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The term Ayurveda takes us back to the ancient history of India where people used to prepare medicines using various herbs in the nature in order to cure any types of disease.
Low weight results in low immune system of the body and hence has the tendency to catch various infectious diseases and many more. Having the right amount of weight according to your age and height is very important for the proper functioning and development of mind and brain.
Ayurvedic medicines are mild in nature and hence they don’t have side effects as they are produced using some natural ingredients presents in nature. 2) Ashwagandhavaleha: this is a form of avaleha which can be consumed with warm water or milk and hence result in weight gain. 3) Annonna Squamosa: this is the scientific name of custard apple which is considered to increase body weight if consumed religiously.
5) Vasant Kusumakar Ras: it comes in the form of tablets being a very popular Ayurvedic medicine.
Gymnema sylvestre is an effective hypoglycemic component in Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes. The efficacy of Gymnema sylvestre leaves in reducing the blood sugar level has been demonstrated in experimental and clinical studies. Abnormal changes in the fatty acid composition in diabetics could be prevented by consuming Coccinia indica leaves. The bitter leaves and seeds of Azadirachta indica or the neem plant is beneficial for diabetes patients. The fruit and seeds of Eugenia jambolana could significantly reduce the blood sugar level in diabetics. Trigonella foenum or fenugreek seeds help to reduce insulin resistance in diabetes mellitus patients.
The patients symptoms of difficulty in michuration, pain around abdomen, vomiting started 8 months back. Now the patient came to know that he has Grade II fatty liver also along with a calculi as large a 9mm in the right kidney, similar calculi of 3mm seen in left kidney. The allopathic physician prescribed him medicines and asked him to do a rescan after a week.
The scan report showed no particular positive changes, instead the symptoms remained the same as it is.  The physician suggested surgery and further medicines.
NO SIGNIFICANT ABNORMALITY SEEN IN THE KUB REGION LIVER, PANCREAS, SPLEEN, KIDNEYS AND URINARY BLADDER NORMAL. As per Ayurveda, excessive sweating is caused due to high Pitta, problems with fat metabolism, mental conditions like stress, anxiety etc.
If heavy sweating has no underlying medical cause, it’s called primary hyperhidrosis.
If the sweating is caused due to underlying disorder, it is called secondary hyperhidrosis.
If you are nearing to menopause (above 35 year women), sweating might be occuring as a symptom of a condition called peri-menopausal syndrome. Consume nutritive food, fruits and vegetables and avoid junk and stale foods, aerated drinks.

Drink good amounts of water whenever you feel thirsty to make up for the dehydration caused by sweating.
This type of sweating is associated with excess hotness, burning sensation, skin conditions like prickly heat etc. It is also found in High Pitta disorders such as gastritis, migraine, bleeding disorders such as menorrhagia, nasal bleeding etc. Soaking 20 grams of coriander in a cup of water at night, filtering it the next morning and having it.
Having a teaspoon of Amalaki Choorna (Amla powder) with jaggery or ghee, once or twice a day. In cases of primary hyperhidrosis (where the cause is not known) and in cases of local excess sweating, like high sweating only in palms and feet, this therapy is useful.
2-3 ml (10-15 drops) of jasmine oil or lavender oil or 20 ml of rose water is added to the bathing water (cold water). 2 grams each of drugs Licorice – Yastimadhu,  Amla (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki(Terminalia chebula), Usheera (Vetiver) and Sandalwood (Santalum album) are taken and fine powder is made.
Being underweight gives rise to the various problems like osteoporosis and blood vessels problems.
So today we are going to discuss Ayurvedic medicines which can prove extremely beneficial in gaining weight.
They do not possess harmful chemicals and hence may result in a good healthy weight gain of the body. It is an excellent supplement as it increases memory, lightens the complexion, and makes the body immune and proper weight gain. The efficacy of herbs widely recommended in Ayurvedic texts for normalizing the blood sugar level has been validated in several clinical trials. Owing to the adverse effect of high blood sugar on nearly every vital organ of the body, diabetes is referred to as ‘maharoga’ or the major disease in Ayurveda.Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes contain herbs that help to lower the blood sugar level by regulating metabolism of carbohydrates, regulating sugar absorption, stimulating insulin secretion and improving sensitivity to the hormone insulin. By regulating breakdown of starch, it helps to prevent sudden surge of blood sugar after consuming carbohydrates. By raising the plasma vitamin C level and reducing oxidant agents, Coccinia indica leaves protect diabetics from oxidative stress.
It is used alone or combined with other anti-diabetes Ayurvedic herbs for improving glucose tolerance. Experimental studies suggest that daily intake of Morus indica leaves for at least fifteen days causes about 38% reduction in the blood sugar level.
By improving the antioxidant defense system of the body, mulberry leaves might protect diabetics from oxidative stress.
Intake of bitter gourd fruit pulp helps to increase the number of beta cells in the pancreas. Clinical trials with fenugreek seed extract suggests that regular consumption of about 1gm of fenugreek seed extracts could significantly reduce the blood glucose level within two months.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Visited allopathic doctor who suggested USG Abdomen which  shows presence of kidney stones.

Arshad did not find any relief to his symptoms he comes for Ayurvedic treatment at Vaidhyas Ayurvedic Hospital.
Arshad was cured with Kidney stone of size 9 mm in right kidneys and 3 mm calculi seen in left kidney.  Cured of calculi (stone)  of 5mm seen in right lower ureter . You need to keep an eye on weather, ventilation of the room, stress levels  before judging yourself.
This occurs when nervous system responsible for sweating is triggered excessively without a reason. Fine powder of Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Chandana(Santalum album), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Lodhra(Symplocos racemosa), Khadira (Acacia catechu) and Musta (Cyperus rotundus) is made and mixed thoroughly. It is also known as Indian Ginseng due to the multifaceted benefits this medicine provides. By assisting regeneration of the residual pancreatic beta cells, it reduces dependence on insulin medications. It helps to increase insulin secretion by improving the functions of the beta cells of the pancreas. The hypoglycemic effect of fenugreek seeds is primarily attributed to the compound diosgenin.
See, we often think that an obese person has a larger disadvantage over underweight person. It helps in the strengthening of the immunity system at the same time in strengthening the muscles of the bones as well. It is ideal to be consumed with a high calorie diet in order to see best results within 4 weeks. A medical practitioner should be consulted for the dosage of this medicine on a regular basis. Moreover, intake of Eugenic jambolana seed extract helps to accelerate the wound healing process in diabetics.
This is observed by symptoms liks sweating on thighs, forehead and arms, heavy breathing etc.
But facts tell us that even a person with a very low weight tends to be unhealthy and weak.
Especially individuals with Pitta body constitution and those who are suffering from Pitta imbalance disorders are commonly found with this complaint. So, Ayurvedic medicines also help to open up these channels, leading to easy conversion of excess fat tissue into bone tissue. One tends to feel hungrier as a result and hence indulge in more eating which results in weight gain.

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