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An effective, value-for-money product that could possibly really improve the quality of your hair. This is a deep conditioning treatment which the packaging describes as a treatment masque for hair prone to breakage and split ends which provides intense nourishment leaving distressed weak hair more resilient, silky soft and with a striking salon fresh shine!Sounds great!I wouldn't describe my hair as weak and distressed, or prone to breakage, but I do usually get quite a few split ends; my hair in long, thick and curly and coloured with a permanent dye. I think many of us girls (and some guys!) on here can hold our hands up to being guilty of hair abuse. Tresemme products are not usually my 'pick of the bunch' I have to say, but this product is a regular buy of mine for using about once a month to really strengthen and give my hair shine and excellent smoothness. I recently received this product as a gift and although I dont use conditioner normally, I decided to give this a go.I was surprised that it reteals for 500ml for ?4 in a big store. After years of my hair being coloured and heat styled, my hair always felt like straw, made even worse by the fact my hair is naturally dry. I bought this product earlier this year as I had been neglecting my locks for a while having been lazy and not bothering to use conditioner after washing my hair and now it was starting to feel like straw and wasnt easy to style.
I first bought this product when I was in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment for my hair but was on a student budget so couldn't afford any of the more expensive brands. I bought this product because I have had to start colouring my hair; yes I have finally admitted that those grey streaks I seem to have acquired are not a trick of the light but are actually real and need to be banished! Welcome to DivaHairTrendz where you will find the Best in 100% Virgin Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Cambodian Remy Hair! Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque is a revitalizing hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair. After shampooing and towel drying the hair, take a small amount of Macadamia Deep Repair Masque in the palm of your hand. However, one day I ran out of hair mask and just decided to look at the hair masks offers on Tesco.
I use heat styling a lot, and with all the colouring and products I use, my hair surely does feel a little bit abused. I usually stick to brands such as Pantene or Dove for my daily hair-washing needs, but I thought I would treat myself to a luxury product I could use now and again. I thought it would have been more as you get a lot of conditioner for the money.The lid of the plastic container was easy to remove and on removing it smelt of nothing distinctive, just that nice clean smell. My hairdresser recommended using hair masques every time I wash my hair, or atleast once a week, and I can tell you, it worked wonders. The other day house clearing with my mate I stumbled across a tub of this, unused and about to the hit the bin so I nabbed it.
A combination of macadamia oil and argan oil along with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving the hair deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits.
It happened that there was a great half price offer on this Tresemme mask, making it only ?2.40 per 500 ml. I try as much as possible to protect and repair my hair, and I have used many a product in the past to do so.
I shampooed my hair and after rinsing massaged this in, it felt creamy and good quality and covered extremely well and after leaving for 5 minutes which seemed a long time, I washed it off.
The conditioning treatment itself is fantastic, it feels creamy when you massage it into your hair and clings to it whilst it works its magic, I hate conditioners that are so thin they simply slide off back into the water.
Tresemme was sold exclusively in salons, but they then decided to sell more commercially to everyone, which has made the brand more widely known and popular. I subsequently did a couple of searches online (including on Dooyoo!) regarding the product which all seemed to review it favourably- and voila! One of the products I have used, and continue to use, is Tresemme Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque.
It has that lovely salon smell, and you dont need to leave it on that long for it to work its magic. I left the treatment in my hair for 5 minutes whilst I showered the rest of me and enjoyed the fruity smell coming from my head.

