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Astragalus: Consuming 250 mg to 500 mg of the standardized extract of astragalus thrice or four times a day is beneficial for kidney disease as it reduces inflammation of kidneys and works as a diuretic.
Basil: Basil leaves juice taken along with honey daily for 6 months works as an effective diuretic, dissolves kidney stones, keeps a check at our uric acid levels as well as cleanses and strengthens the kidney.
Dandelion: A decoction made using dandelion roots and leaves is good for correcting kidney disease by virtue of its diuretic properties. An Ayurvedic product by the name of Mutrakrichantak Churna which contains herbs like Punarnava, Varuna, Shigru, Apamarg etc. Gokshura: In Ayurvedic medicine this herb is used extensively to maintain effective kidney functioning as it helps in proper urination, reduces kidney discomforts and removes stones. It is beneficial for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease as it helps to enhance kidney functioning and relieves various discomforts associated with the disease.
Extremely thin stainless steel needles are inserted at specific points to revitalize the kidneys. It is a natural alternative treatment for kidney failure which is used externally.  Processing of Chinese herbal medicines is done and then they are put into two bags which are kept under the lower back of patients. Hep C, or hepatitis C, is a viral infection of the liver associated with symptoms like jaundice.
Milk thistle is a flowering plant that contains silymarin, an extract with assumed medicinal properties, states the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, or NCCAM. While genetics can play a role in the development of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, it is a well-accepted notion that diet and lifestyle contribute significantly to their onset and progression.
The inner ear is a fragile and sensitive unit that converts pressure and vibrational changes from sounds in the environment into electrical impulses that travel via the optic nerve to the brain. A 2002 American Tinnitus Association journal article determined that an extract of Saint John's Wort, known as hypericin, is useful in intractable tinnitus. Most of the people who suffer from asthma depend on medications like Asthalin whenever an asthma attack seems imminent. All the three herbs have a property that widens the air passageway almost immediately depending on the way it is being used. Yoga is a complete physical and mental regimen that progresses towards a healthy body and mind. Postures like Pranayam, Shavasana, Pavanmuktasana, Anuloma Vinloma and Sukhasana are specifically recommended for people suffering from asthma. Though the opinions of medical community are mixed on the efficacy of this technique but many people around the world have reported that this therapy has helped them in bettering the control over their breathing.
This therapy involves pricking very tiny needles into certain specific points of the body to relieve various maladies. Various simple home remedies can prove to be effective and inexpensive treatment for asthma. Most chronic asthma patients turn to alternative or complementary treatments since they are less invasive and have fewer side effects than the traditional conventional or allopathic medicine. If the patient is tired of using inhalers and other steroid medications that have potential side effects, use of herbs and vitamins can help reduce the symptoms of the disease considerably. Vitamin supplements such as C, A, D, B6 and B12 when taken on a regular basis provides powerful anti-oxidants to the body. Sukhasana (Easy pose), Shoulder Lifts, Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), Kapalbhati pranayama, (breathing technique) and Anuloma Viloma pranayama (breathing technique) are very useful to overcome an asthmatic symptom or attack. There is inconclusive evidence that shows that acupuncture can help ease the asthmatic symptoms. Acupuncture sometimes is combined with certain breathing techniques which promote strengthening of the lungs.
Biofeedback uses electronic feedback messages to an individual enabling him or her to control the body functions that would normally happen automatically.
Pneumographic biofeedback helps patients to adjust the breathing pattern which lowers their heart rate. If you suffer from a deviated septum, your doctor would have suggested a septoplasty surgery as a cure. Below I will provide a list of homeopathic medicine which is freely available as over the counter medication in most pharmaceuticals. Arum Triphyllum: Use for soreness of nostrils and obstruction of the nasal passageway which forces breathing from the mouth. Euphrasia: If you hate the indoors and always feel better and can breathe easier outdoors then use this medication. Aurun Mettalicum: This medicine is to be used, if you suffer from a painful, obstructed, swollen and congested nose. The above are the list of medication which you can make use of for symptoms related to a deviated septum. It helps to flush out the excess fluid from the body and prevents edema resulting from kidney disease.

