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Just as the parched Earth is receptive of the fresh drops of the monsoons, our body created of the five elements of nature, is receptive towards the treatments of cleansing and rejuvenation during this season.
Ayurveda has selectively recognized "varsha ritu" as the "kalam" for receiving panchakarma therapies as the "sharira" is most receptive to medicines during this season and results in maximum benefits.
Karkidakam or the monsoon season his most suitable for the ayurvedic treatment as the human body will be more recipient to all ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Wildwater Resorts, knowing the heart felt need of the Ayurvedic Tourists to India, especially to Kerala, provides the best Ayurvedic Treatment to cure all the physical and mental ailments following the oldest methods of Ayurveda treatment under the guidence of trained and qualified practioners who personally test the ingredients used in for several treatments. The ancient treatment method Ayurveda is proved to be best mental physical disorder treatments as it is the ever healing way of treatment. The Indian based treatment called as Ayurveda follows various types of therapies for different physical disorders. Ayurveda treatment although is mainly known for it way of body massage, it has a vast variety of body massages. There are various types of articles used in Ayurveda treatment of curing various ailments and all of them are in named and called always in Indian names. The martial art form Kalari may be famous to people who have at least heard of India though not visited. For Indians unlike others massage is not just pressing of the affected body part rather is a course of treatment with several medicinal oils. Stay at Wild Water Resort is a rich experience with luxurious aesthetics resulting in a relaxed mind. It is in this seasons due to the moist climate the all the pores in the human body will be open and the ayurvedic medicines are more recipient in the body. During monsoon, the temperature dips and inflames vata and pitta doshas and dense kapha dosha. Therefore, before any treatment, the ayurvedic physician cleans the body of the patient with strong purgatives. K.P Pathrose Kandamkulathy vaidyasala, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company with GMP certification has created a mark of itself in Kerala.
This tasty dish has a special effect in warding off the monsoon fevers.Karkidaka Kanji is made up off different ayurvedic herbs. The practioners first get to know the problem of the seekers and brings them back to the normal balance from the imbalanced state of mind and physic and offers a life long remedy.

It is a method of Kalarichikilsa in which herbal juices and medicated oil are poured through the patients' nose in order to heal various sicknesses like migraine, paralysis, hormonal imbalances, loss of smell or taste, mental disorders and early greying of hair. The Ayurveda treatment also heals various illnesses of human eyes including poor visibility. A particular treatment done of a part of a particular part of the body cannot be implemented on the other parts of the body since the nature of the parts of the body is different from its root.
It varies for each part of the body in the pressure applied to the physical part of the body of the practitioner used namely hand or feet. Uzhichil is a Kalari massage in order to stimulate blood circulation by rejuvenating nervous system in human body. Hidden away from the noisy world the stay with the crystal clear streams Wild Water is the best ambience for elegant travelers with highest level of warm hospitality and services.
The Karkidaka therapies are a means to keep in check the rampaging Vata, Pitta and Kapha and increase the immune of the body.
There are six types of Nasyam namely Pradhama Nasyam, Bruhana Nasyam, Shamana Nasyam, Navana Nasyam, Marshya Nasyam and Pratimarshya Nasyam. And the treatment for eyes is known as Anjanam which literally means a€?eyea€™ in various Indian languages. Sirovasthi is an Ayurvedic bathing on head for a prescribed period of time with medicated oil.
Tharpanam is an Ayurvedic treatment for cooling down the irritated or burning stressed eyes. Certain massage can be given only after the patient or seeker is being laid on floor and bathed in medicinal oil for a quiet a long time.
And the massage given to the patients with this Kizhi is called as Kizhithirummu or Pindadwardanam. For this body massage the seeker is made to lay on the floor on a mat or piece of wood and the practitioner gives massage with his foot. This is very effective for issues including sexual problems, body pain, aging, sprains, nervous disorders, blood pressure. In this treatment a bandage is tied around the head of the patient and a tall open end cap is fixed on the patienta€™s head. In this therapy the Ayurvedic medical practitioner uses medicated ghee or oil to relieve eye strain and in course of time improve eyesight and get recovery from other eye diseases.

The pressure applied depends on the seekers affected parts of the body and physical stamina. This treatment uses Tree turmeric, Chebulic myrobalan, Gooseberry, Belleric myrobalan, Liquorice, Rock salt, Coconut water, Honey and Camphor. The patient will be asked to lie on onea€™s back and the eyes will be surrounded with a bandage.
These contents are tied up in a cloth bag and with this bag, the practitioner massages the patienta€™s body or parts of body.
The medicated oil is warmed to the body temperature and poured into the hat and allows time for the tied bandage and head to absorb the oil.
Then the medicated oil is poured into it and left to remain for about 35 minutes and gradually increase the duration to 50 minutes day by day. The pressure of massage applied on to the body varies depending on the condition of the ailment. This treatment can also be taken for normal people without any physical complications as it enhances body fitness. This treatment is suitable for various diseases including facial paralysis, bad head conditions and dry nose and mouth.
The treatment is used to cure back pain, muscle spasms, prolapsed disc, osteoporosis, Sciatica, Slip Disc, Spondylosis, Herniated Disc, etc.
The treatment has to be continued for 7 to 14 sequential days or sometimes for serious issues more weeks. The process lasts from 40 a€“ 60 minutes and should continue for 2 or 3 weeks for better result.
The Chavuttiuzhichil is for strong, young and old people whereas the Kaiuzhichil is meant for children and physically weak people.

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