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Zovirax and Vectavir are two antiviral creams which can be bought over the counter in pharmacies to treat cold sores.
Abreva is an over the counter cream approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating cold sores. Some people find applying Bach Rescue Remedy cream to cold sores helps prevent them from worsening.
3.A number of studies show you can reduce the frequency of cold sore attacks by taking vitamin C and the amino acid lysine on a daily basis.
Please Note: Information provided on this site is no substitute for professional medical help.
Shakeology has done many things to improve my health and fitness not to mention made life a little bit easier.
I get a lot of questions on what supplements I use and I also get questions from people who ask me why people supplement and should they supplement.

These products do not kill the HSV virus but they may prevent it from multiplying and causing more blisters. To avoid spreading the virus, wash your hands with soap and water after touching cold sores or after applying creams. I am here to answer your questions honestly and to give you advice and recommendations on workouts, nutrition, and supplements.
I had worked out in high school, college, and had success losing weight by working out in the gym. Well the fact is we all have a little bit of time to exercise but we may choose not to use this time to exercise. Also, while they have little effect on blisters that have already formed, they may stop them from getting worse.
Not until I got half way through my first round of P90X did I realize how good of a program it is.

The BIGGER question is are you going to quit just thinking about it and actually start taking actions to do so. A cold sore is caused by a virus (herpes simplex, HSV-1) which is closely related to the virus that causes genital herpes (HSV-2).
Antivirals also come in pill form (Valtrex and Famvir) and it is thought that these are more effective.

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