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The EIA is the government agency responsible for the collection and dissemination of energy information. The four categories of electric industry consumers tracked by the EIA are residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation. In addition to being the largest category of consumers, residential consumers generally pay the highest prices.
The EIA also provides estimates of average residential monthly consumption and price by state. In 2012, the state with highest average monthly consumption was Louisiana at 1,254 kilowatt hours. Kindly provide me the latest data on the average monthly electricity consumption (KWh) by apartment type.
In addition, provide me the average electricity consumption in KWh for one hour for air conditioners by horse power type for windows and split unit type among others. Heating bills vary greatly depending on house size, climate, insulation, fuel choice and fuel prices.
In the graph above we have five typical winter fuel bills, converted to US dollars at average exchange rates over the last winter.
British homes using natural gas spent ?607 ($956) over the same period, while German homes using gas spent €770 ($994). The American homes actually used more, because they have big houses, but the bill works out lower because they also have very cheap natural gas prices. US homes using oil (mostly in the North East) have huge heating bills, both because they use a lot of energy and because fuel oil is expensive, as we will see later in this series.
Before moving on to fun stuff, like energy use and heat costs, it is worth understanding why we have heating bills. Although I pay my heating bill each year to keep my home comfortable, the thing that really costs me is heat loss. Natural gas, electricity, oil and wood are used to replace heat that is lost via convection (through surfaces) and ventilation (air leakage). Are the Benefits to the Weatherization Assistance Program’s Energy Efficiency Investments Four Times the Costs? I just made a spreadsheet that models the energy use of my 25-year-old house (40 x 20, walls 2 x 6, insulation fiberglass, R-20 walls, R-60 ceiling, R-10 basement), based on the thermal and electrical consumption records, heating degree days (7771 at Burlington, VT), air infiltration and domestic hot water usage.
I made another spreadsheet with double the insulation showing a LP reduction of 200 gallon, or 22.7%. I had thought it would be more, but as I am already efficient, it is not so easy to become even more efficient. BobMeinetz on Oil: Not Yesterday’s Fuel, Just Yet So the end of oil is completely dependent on free-market optimism, is it? Scott Edward Anderson is a consultant, blogger, and media commentator who blogs at The Green Skeptic.
Christine Hertzog is a consultant, author, and a professional explainer focused on Smart Grid. Gary Hunt Gary is an Executive-in-Residence at Deloitte Investments with extensive experience in the energy & utility industries. Jesse Jenkins is a graduate student and researcher at MIT with expertise in energy technology, policy, and innovation. Geoffrey Styles is Managing Director of GSW Strategy Group, LLC and an award-winning blogger. Average PG&E residential bills for gas and electric service are among the lowest in the nation, according to industry figures compiled by leading trade associations. PG&E’s residential electric customers paid less than the average for any region in the country in 2012, the most recent year for which comparative data are available. PG&E serves about 16 million people in Northern and Central California, or about one of every 20 Americans. PG&E customers enjoy low bills for several reasons in addition to the region’s relatively temperate climate, which limits the need for winter heating and summer cooling. Energy-efficiency programs championed by the utility, and by the state of California, save customers hundreds of millions of dollars a year, while preventing the emission of millions of tons of greenhouse gases. In addition, increases in PG&E’s gas and electric rates — the charges per therm or kilowatt-hour used by customers — have been gradual over time, growing slightly slower than the overall price level since the start of the last decade.
Pending decisions by the California Public Utilities Commission might increase PG&E gas and electric rates this year or next, but typical residential bills should remain well below national averages. Keeping rates in check is always a challenge, especially in California, where utilities must pass along to customers the cost of various “public purpose programs.” These include the programs to steeply discount rates for low-income customers and to incent customer installation of solar rooftop systems. To limit rate increases, PG&E works continuously to adopt more efficient technology and work methods.

