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This single distinguishing factor, splitting our species in two since “a long time ago” was the present, means different things to different people. In the last few weeks, news sites have found an inundation of headlines populated with words like “science,” “women,” and “first.” It’s a breath of fresh, feminine air that will hopefully pave the way for even more breakthroughs being credited to women scientists, women-led teams, and more women in science, period.
Take an August 12th, 2014 example of Maryam Mirzakhani winning math’s top prize, a Fields Medal, becoming the award’s first female winner.
From the first time you choose classes in high school until you become “Doctor,” you’re more likely to find yourself in a Water Buffalo Lodge than a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Christie Aschwanden recently wrote a shocking piece for The New York Times revealing just how much of a “boys’ club” science really is, and it’s not a good thing. As a parent of two little boys, it’s admittedly difficult to teach lessons in gender equality.
Here's an amazing optical illusion from from Zack Lynch who has a very interesting blog called Brain Waves. Today is International Childhood Cancer Day.A We believe all kids deserve to be cancer free, no matter where they are in the world. In the past several decades, with support and strategies from world leaders, developing countries have significantly reduced childhood deaths from infectious diseases.A The same is not true for childhood cancer. In most low- and middle-income countries, there are no cancer registries to give us accurate statistics.
Understanding the incidence, risk factors and genetics of childhood cancers from many geographic areas and ethnic groups gives researchers a more complete picture of the diseases they are working to cure.
For example, the incidence of Burkitt lymphoma is highest in tropical areas of Africa and New Guinea, strongly associated with the Epstein-Barr virus and malaria.A Some childhood cancers, like Wilms tumor and Ewing sarcoma, vary largely along ethnic lines, which shows that genetics play a role. All of these clues can help researchers looking for cures, and each discovery can benefit children no matter where they call home. Join us as we stand in solidarity with children fighting cancer around the world, on this International Childhood Cancer Day a€” and every day. What I Learned From My Daughter's DIPG Diagnosis'I Am': A Poem by My 8-Year-Old Childhood Cancer Survivor'I Am': A Poem by my 8-Year-Old Childhood Cancer SurvivorThanks!

You may have tried natural products yourself before, thinking that they would be the cure-all for your beauty woes and protect you from the chemical assault that most standard beauty products provide. The best companies should have information about their product ingredients and how they work. You should be able to easily find all the information about the ingredients that are included, as well as what proportion of those ingredients is included. Look for products that offer a warranty or money-back guarantee. Companies that offer such a guarantee are certain of the efficacy of their product. From time immemorial, people have sought cure-alls to protect themselves from various ailments.
In a nutshell, science has identified “oxidation” of the body’s internal molecules as a prime causal factor in contracting a wide range of diseases.
Vitamin E, for example, works primarily by neutralizing “free radicals,” atoms within molecules that are missing one or more electrons and so are very reactive (a bit of science that isn’t necessary to understand to get the gist). While natural sources are almost always a better source of any nutrient than supplements, supplements (and that doesn’t mean multiple vitamins) are better in the long run than none at all.
This is awesome for two reasons: it’s an enormous accomplishment for a woman who has dedicated her life to a field, and for many people (like me), it will have been the first time we’ve heard about the Fields Medal. Harassment is a very real problem within the scientific ranks, especially towards the top of the ladder. The notions of inequality are so engrained into culture that they inherit the “man, powerful” mentality just from walking around, turning on Netflix, or going to school. Children with cancer are no less important than children fighting malaria, measles, malnutrition and other causes of death we work so hard to stop. And others, like retinoblastoma, are found more often in less affluent populations, and may be associated with poor living conditions. Baldricka€™s International Scholars are early-career researchers from low- or middle-income countries who train for 3-5 years in the U.S.
Baldricka€™s fundraisers held in other countries are directed to childhood cancer organizations or research in those countries.

Baldrick’s Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization, IRS identification number 20-1173824. Maybe you used one of those wraps that promise to shrink your body fat and give you a more toned tummy — only to find the same love handles staring back at you.
The best companies will offer information on what those ingredients do, but you should always follow up with your own research anyway, just to double check. That is the ingredient that will be most responsible for delivering on the claims the product promises. However, there are many more toxic ingredients that are often included in beauty products, such as fragrance, formaldehyde, and phthalates.
If the natural beauty product you are considering doesn’t get results, you will learn about it very quickly from disgruntled customers who have registered their complaints in negative reviews. Use these tips to find the natural products that actually work, and you’ll be happy to make the switch. So now we all know being a mathematician isn’t a thankless job, and we know that girls can math, too.
The best that we can do is teach them that every one, regardless of any trait, deserves the same respect. Baldrick’s International Scholar from Uganda,A is researching new diagnostic tools for Burkitt lymphoma. It isn’t news that girls are just as intelligent as boys, so why is it a big deal when women do things in male dominated fields? Be wary of any results that seem to echo the claims made by the manufacturer, as these are possibly paid reviews.

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