Certain postures like cobra pose, camel pose, lifting legs and breathing exercises are said to be beneficial.
Acupuncture helps to ease the symptoms of chronic kidney disease by reducing blood pressure, relieving prolonged pain and improving immunity. The herbal medicines are absorbed directly by the kidneys with the help of an osmosis device.
However, the virus may cause no external symptoms while slowly deteriorating the liver for 20 to 30 years. Laboratory tests show that milk thistle may hinder, prevent or reverse ailments associated with hepatitis C, such as preventing liver damage through oxidation, reducing liver inflammation and promoting liver cell growth. According to the NCCAM, studies indicate that intravenous administration of glycyrrhizin may reduce the effects the hepatitis C. However, studies comprising both human and animal subjects suggested benefits to the immune and lymphatic systems. A 2007 International Tinnitus Journal study notes that high cholesterol and lipids is common among people with noise-induced hearing loss and concluded that the combination of a low-cholesterol diet with antilipid therapy improved tinnitus intensity. Issues with the auditory pathway that result in chronic tinnitus have been associated with a deficiency of vitamin B12. Tinnitus that is intractable means that no other cause, including tumors, infection or drugs, is at the root of the perceived noise, and routine treatments that include alternative medicine have failed after one year of use.
In this condition the bronchial tubes that passes the oxygen to lungs, narrow down severely leading to instant obstruction in the air passageway. However, since it is largely a permanent condition, many people are exploring and turning to alternative treatments for it. However, you must consult your physician if you are on any medication as some of them may interfere with the functioning of drugs.
This attack is compounded by the anxiety and yoga calms the nerves and helps in controlling panic attacks and anxiety. It is basically a therapy that involves controlling the breathing by increasing or slowing down its rate.
The theory underlying this therapy assumes hyperventilation to be the root cause of asthma and therefore suggests relaxation and deep breathing techniques for relieving the symptoms of asthma. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
It is believed that complementary or alternative treatment not just gives relief to asthmatic patient, but also prevents further illness and ensures a better and healthier lifestyle.
One should visit the concerned specialist or a doctor before proceeding to taking the path of alternate treatment. With regular practice of yoga, an asthmatic patient can certainly obtain the best overall health benefits.
Studies indicate that people who underwent biofeedback technique are seen to reduce the intake of steroid medication significantly. This showed considerable improvement in the reduction of lung inflammation and indicated steady improvement in the patient’s pulmonary function.
We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. While septoplasty is the best currently available treatment for a deviated septum, it has many side effects. The best part is that it is proven to have zero side effects.  Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment where the entire body and mind of the patient is considered before treatment.
If you feel the need then visit a homeopathic doctor who will take an in-depth analysis of your physical and mental state before prescribing medication.
Beginners should consult a yoga practitioner before deciding on the yoga postures therapeutic for them. The virus transmits via contact with infected blood, but sexual transmission is rare, according to the "American Journal of Gastroenterology." The side effects of available drugs to treat hepatitis C can be severe, but as of 2010 there is no substantive proof that alternative treatments are effective. Side effects are minimal, and include bloating, fullness, nausea, pain, diarrhea as well as allergic reactions. There are many fraudulent ginseng products, so discretion is paramount when selecting a source for ginseng herbal supplements. A 2004 International Tinnitus Journal article found that controlling high insulin levels through diet improved tinnitus.
B12 replacement therapy improved tinnitus in B12-deficient subjects examined in a 1993 American Journal of Otolaryngology study. There is anecdotal and traditional use of ginkgo for tinnitus; however, studies of this herb have produced controversial effects.
The main herbs that are used by asthma patients for relieving the symptoms like breathlessness are Eucalyptus, menthol oil and basil.
The best way to use them is to add them to heated water and inhaling the steam that may carry the vapors laden with these herbs or their oil.

Every yoga posture tends to pay a lot of importance to the way a person breathes while practicing the poses. Therefore, this form of exercise is best suited for chronic asthma patients as it does not include intake of any substance and is safe. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedial therapy that needs supervision of a qualified acupuncturist.In case of asthma, the needles are punctured in the lung channel to resume and maintain a healthy flow of air.
Both of these herbs can discourage congestion in the lungs.Add a spoon of honey in steaming bowl of water.
Complementary treatments include herbal remedies, breathing techniques and other exercises that are safe for the patient. Eastern parts of the world have traditional herbs that are long used and accepted as medicine.
It is also quite essential that the patient continues to take the prescribed medicine in consultation with a specialist or a doctor. Those allergic to flowers like marigolds and daisies are most inclined to a milk thistle allergy. Side effects from heavy and persistent use include hypokalemia-- or low potassium -- high blood pressure, sodium as well as water retention, and electrolyte imbalances. The only true ginseng varieties are American and Asian ginseng, the latter which refers to Chinese, Japanese and Korean versions. This article echoes the most common noise descriptions as ringing, whining, whistling, hissing or whooshing. No specific recommendations were provided for dosages, but deficient levels can be corrected through determining vitamin B12 serum status. You can also place a cotton ball with 2-3 drops of oil near your pillow in the night in cases where you might feel that an asthma attack will take place. Regular practice of yoga lends a better control and depth in the usual breathing which can do a world of good.
Inhaling the vapors is known to help as honey contains essential oils that open up the blocked air passageway. At the end of the day you get relief from your symptoms without having to go under the knife.
All other varieties of ginseng, such as Siberian ginseng, are not true ginseng and will not provide assumed healthful benefits. No cure for tinnitus exists because both the conventional and alternative treatments depend on the root cause.
In some people, points on kidney and stomach may also be pricked as this therpay believes that certain asthmatic symptoms can arise on account of kidney and stomach issues.
Eating and adding onions to your food preparation along with food rich in omega 3 fatty acids is also known to reduce the effects of irritants and inflammation in the air passage walls and bronchi. Mayo Clinic notes common causes of tinnitus, but the lesser-known, more ambiguous causes include stress and depression, atherosclerosis, hypertension, insulin resistance, and medications.
Low levels of zinc have been reported to correlate with low immune function and skin conditions.
Interestingly, conventional medicine uses antidepressant drugs in their strategy to treat tinnitus. Pranayama are specific breathing techniques which focus on the right type of breathing for good health.
When the points specific to Asthma gets corrected, the patient experiences reduction in the symptoms. These herbs work in conjunct with this procedure thereby reducing phlegm production, coughing and various nasal allergies.
The use of diet, herbs or supplements to treat your condition should first be discussed with your health care practitioner.
It is still unclear of how antidepressants work for tinnitus, but hypericin was suggested by its authors to work on the central nervous system.
A 1997 Japanese article found that patients treated with 34mg to 68mg of zinc per day over the course of two weeks had significant improvements in tinnitus intensity. The use of supplements for your condition should be first discussed with your health care practitioner. A common side effect of hypericin is photosensitivity, therefore the use of this and other herbs for your condition should be first discussed with your health care practitioner.
This requires series of such applications for about 10 – 12 weeks to achieve best results.

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