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Naturopathic medicine (also known as naturopathy) is a complementary and alternative medicine.
The first source of toxins lies in the artificial additives, junk food, pesticides, medication, late eating, overeating, and eating under stress.
The second source of toxins is the organs themselves, overloaded with toxins and increased in size two to ten times their normal size. The third source of toxins is the parasites, infections, and other unfriendly bacteria who love the ideal habitat provided in a dirty organism. As described above, the main reason for lack of energy is the accumulation of toxins in the organism. Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, natural method of washing long-term wastes from the entire colon and preparing the way for wastes to exit the small intestine. Colon Cleansing is a powerful procedure which eliminates toxins and parasites and greatly improves the function of the colon and the whole body. However, many people have such a bad colon that its malfunction has undermined the whole digestive system.
Many people have enjoyed the relaxing pleasure of a gentle massage, whether given by a friend or a professional. Although the benefits of such massages are important, the cleansing massages offered by the Center of Health and Rejuvenation, Inc. Such a massage is based on a combination of various widely recognized and respected massage techniques taken from specialists from around the world. At the Center these techniques are brought together to work in harmony with each other and with the body to increase your health and help prevent disease.
Once these long-term wastes are released from that organ or system then that part of your body is able to function more normally since it no longer has to fight the poisons that once inhabited it.
When a cleansing massage is combined with other cleansing techniques offered by the Center, the amount of toxic waste released by that organ or system is greatly increased.

The cleansing massage is performed in a private room by a professional trained in these techniques. Some people also know that exercise opens the vessels and improves blood circulation and nutrient delivery to the cells. Why do some people feel such a lack of energy that they will lie on the couch and watch television rather than going to the gym?
Toxic wastes from wrong diet and other unhealthy lifestyle factors clog the organism, accumulating first on the walls of the digestive organs. They pressure and irritate each other and squeeze the aorta, the main artery from the heart to the abdominal area.
These toxic wastes are not only the reason for lack of energy but also the cause of all disease which appears in the body. When this is done, the body is no longer weighed down with wastes accumulated during a lifetime, and can use more of its strength to heal itself, fight disease, and produce new energy.
Or the opposite may be true that a badly impacted colon is the result of poor digestion and improper diet affecting the whole digestive system.
Such massages are often designed to help tired or strained muscles, or simply soothe the mind and emotions by the physical benefits derived from the massage. It is designed to stimulate and activate specific organs of the body by directly massaging them through the skin. These techniques include Swedish massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage, relaxation and internal massage, plus other massage styles.
By directly massaging certain organs or systems of the body, the massage can stimulate that organ or system to release accumulated wastes that otherwise would remain stored in that organ.
For example, a colon cleansing following a cleansing massage is more effective because the waste released by the cleansing massage is quickly removed by the colon cleansing. Bio-energetic testing utilizes integrative techniques to effectively identify the underlying toxins that cause chronic degenerative disease.

Some people also pay attention to correct performance of the exercises so as to use the fat energy of the organism to generate new energy that leads to improvement of all the life functions of the organism. From there they absorb into the blood and lymph and spread over the whole organism, poisoning it, and stealing its energy.
In this way they create nutritional deficiencies, weaken the immune system, and produce a general lack of energy. The weight of these toxic wastes in the digestive system, especially in the colon, may reach from 10-70 pounds.
Toxic wastes are stored throughout the body when we inhale or eat something the body can not handle. In effect, the waste from the cleansing massage does not have a chance to accumulate in the colon. Once these toxins have been identified, they can be safely eliminated from the body with the assistance of natural, biological remedies. Sources for these waste include processed foods, car and truck exhaust, fumes from consumer products and other everyday items.
Free of these toxic burdens, the various organs and systems are able to heal and regenerate. Cleansing the body from this toxic weight accumulated in the colon and small intestine is the fastest way to get new energy.

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