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As we know that potato acts as natural bleaching against skin and the mood daal (yellow lentil) mixed with potato juice turns the color of hair light and also helps in removing the unwanted hair.
Ingredients required:  1 bowl of peeled and crushed potato, 1 bowl of yellow lentil (moong daal), 1 table spoon of honey, 4 table spoons of lemon juice, 1 sieve or thin cloth to filter juice. Morpheme Remedies Trim Formula is a unique Ayurvedic formula that helps in stimulating metabolism and reducing unwanted fat without causing any harmful side effect. Helps in boosting fat burning, Helps in reducing food cravings and restoring healthy appetite, Helps in maintaining blood cholesterol levels in the healthy range, Helps in healthy weight management, Helps in detoxification. Forskolin has been traditionally used for a variety of health benefits & increasing the levels of cyclic AMP (cAMP).
This combo Include Trim Formula and Forskolin in Qtys 1, 2 or 3 each as per your selection.

When mixed with yellow lentil or moong daal as it is called in India, potato juice not only makes your hair light in color but also works with dried lentil paste in pulling hair off face. The dietary supplement combines Garcinia cambogia with Triphala or the mix of three dried fruits, a time-honored Ayurvedic product for promoting detoxification. It has also been the subject of modern research suggesting that it may help support weight management.
Take a thin cloth or sieve and then place the peeled and crushed potatoes in it and gently press to extract the juice from potatoes. When combined with balanced diet and regular exercises, Trim Formula helps in accelerating weight loss and managing healthy weight. Take the required quantities of honey, lemon juice and potato juice and mix them well with the yellow lentil paste.

Apply this resultant paste on your face, legs, hands and other places where the unwanted hair needs to be removed. Allow it to dry for about 20 – 25 minutes and then remove it by gently running with your fingers.

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