Please don't be put off from buying this range by that bloody annoying advert, you know the one with that bloke who won't let people use this range as he feels its just for professionals!PRODUCT STATEMENTProfessional performance formula enriched with vitamins restructures hair, protecting it from split ends and breakage.
I think I've found the solution for my hair.~~ THE BRAND ~~Tresemme is a brand of haircut products that focuses on bringing salon-quality hair products to the consumer.
I have been using this product for the past 4 weeks and my hair now holds a shine and remains soft to the touch. The best part of using hair masques is the fact that you can still style your hair like usual, but with your hair having a more naturally healthy shine. Other information on the back of the tub tells a bit about the product and how to use it, ingredients are listed and contact details for Tresemme are given.
It was easy to wash out and left my hair feeling soft and smoother than it had done for a long time, I was very impressed. After a bad experience with one of their products which left my hair icky and sticky, I've never really had a favourable opinion of them.
My hair stylist even saw the difference in my ends.At my local Superdrug store I discovered that they had an offer on this product. My daughter who has very brittle hair because shes always dying it has used this as well and she agrees her hair is soft and managable as well. This product also comes in little sachets, which is a life saver if you are away on holiday and your hair needs a boost after the chlorine dries out your hair.
Tresemme seem to have different colours on their products for different ranges and this one is purple on the packaging. Nonetheless, this product seems to work wonders!~~ WHAT THIS PRODUCT IS LIKE ~~This masque pot comes in a relatively big size at 500 ml, making it seem even more value for money at first sight. It would have been nice to have a smell of something about it thoughThe container advertises its restructuring deep conditioner for extra dry brittle hair. The price of this product is good value for money, and depending on how much and how often you use it, it will last a long time.
It comes in a large tub with a screw top lid, fine for use if you're sitting in the bath but for me who only has a shower it takes a while to get used to the best way to avoid losing half the product down the plughole.
It also states that it contains vitamin E & Pro vitamin B5 and is restructuring, deep conditioning for extra dry brittle hair.USINGWashing my hair is like a military operation in my house, as soon as I get my head under the shower one or both of my little monsters either want something or have decided to start world war 3! It's relatively tall, so when you're nearing the bottom of the pot you really have to dig your fingers into it a little - something I find not so easy to use when you're already fiddling with all that liquidy mask and attempting to put it on your hair.The mask itself is a white sort of paste which I find relatively fluid as compared to the other masks I've used. I was very pleased with this buy, and although this was a little while ago I noticed that Superdrug still do offers of this sort on their Tresemme products. It is also quite pampering if you wash your hair, put on the masque, and wrap it in a warm towel while you watch TV in peace for a while. I put it on my hair, and put a shower cap and my scarf over the cap this morning for 30 min. The Deep Repair Masque is an intense, revitalizing hair treatment and should not be used more than twice a week for best results. I was honestly a little peeved by the texture (it seemed diluted) but effect wise it doesn't seem to be much of a problem.
The actual masque is a thick, white, creamy conditioner and has a sort of pearlescent shine to it. I think for this price and considering this one pot has lasted me about 8 months-very good value!This product is very good value for money, it is a luxury product that I use now an again for a pamper. Anyway thats the only bad bit about this, its a fab conditioning treatment and will sort out the roughest of hair, even mine!
I came to like later how easy it was to apply on your hair - just take some and slap it onto the problem areas, focusing on the mid-lengths towards the ends of your hair where it tends to be most dry. My hair feels cared for, soft and shiny afterwards, and it's not too much hassle to use either. The directions state to use after shampooing, towel dry your hair and then apply evenly paying attention to the ends, then leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse off.In theory it sounds easy and it is if you are not as clumsy as me, all was going well the first time I used it until I dried my hair and with wet hands tried to unscrew the tub lid this then slipped out of my hands, fell in the bath and half the contents went down the plughole!!!So the second time I was wiser and remembered to dry my hands first!

It takes out knots and tangles from your hair as you rinse it and it re-hydrates the hair beautifully without making my greasy roots more of a problem.It really is a very good hair masque this one. I then took a generous scoop out and covered my hair paying particular attention to the ends and then waited for 5 minutes?.
I started to use a shower cap to hold it all in as my hair is quite long, and I find that this works extremely well so you won't get dripping product off your hair and you can make sure that your hair is getting all the goodness that it should be getting! After shampooing your hair, squeeze the excess water out, and scoop out a handful of masque. Easy to use and not only does it smooth and soften the hair it really does gloss it and make it shine in a very natural way too. Isn't it funny how clock watching makes time drag!So 5 minutes were up and I rinsed my hair, this was easy enough although I did feel it needed more rinsing than my normal conditioner. My hairs health feels really brilliant as I use this and but also I have noticed less split ends and drier hair in general in the weeks I have been using this now.I use this a couple of times a week and overall I personally feel my hair looks much more bouncy and feels much better in general and I certainly have had compliments about the shine this gives me too!
After rinsing my hair felt quite soft even though it was still wet and brushing was nice and easy there were no knots or tangles. You can imagine - even the outer layers of my hair and especially the ends have started to turn brown (I've got natural black hair), to the extent that people have asked me whether I have dyed my hair! I usually comb mine through as well just to make sure that all my hair is thoroughly covered, and that there are no tangles or knots in the hair. Recommended for any hair type really as it is an intelligent product and like I previously said it doesn't upset the greasy parts of my hair at all!Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc and expect to pay around a fiver a tub! My hair is shoulder length and as much as I would love it to be straight it is very kinky but only on one side! It says on the tub to leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes, but I usually leave mine in for about 10 - 20 minutes. So I do have to use straighteners, after using this product it did seem to make using the straighteners easier to get through my hair and my hair didn't seem to break as much as it used to.After drying my hair felt quite soft and looked shinier than after using my usual conditioner. If you want to give your hair a proper deep conditioning, wrap your hair in a towel and let it soak into your hair for about an hour.
This will ensure the conditioning masque soaks right into the core of the hair, and this will help the cuticle to lay flat. It generally also looks more shinier, healthier than ever before, even when I was using my previous haircare products. This will make the hair nice and shiny, easy to manage and soft to the touch more so than it would be just by using the conditioning masque.I found that my hair is lovely after using this product. It is soft, shiny and easy to manage, and smells like I just walked out a salon, but without paying a fortune for the treatment. Even at normal price, Tesco seems to offer one of the best deals around (Superdrug currently does it for ?4.99). So far given daily usage it has managed to last me about 1.5 month a pot, which I think is reasonably fair for the price.~~ RECOMMEND? It is great value for money, and using this just once a week, a tub of this lasts me about 2 months. You can also buy this product in Superdrug and Asda for around the same price as Boots, so no matter where you buy it from, it will be a good deal and you can be sure of beautiful looking hair. If you've tried all kinds of hair products that claim to smoothen your unruly hair, and nothing has worked so far, do give this Tresemme Masque a try.

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