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CUSTOMER CHARGE: This charge covers a portion of the gas company?s fixed costs that it incurs to serve each customer. WNA: A seasonal adjustment to the bill to correct for colder or warmer than normal weather. Atmos Energy is engaged in regulated utility operations and in complementary nonutility businesses. Whether your bill is $30 or $300, Atmos Energy charges about the same amount each month for delivering your natural gas. Energy is the lifeblood of our economy, and natural gas accounts for about one-fourth of our country's needs. About 97 percent of the natural gas consumed in the United States comes from North America-84 percent from producing wells in this country and 13 percent from Canada. Atmos Energy Corporation is the one of the Unites States’ largest & only Natural gas distributors.
Click on Register Now Button if you are not registered and it redirects to you next page from where you can register with you Account Number.
With the help of Atmos Energy Account Center customers can start, stop or transfer their service at any time.
We are currently experiencing technical issues and unable to process payments with credit or debit cards. Atmos Energy executes definitive agreement to sell all of its natural gas distribution assets located in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa.
Atmos Energy offers billing and payment options to help simplify your life - from recurring credit card payments to average billing.

Thank you to our veterans, active-duty service personnel and reservists who have dedicated themselves to preserving our freedom and security. Atmos Energy's natural gas pipelines are damaged, on average, 10 times each day in Texas, and National Safe Digging Month aims to remind all Texans to call 811 before digging. Understanding gas prices and the information on your gas bill are important steps to maximizing the efficiency of your energy consumption.
Atmos Energy maintains and upgrades pipelines in communities across our service territory every day to ensure safe and reliable gas service. Residential customers pay, on average, between 15 percent and 20 percent of their winter gas bills for our distribution service. Typically, that amount appears on your bill as Purchased Gas Adjustment, Gas Cost Adjustment or Gas Cost Recovery. Our gas storage and supply contracts, known as hedging, provide about half of the gas supply that our customers use each winter.
This continent's abundant supply of natural gas helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil imports by 4.5 million barrels a day.
The company serves its natural gas service to the three million customers in the eight states of the United States. They can manage their multiple accounts, view their online bills, view their payment history and as well as graph consumption history. Atmos Energy customers can pay their normal, monthly bill online or via phone without any fee. Our billing process is regulated, helping assure your natural gas is reliable and fairly priced.

Most customers also are charged from 5 percent to 10 percent for state or local taxes and franchise fees assessed by their city or county.
However, because of the growing demand for natural gas, it's likely that more of our future gas supplies will come from other countries in the form of liquefied natural gas. Atmos Energy Corporation provides online portal for their customers through which they can make their Atmos Energy Bill Pay. The company also owns the largest interstate natural gas pipeline in the Texas State. Atmos Energy Corporation providing its services to the commercial, municipal and industrial customers.
We pass on the cost of the gas to all our customers on a dollar-for-dollar basis and do not mark up the price of gas or make a profit on it. And natural gas water heaters and clothes dryers provide a more energy-efficient means to make your life more comfortable.
Other fossil fuels are coal and oil, which together with natural gas, account for about 88 percent of the energy consumption in the United States. LNG, which is transported over the ocean in special LNG tanker ships, provides 3 percent of our national supply today.
The use of natural gas in electric power generation has increased because it is a clean-burning energy source and easy to transport. Vaughn Centre located in the Plano Texas, where employees can practice and test their professional skills.

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