a full-circle life cycle.
We recommend his book as clear, easy-to-understand writing aimed at property owners who want or need to consider a graywater installation to conserve water, recycle water, reduce water use, or to reduce the load on their septic system. I expect to save money that I would have spent on a post-septic tank, aerobic unit that would seemingly have been ecologically responsible; but because of the technological overkill, ultimately that system would have defeated my altruistic environmental concerns. The book will especially appeal to engineers, landscape architects, municipal decision-makers, developers, and landowners. An economical and valid type of water storage cistern with optimum design of components has been introduced to rural areas in the Loess Plateau. Both new and used (low priced copies are available, and we think the authors are working on an updated edition--DF.
We recommend this excellent document that offers detail about soil perc tests, deep hole tests, safety, and septic design.
This book is in the upper price range, but is worth the cost for serious septic installers and designers.
Blackwell Duncan has thoroughly revised and updated this second edition of Wells and Septic Systems to conform to current codes and requirements.
Before treating any dog with heartworm, you should consult with your veterinarian, as heartworm is a VERY serious disease. This is given twice daily for two or three weeks depending on how strongly heartworm positive the dog is.
He has so many other things we need to conquer (damaged leg, neurological problems, cherry eye, neutering) that this treatment has really put a damper on getting him adopted any time soon. What happens with shingles is that we may have acquired herpes zoster virus at an early age and it may cling into our nerve endings and lie inactive there. All pretreatment processes used in onsite wastewater management remove some pathogens, but data are scant on the magnitude of this destruction. Dodge Woodson packs this reader-friendly guide with guidance and information, including details on new techniques and materials that can economize and expedite jobs and advice on how to avoid mistakes in both estimating and construction.

In particular, the book doesn't cover any of the newer systems that are used more and more nowadays in some parts of the country -- sand mounds, aeration systems, lagoons, etc.
His book covers all aspects of composting toilet systems and touches on graywater issues as well.
Most importantly, effluent can then be kept out of our drinking water and not treated or referred to as an undesirable "waste product". The degradation of the organic matter in the compost was almost 75%, resulting in a small final volume that could safely be recycled. We have found this text very useful for conventional well and septic systems design and maintenance --DF. He also has expanded this national bestseller to include new material on well and septic installation, water storage and distribution, water treatment, ecological considerations, and septic systems for problem building sites. Sharon sometimes pours a little honey over the capsules to make them more appealing for the dogs. Consulting with a vet who is familiar with holistic procedures before trying this treatment is recommended. Due to several reasons, this herpes zoster may become active leading to signs and symptoms of shingles.Shingles presents initially with the prodromal signs and symptoms like fever, cough and colds, nausea, etc. Quoting Amazon review: When using toilets where the urine and faeces are collected separately for reuse as nutrients in agriculture, the collected matter should be disinfected. By using different catchments, such as mortar roofs and cement-paved courtyards, compacted land or road surfaces, rainwater can be effectively collected for storage in cisterns.
Also, itching may start to occur in the particular area where rashes may erupt after a few days. The patient consulted conventional medical specialists on multiple occasions, who gave him various prescriptions that only helped for a little while and then the ulcers would reappear.(A mouth ulcer is an open sore inside the oral cavity. This study focused mainly on the quality of rainwater harvested from the different catchment systems and stored for different periods of time.
During the eruptive stage, shingles rash may already start to appear and will start to become red. Typically it looks like a white oval on flesh with an inflamed red border.)DiagnosisAccording to Su Jok theory the patient had an excess of the Dryness energy expressed in the painful ulcer.
He even (carefully) explodes some of the advertising myths that the purveyors of composting toilets would have us believe. By analysis of the water samples stored in these cisterns, it was evident that rainwater quality could be improved significantly by self-purification during the storage. The rash of shingle will appear band like because it only affects a specific area of the body and never crosses the body’s midline.Treatment for shingles primarily includes the use of antiviral medications such as oral acyclovir (Zovirax) and pain relief medications. This showed that the best mixture for dry thermal composting was a mix of faeces, food waste and amendment. Apart from these, there are also treatment for shingles which are non-pharmacologic and can be done at home.Rinsing With Saline SolutionAdding sea salt to a basin of water and making use of this solution in bathing and washing the affected area is a good way of curing shingles rashes. In the first session I put some needles to the painful points on the basic corresponding system according to Su Jok therapy. As trite as this sounds, the book truly is a must for someone considering installing composting toilet. Sea salt has an antiseptic property and will help heal and dry up these rashes for faster recovery.Covering Shingles with HoneyHoney can be a good antibacterial ingredient.
Thirty minutes later the ulcer was half the original size.In the second session, on the following day, I performed Energy Flow Therapy. A new method was developed to mathematically evaluate and estimate the safety margins of pathogen inactivation during thermal composting.
