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Modern Lifestyle, Junk food,Stress,improper eating habits accounted for a majority of Ano-rectal complications like Piles, Fissures & Fistula.
Internal hemorrhoids refer to piles that are present above a point within the rectum called the dentate line.
In this article, we shall take a look at internal hemorrhoids treatment in a bit more detail. Nonsurgical treatment is based around lifestyle modifications that must be observed when managing any type of piles. Nonsurgical treatments can be provided as a day case in clinics or can be done by patients themselves in the comfort of their own home. Grade I hemorrhoids which are essentially early stages of hemorrhoids can be treated with conservative treatments and simple painkillers such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgery as an internal hemorrhoid treatment is a commonly adopted strategy in managing this condition. Other treatment options that are available in managing internal hemorrhoids include rubber band ligation (where the base of the hemorrhoid is tied with a type a rubber band, cutting off the blood supply and eventually resulting in the hemorrhoid falling off), injection sclerotherapy (where an irritant is injected into the hemorrhoids and this results in it falling off) and laser coagulation. One of the main concerns with internal hemorrhoids is that the blood within them can clot and as a result the hemorrhoids can become thrombosed.
Internal hemorrhoids often do not cause symptoms but can be riddled with complications if left untreated.
The real challenge before the company is to cater to the increasing expectations of the patients in different segments of therapies. We are well on the right track as a business player since inception and maintaining quality performance consistently in all areas of sales, marketing, product quality, process and services. Adhering to the high ethical standards of our practices in the field of sales, marketing and manufacturing to satisfy the entire need and demands of the customers. Herbal Medicine is becoming ever more popular in today's world as people seek out natural remedies. The aforementioned reasons encouraged SRS formulations to be a part of many business players already operating in this domain.

Our products are based on age old wisdom and modern scientific principles specifically targeted to help achieve greater health for all. In all Ano-rectal diseases major contribution is of  a Varicose veins inflammation which in normal terms are swollen veins. In big Nursing homes with more staff and facility, the cost goes up to 30 to 40 thousand rupees. They are not visible externally though they can cause symptoms that are similar to external piles. Specifically, there are no nerve fibers that supply the internal hemorrhoids and given this, treatments can be offered without having to inject local anesthetic into the area. Following a high fiber diet, attempting to lose weight, regular exercise and consuming sufficient amount of fluid everyday can help relax the bowels and ease bowel movements. Depending on how severe the hemorrhoids are, the treatment for internal hemorrhoids depends upon the grade. Treatment is usually offered to patients who have prolapsed internal hemorrhoids that are protruding outside the anal verge and causing symptoms. The basic principle involves cutting off the blood supply to each of these hemorrhoids and removing them completely.
The choice of technique depends on the size of the hemorrhoids and the physicians and patients preference. Treatments vary between nonsurgical and surgical methods and the long-term outcomes are generally good with the latter.
The Company is managed by the people having 25-30 years of pharmaceuticals selling experience managing top positions in MNCs and Indian Companies having adequate knowledge and the feel of the market conditions and its needs. Company is committed to introduce only one of their own kind of products in the market place because of their innovative formulations thus offering innovative vision to ayurveda's domain.
Thus SRS Formulations have introduced very simple, rational, effective and innovative ayurvedic medicines for diversified ailments troubling the humanity.
Over the period of time we have acquired a healthy business alliance with topmost customers in many states across India.

These Medicines have been used since the dawn of civilization to maintain good health and to treat various diseases. For thousands years Ayurveda has provided solutions for all kinds of disorders & secret to maintain sound health. Formula is proven to penetrate into the cell membranes to provide immediate relief from Hemorrhoids. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
These in turn can help reduce the pain and symptoms that patients experience from internal piles. Following this, patients are recommended to continue with their regular diet and lifestyle modifications in order to prevent recurrence of internal hemorrhoids in the future. Entire world is struggling to find a solution to wide range of diversified ailments in various therapeutic segments. Many of the future introductions are in the pipeline offering an opportunity to translate our words into meaningful service in this domain. To compete with the growing pharmaceutical market, there is an urgency to utilize and scientifically validate more medicinally useful herbal products.
SRS has distilled the best practices of this traditional science through modern scientific processes to deliver the maximum benefit with no side effect formulations. Large external or internal hemorrhoids are treated under a local or general anesthesia & veins are cut out surgically. Of course, there are a small amount of risks associated with this procedure but the long-term benefits seem to outweigh the risks by a large margin.
This historic and the oldest class of treatment has come to the fore and has established its identity in countries across the world, because of its curative and safety profile in terms of treating mankind.

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