The results are paying off for customers in many ways beyond controlling costs, including safer and more reliable service. In this edition of Billshit, I decided to inspect my energy bill to learn more about each charge and see if I could cut it down even more. Electricity rates are determined by the state, and there’s not much you can do about them.
She explained, kindly, that the fee is specifically for apartment buildings that use private trash services.
I have seen two differences sources saying that leaving smart phones plugged in only uses a very minor amount of energy (if you never unplugged it, it would be about the same as leaving a 100 watt light bulb on one time while you were at work). Also Exxon Mobile says that your smartphone would use the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline to power it for 3000 years. Meant to say that if you never unplugged your smart phone over the course of an entire year, it would be equivalent to leaving a light-bulb on for roughly 8 hours. Taxes on Con Edison gross receipts from sales of utility services and other tax surcharges.
I do not know if the basic service charge has a min value, but I know it does fluctuate every month and as I think about it, it might just be based on the # of days in the billing period.
I have a 1-yr contract with an esco, and if their rate jumps too much later on this year, then I will search out another one and sign up with them. As you live in an apartment, you probably have less rooms than I do where there are lights. A nice thing about my ESCO (and probably the others, but I can’t say for sure) is that there is no tier concept. We are reducing our time using our appliances, and spending much of the day out of the house, reading books or sleeping.
Does everyone here pay a separate supply charge & delivery charge for their electricity? The reason I ask this is because in NY (as Stephen stated above) Con Edison charges us both a supply charge and a delivery charge. So for using 300kW of power I pay approximately $78 plus sales tax, fees, government fees, etc. We’ve done everything we can to cut back on our power, but somehow it stays the same or goes up. We’ve been thinking about staying with my mom for a month, and unplugging everything. On ripoff report, there are reports all over showing our electric company overcharging people in our area.
We live in NYC and after using power supply strips that we turn off at night for TV, modems, cell chargers, etc. Advertising Disclosure: Bargaineering may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website.
Understanding differences in electric consumption and price by state is useful for home builders as energy efficiency is becoming a more desired feature. I made some adjustments to the foundation and exterior of my home, which helped me save with the expenses.
Include power drawn in watts when cooling and when not cooling by the types mentioned above. Just reporting what Ener (May 27, 2016 at 9:42 AM)Roger Arnold on It Really Was A Trillion Dollar Blunder I agree that the Saudi decision to maintain market share was a costly blunder. New online tools offer PG&E customers the ability to track their energy use over time and compare it to usage by similar customers in the same community.
In contrast, the price of gasoline, another essential form of energy, has soared about 170 percent since 2001, far outpacing inflation.
Electric rates also face upward pressure from state mandates to purchase ever greater amounts of renewable energy, which costs a significant premium over traditional sources. Recent examples include initiatives to lower sourcing costs through alliance partnerships, reduce maintenance costs by installing electrical equipment specially adapted to local climate zones, streamline reading of older analog meters by making routes more efficient, and invest in state-of-the-art technology to locate gas leaks more quickly than ever before. It’s worth checking your bills and taking the five minutes to research or ask about a charge. With the taxes, surcharges and rate difference, you’re basically paying money to pay money.
I use on average about 12 kWH per day and that is because I have a stay at home wife and a toddler who is at home all day.
And now we are trying to save on our electric bill even my six-year old daughter knows how to conserve energy. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

The average residential electric bill, by contrast, in New Mexico was $74.62, the lowest in the nation. Results from the survey are used to estimate the average residential monthly electric bill by state. I worked with the roofing companies in Honolulu to fix my roofing and utilize materials that would be more durable. I also agree that the (May 27, 2016 at 8:35 AM)Jarmo on How Fast Could the Market for Electric Vehicles Grow? Customers in the South Atlantic region paid the highest average bills, at $121.08 per month.
By helping customers better understand and manage their energy use, such tools can help keep bills in check.
PG&E’s gas operations recently received two international certifications for best-in-class operational standards, awarded by the independent, internationally recognized auditor, Lloyd’s Register. Jan 19Four Keys to Making Electric Vehicles an Easier SellLast year in California, plug-in electric vehicles made up about 3 percent of new car sales. Since then I’ve made an effort to reduce my energy usage, and it looks like it paid off. Granted, in recent months, I haven’t been using the air conditioning and no doubt that makes a huge difference.
On my last bill, most of my usage fell under Tier 1, but some fell under Tier 2, which was more expensive. You might not be able to do anything about some of them, but you could be paying for a valuable service you’re not using. As evidenced by the difference in my latest two bills from LADWP, a few changes can make a big difference.
Enter your email address and click "Subscribe." Your email will only be used for this daily subscription and you can unsubscribe anytime. Unplug everything or use power strips that can but turned off when things aren’t in use. Talk about crazy charges, NYC electricity costs significantly more than other places in the US because it includes additional charges just for getting the electricity over the wires to you. In the contiguous United States, the South Atlantic region had the highest average monthly electric bill at $122.71, while the Pacific region (California, Oregon, and Washington) had the lowest. According to the EIA, over 80% of the homes in the Northeast rely on heating oil for space heating instead of electricity.
A recent NAHB study examining home buyer preferences found that nine out of ten buyers would pay a 2 percent to 3 percent premium for a home with energy-efficient features and permanently lower utility bills.
As you can see from the screenshot below, my total energy bill for October-December was $49.32. Then again, I didn’t just stop draining cellphone energy, but laptop and other electronics, too. I live in the south so electric runs high in summers but with levelized billing I know pretty much what my bill will be each month. But then they also bill you for delivery which equals 300kW at 13 or 14 cents per kW which again equals $39.
New Yorkers pay more for a disintegrated system where the companies buy the supply, charge the consumer for that and then charge the consumer for the distribution. Homeowners in states with higher electrical prices are more likely to be interested in residential power production, like solar.
Even if the company buys and then distributes over their own power lines and produces electricity from their own power plants (e.g.
It’s enough to see and hear this on tv and filthy mouthers at work and in the marketplace. I just started doing this trick this past year I turn the breaker to my electric hot water heater off. I cringe every time I think about the guy who cuts the utility check for the billboards and screens in Time Square.
Then, at the end of the day, I just turn the power strip off, and all of it turns off: TV, Blu-ray, speakers, etc.

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