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Our Ayurvedic herbal products are procured from the finest quality and healthy pesticide free herbs and plants.
Our extensive range of products include Dabur Ras Rasayan, Mamejava Ghanvati, Sudarshan Ghanvati, Kamdhenu Ghanvati and Chandra Prabha Vati Capsules etc. With the tradition and the commited service over 20 years, Sreekrishna Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre offers a classic  ayurvedic massage and medical treatment, practiced by selected families, who transmit the techniques from parents to children. It is a several thousand years old massage, with natural oils, that focuses on the body lymphatic pathways. Oil applied to scalp is absorbed into the roots of the hair, which, in turn, are connected with nerve fibres leading directly to the brain. In this program herbal leaves are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oil. Luke warm medicated oils are applied all over the body by two trained technicians in a special rhytmatic way continuously. Medicated oil or herbal decoction and milk is poured continuously on the forehead of the person lying in supine position.
This offers the comprehensive herbal packages for a healthy skin by enhancing the complexion of the skin and imparting a glow of healthy radiance in skin. Over 92% of the wild plants used in conventional Indian native (Ayurveda) medicine tend to be endangered along with annihilation, based on an exam completed by the actual Organic Study associated with Indian.

In 2001, the actual Indian native federal government created the Nationwide Therapeutic Vegetation Panel to advertise the expansion as well as preservation associated with nearby therapeutic vegetation. 94 % of therapeutic herbal treatments utilized in Ayurveda medication and massage tend to be gathered, mainly through woodlands. While using Worldwide Marriage with regard to Preservation associated with Character as well as Organic Resources’  Red-colour Check-list Groups, the federal government evaluated the actual standing associated with 359   therapeutic vegetation.
The federal government has used motion in order to move a few of the endangered vegetation, such as Uteri Sallic follia as well as Hydnacarpus Pentandra within Traditional Western Ghats, Gymnocladas as amicus as well as Beconia through Arunachal Prakesh as well as Agapitos Stithiana within Sikim.
The main risk towards the  vegetation is actually over harvesting for that herbal medicines business. In 2012, research released within the Diary from the Ammar discovered that 20% associated with Indian native herbal medicines bought on the internet had been polluted along with guide, mercury or even arsenic. Rina Hfael Ayurveda herbalist also teaches pregnancy yoga in Peterborough where she combines Ayurveda and yoga together to help prepare mothers and babies for labour. The body is massaged with linen bags with njavara rice cooked well in milk and herbal decoction. It will tone the body, increase blood circulation, nourish muscles and nervous tissues and expel metabolic waste through skin. Intends to set up Twenty nine individual Therapeutic Vegetation Preservation Places will also be going ahead.

Because option healthcare treatments for example Ayurveda herbalism develop within recognition globally, unexpected effects may arise. A few Ayurveda professionals possess stated this contaminants may be the consequence of the actual digesting approaches contemporary industrial facilities and isn’t the sign of conventional Indian native medication. By this massage, the sight improves, cheeks become plumpy and pimples on the face will disappear.
This program is a combination of rejuvenation massage, body pack and full body dhara with herbal decoction and milk.
The actual scheme’s objective consists of determining risks in order to indigenous therapeutic vegetation, marketing their own environmentally friendly crop as well as discovering methods to domesticate all of them and convey all of them from the  . A lot of companies that use on site office massage now incorporate Ayurveda therapists to help staff become relaxed and more productive. We take care that our products are made such that their properties and qualities are not harmed.

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