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Balanitis is a medical condition which can be easily diagnosed by simple visualization of the affected area during physical examination. Before beginning treatment it is always advisable that the patient stops using soaps, lotions, or any type of powder to avoid irritating the area. There are basically no complications due to Balanitis if the affected individual undergoes prompt treatment. It has also been shown that garlic paste in diet or eating garlic helps with fungal infections which have caused Balanitis.
I've had phismosis all my life and never truly was able to function at my full potential nor be as confident in myself. NOVOGLAN Special Foreskin and Penis Care Cream NOVOGLAN Cream* has been specifically formulated to treat balanitis, thrush and other fungal infections of the foreskin, glans and penis whilst being gentle on these delicate tissues. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Balanitis is quite a common condition and it is estimated that approximately 1 in every 20 males have this condition. Inadequate hygiene causes bacteria to infect the area causing infection, swelling, and pain. If the patient is experiencing penile discharge the treating physician may take a specimen of the discharge and send it to the laboratory for close analysis looking for any bacterial, viral, or fungal sources for the condition. Once the diagnosis of Balanitis has been confirmed the patient may be prescribed medications in the form of topical creams to use to help with the itching and to help with the inflammation.

This is done by pulling back the foreskin a bit and then applying yogurt such it spreads to the affected area adequately.
I've only been using the device for a couple of days now and already noticed an improvement. The Novoglan cream was easy to use, felt good, was not oily and started working within a day. Some physicians may even suggest using over the counter anti-itch creams instead of prescribing a specific cream for treating Balanitis. Some other causes of Balanitis may be any type of injury to the penis resulting in swelling of the penis. In case, if a cause is not identified then more investigative studies may be done to look for a definite cause for Balanitis.
If an infection to the area is detected, then the treating physician may prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition. Novoglan Cream is specifically formulated to be gentle on the sensitive skin of the penis and foreskin. Another cause of Balanitis can be irritation which can be caused by not cleaning the penis properly after a shower, using inappropriate soaps to clean the area, using sprays and lotions to the penis. In most of the cases once the infection is treated then the itching and discharge also stops on its own and no further treatment is required.
Some pain medications, tranquilizers, antibiotics have Balanitis in their side effect profile.

This Soap is gentle enough to use daily all over the body and Neem has been shown in several studies to provide protection against thrush and other fungal conditions. Novogan's active ingredient works by  dampening down the inflammatory process that is triggered by infection.
Tears and cracking can lead to further inflammation and infection as well as phimosis (a tight foreskin). Novoglan Products are Approved for International Shipping to all Countries for personal use. If you have any sores or bleeding that do not abate after 7 days, then these must be seen by a competent doctor. From time to time subject to stock availability, we reserve the right to substitute identical formulation creams of equal weight and different labels. The formulations are identical, just the labels are different to meet the needs and regulations of different countries.

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