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Now a days every another woman is suffering from one or the other gynaecological problems like painful menstruation, irregular menstruation, over bleeding, PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), Uterine prolapse, Fibroids, Cancer etc. The heading includes mithya ahara (abnormal diet) and mithya vihara (abnormal mode of life) both. Abnormal diet:  It refers  to excessive, mal or inadequate diet along with noncongenial, unwholesome, unhygienic and incompatible food. Abnormal mode of life:  Coitus in abnormal body postures or with a weak or young woman by a strong man, use of artificial organ for sexual orgasms etc. Rasayana is an important and an unique concept in Ayurveda.  Rasayana therapy increases ayu (span of life), smriti (memory), medha (Intellect), health, glow, complexion, strengthens body and indriyas (sense organs) and gives healthy glow to the body. The definition of health in Ayurveda stresses the need for the happy state of atma (soul), indriyas (sense organs) and mana (mind) apart from the disease free condition. Shodhana Therapy is an important unique   remedial therapy adopted to cleanse the system of vitiates doshas. If you practice these tips regularly,  you will lot at least ten years younger than your age.

Over eating may cause various gynecological disorders by producing over body weight, obesity and diabetes etc. Beejadosha (abnormalities of sperm or ovum): Various  chromosomal or genetic abnormalities  come under this group. The important principle behind rasayana karma is to make man healthy both physically and mentally which is reflected on the face, giving natural beauty to an individual.
Shodhana therapy aims not only at the rejuvenation of the  cells of the body but also makes the mind calm, gives healthy glow to the body and skin. Drinking plenty of fresh, pure water is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to reverse the aging process.
Sleep for at least six to eight hours restfully in the night without the aid of meditation. Raw vegetable juice is full of known and unknown anti-oxidants, which in turn help in reducing  free radical activity. If collectively we see according to Ayurvedic classics the following etiological factors emerge out.

Ovum is the egg, menstrual blood is a result of endometrial changes brought about by hormones and reflects the status of reproductive system as well as hormones. Shodhana therapies like  vasti, vamana and virechana are being practiced popularly to cleanse the body of its toxins. Excessive fat intake increases free radical activity, Recycling the used oil is another harmful habit practiced by most home makers. So Ayurvedic therapies play multiple role of internal and external purification and enhancing mental and physical health. Besides these also reflects abnormal psychology of individuals, these psychosomatic abnormalities are causes of gynecological disorders.

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