Although shingles is a viral infection, the antibacterial property of honey can prevent opportunistic infection of bacteria. As known from TCM the window of the Stomach meridian is the mouth and according to Su Jok theory the mouth concerns to the Wind energy in the digestion system (Stomach). The method is based upon a mathematical calculation of the number of times total inactivation (at least 12log"1"0 reduction) of the organisms is achieved. After applying honey in the affected area, you may place sterile or clean gauze to cover it up.
Therefore it was necessary to balance energy of Wind energy sub-branch (Gall Bladder) in branch Humidity energy (Stomach).
Doing this regularly can relieve the signs and symptoms of the disease making it an excellent treatment for shingles.Virgin Coconut Oil Virgin Coconut Oil has been known to cure a lot of diseases—may they be diseases inside our body or those outside concerning our skin. Virgin coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can greatly lessen the soreness and redness of the shingles.Apple Cider VinegarJust like Virgin Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar is another miracle solution which is able to cure a number of diseases and infections.
Soaking a small towel in apple cider vinegar, wringing out the excess fluid and applying the towel in the affected area for one hour or so will lessen the rashes due to shingles.Vitamin CMost importantly, be sure to support yourself by boosting your immune system with Zinc and vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals will help cure infectious conditions and help lessen the chances of getting a re-infection of shingles.Treatment of shingles is multi-faceted—it may include drugs, food intake, vitamins and other alternative remedies. It has services of HERPES blog, HERPES forum, Ask Counselor, Real inspirational Stories, Photos of HERPES and other general dating. Reply lorwe says: May 18, 2011 at 9:13 amI just want to tell the people that you are not alone even when you have an STD! There are so many people who have the same situation as you.Also, there are many online communities for you to find support and dating! I recommend you to read the STD inspirational stories on the largest STD support and dating site STDsMatch. We help supply the latest alternative cancer treatment news, patient video and text stories, discussion from experts within the field along with the cancer programs around.
It has been established by Angeles Health, Mexico’s largest private hospital network having a focus on our holistic cancer care programs around, including its very own world class Functional Oncology program.Many cancer-diagnosed patients round the world are financially and emotionally suppressed.
Many of them consider searching for low cost methods to get rest from this debilitating condition.
Alternative cancer treatment in Mexico has become a widely preferred use of those seeking cost-effective and unconventional therapies that may be successfully coupled with an exhilarating travel experience. Anderson Clinic, University of Texas, one of the 450 patients identified as having cancer in Texas, 69 percent of these reportedly took benefit of one or more alternative treatment options.Why Mexico for Alternative Cancer TherapyMost health institutions in Mexico, such as the best cancer treatment hospitals provide cost-effective and highly flexible therapy options. You are able to decrease your medical and travel expenses to some significant level by choosing alternative cancer therapy in Mexico.Due to the proximity towards the US border, Mexican cancer clinics are staffed with English-speaking and highly-specialized medical personnel. Cancer physicians in Mexico are committed to handling patient’s emotional and physical burdens, particularly in their post-conventional therapy phase.Alternative cancer cures in Mexico are centered on improving the patient’s emotional and physical condition. Nutritional therapies and psychological counseling are often carried out in the best cancer hospitals in Mexico his or her staff have remarked that emotional well-being goes together with the body’s overall recovery process.Institutions dealing with alternative cancer treatment in Mexico are sophisticated, with spacious buildings designed with modern facilities.
Many of them provide effective customer support initiatives, for example pick-up from the airport and private counselor.If you are among the numerous cancer sufferers, you may be in need of relying on a method that will calm your soul and provide you with the opportunity to save costs. Having your alternative cancer treatment in Mexico is definitely an appropriate choice because Mexico is really a sunny, exotic country, with warm, friendly people and fantastic tourist spots.Types of alternative cancer treatment offered in MexicoThere are various types of alternative therapy clinic in Mexico. Usually the package of care sounds very attractive since it is advertised as relaxing and caring. There’s also many reports of people that have had severe and life-threatening side effects in the treatments. Individuals with advanced cancers are most vulnerable to not being able to deal with side effects from the treatments. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase flights and accommodation along with the treatment.To illustrate cost, the Issels website outlines cure programme involving a visit to the Oasis hospital in Mexico. A healthcare facility says you spend in advance for that ongoing treatment whenever you return home. The estimated price is between ?400 and ?700 for A few months treatment, plus travel and accommodation in Mexico.
A year’s treatment will set you back ?130,000.From individual patient reports and promotions for the internet, costs vary from ?2,000 to more than ?20,000. The particular costs is determined by the type of alternative healthcare you have as well as on how long you continue with it.What to rememberOnce we put up info on alternative treatments which have not been properly tested, we get a few angry emails.
Your email say we’re trying to prevent individuals with cancer from getting effective treatment.
We’re concerned these potential cures in many cases are sold for any great deal of money.
It’s understandable that patients or their relatives will attempt anything when they think it could work.
However, many of these remedies are just income generating businesses targeting those who are ill and incredibly vulnerable.

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