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Ayurvedic, also referred to as Ayurveda, Ayurvedic is typically given to complement a traditional treatment, rather than replace it. Medical tourism for Ayurvedic medicine is growing, in 2007 the National Health Interview Survey, concluded that 200,000 U.S.
Eliminating Impurities - Unwanted and harmful undigested food that sticks to tissues, interferes with normal functioning and can lead to diseases. Increase Resistance to Disease - Herbs, protiens, minerals and vitamins may be added to one's diet to increase one's resistance.
Reducing Personal Worries - Meditation, mental nurturing and spiritual healing may increase one's harmony. The antioxidant & anti -inflammatory properties of olives make them a natural for protection against cancer. Indus Organics Black Seeds, Black Cumin, (Nigella Sativa), 1 Lb - Nigella sativa seed is variously called Black cumin, fennel flower, nutmeg flower, Roman coriander, blackseed, black caraway, or black onion seed. Turmeric kills cancer cells, is a natural pain reliever and can slow down Alzheimer's disease. Health benefits of Oregano Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, emenagogue and anti-allergenic substance. Calcium channel blockers (CCBs) decrease cardiac inotropy, may increase vasodilation, and in overdose can block insulin secretion.
Sandalwood oil softens and promotes new skin cells Myrrh Oil is an antibacterial and antifungal oil that can be used topically or as a massage oil to smooth out wrinkles. Orange is Beneficial in the following cases : * Asthma * Bronchitis * Tuberculosis * Pneumonia * Rheumatism * Prevent kidney stone * Helps lower cholesterol * Helps prevent diabetes * Arthritis * High blood pressure * Persons addicted to alcohol have found that the desire for liquor is greatly reduced by drinking of orange juice. Cumin is exceptionally rich in iron, making it a great natural supplement for blood health & an antidote for anemia. 1)Fights Breast Cancer Studies in Israel show that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.
Burdock root is a medicinal herb and food that has powerful anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. The main causes  of mouth cancer are smoking and drinking  heavily; the  risk is greater if you do both.
Surgery , Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are the cornerstones of therapy after surgical resection of the tumour mass. Generally, patients turn to alternative and complementary therapies after exhausting their conventional therapeutic options, one of the popular ones among them being herbal medicines.
Botanical kingdom have a treasure of novel molecules which address and provide multi-level care for patient.

This case focuses on the fact that herbal therapies can be useful in some types of cancers and also stresses the need to set up a more elaborate and planned clinical trial in a larger cohort of patients in order to validate the findings in this case.
The Novel Approach was developed to prove highly successful in dealing terminal cases of Cancer. Dr Ranjitsinh Solanki BSAM is a qualified Ayurveda practitioner, with extensive experience in the ISM (Indian Systems of Medicine), especially in the field of Palliative Oncology. Encourages health, strength, balance through homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, supplements, kinesiology. Immune system support & heavy metal detoxification with two powerful products ACS 200 and ACZ Nano. Diploma in Ayurvedic Healthcare, 3-year self-paced distant learning program in Ayurvedic medicine. Fine quality flower essences international ranges to help promote vitality and emotional well-being. In the United States and Western Medicine, Ayurveda is considered complementary and an alternative medicine. In India there are more than 150 undergraduate and 30 postgraduate colleges that specialize in Ayurvedic medicine.
When these three substances exist in equal quantities, the body will be healthy, and when they are not, the body will be unhealthy in various ways. Ayurvedic medicine, through the use of enemas, massages, medical oils and other forms, aims to reduce the impurities one encounters.
It is a powerful herb used for 1,000's of years in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Unani & Arabic medicine. It is a powerful herb used for 1,000's of years in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Unani & Arabic medicine. Research on whole olives & breast cancer have noted the triterpene phytonutrients in olives, have been shown to help interrupt the life cycle of breast cancer cells. Its antioxidant effects are also vital to the body’s detoxification system, so it can help keep your skin clear, firm, toned, and radiant. The triterpenoids in apple peel have potent anti-growth activity against cancer cells in the liver, colon & breast. Taking in consideration it is one of the deadliest diseases, scientists constantly try to find a cure and finally put and end to cancer.
Burdock root is one of the top recommended herbal remedies for cancer due to the belief that it can stop cancer cells from metastasizing and it is one of the star ingredients of the famous natural cancer remedy known as Essiac tea. Other causes include chewing Tobacco or Chewing or PAN , which is cultural tradition in some Asian communities: Lips , Tongue , Hard palate , RMT( Retro Molar Triangles), Buccal Mucosa  are common part for disease.

The patient in this case, exhausted the conventional therapeutic options; there was no further line of therapy in this case. Ayurvedic Medicine has been evolving for over five-thousand years, and includes to use of herbs, massage, and specialized diets to promote wellness.
Ayurvedic treatments aims to eliminate impurities, reduce or elimite symptoms, increase resistance to disease and to reduce personal worries. Done throughout India for five-thousand years, western medicine thought the techniques were unscientific and declared it alternative. Considered the most potent adaptogen within Ayurvedic medicine, tulsi is revered in India for its medicinal and spiritual properties. Olives can help us avoid this dangerous combination of chronic oxidative stress & chronic inflammation. Eating apples may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, linked to heart disease & diabetes. This cancer- protective effect may be due to cumin's potent free radical scavenging abilities as well as the ability it has shown to enhance the liver's enzymes. Having a weakened  immune system or a virus called human papilloma virus ( HPV )  are also possible risk factors . In the past these have been useful in stalling the pace of the disease and improving the quality of life in such patients. His research area is Hematological malignancies, colon cancer and palliative cancer management.
Tulsi is also known to have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity and is recommended to be taken regularly to help the body adapt to a variety of stressors.
Increased production of acetylcholine that helps memory & lowers risk of Alzheimer's has been linked to its juice.
Because of its powerful antioxidant properties, cumin strengthens the body’s natural immunities.
However, it was noted that the size of the tumour reduced progressively, along with a concomitant fall in serum CEA levels after the patient was put on herbal therapy. He scrutinizes classic, traditional formulators and modifies and restructures them for scientific validation.
Thymoquinone, found in the seed, is superior for asthma issues & can protect brain tissue from radiation-induced nitrosative stress.

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