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In fact, the study was just presented at the prestigious International Society of Sports Nutrition annual conference – and there was tremendous buzz by the nutritionists and scientists about the results. IMPORTANT:  please don’t be fooled by other companies that talk about their “ingredients” being proven in studies. Here’s a summary of results of this breakthrough clinical study which compares Prograde Metabo 223 X versus the placebo. Once I learned that there were a few unique ingredients we could add to our old weight loss formula to make it the absolute best on the market, I jumped right on it.  And now, I’m proud to tell you thatMETABO 223 X is as good as it gets. Once you know what’s in this product and how the ingredients work, you’ll be as excited about it as I am! Please, if you don’t remember anything else you read here today, please understand that much of that was not your fault.
You see, there are a lot of myths and downright lies circulating out there as it pertains to weight loss.  So, while you thought you were doing the right things and buying the right pills and products, you may have been completely wasting your time and your money.
One of the most popular weight loss myths out there today pertains to (also popularly known as) cayenne pepper. That’s because they don’t possess nearly enough of the active ingredient necessary to help you reach your weight loss goals.
You see,  in order for “ordinary” red pepper to have any weight loss benefits, you’d have to take so much that it would literally destroy your system!  Your stomach would be “on fire,” as would your throat and your mouth.  In short, your body couldn’t tolerate it. Manufacturers know this and, in a gracious attempt not to kill you, they cheat you instead.  They tell you the product can help you lose weight, fully knowing that under most circumstances, it can’t.
We’ve been able to extract bioactive substances from the red pepper known as capsaicinoids, the most common of which is capsaicin.   This “power behind the pepper” is what gives the red pepper the ability to help you lose weight.
Once in the small intestine, it goes through a controlled-release process that ensures that you feel no heat, no pain, and no discomfort! Our unique encapsulation process allows us to include a generous amount of capsaicinoids so that you get the weight loss results you deserve.  Therefore, Capsimax®  unlocks the ultra effective fat burning potential that you would otherwise never see from simply taking powdered pepper products found in other products or your spice rack! As Capsimax® makes its way through your body, it prompts the release of two very important hormones – epinephrine and norepinephrine. They both have the ability to attach themselves to the receptors on the surface of fat cells and break down the lipids, causing the cells to split the fat within them, burn off, and diminish. Caffeine can break down and it can even split fat.  But it can’t burn it, and that’s a critical component of weight loss. As mentioned, Capsimax® encourages the release of epinephrine, which is also known as adrenaline, the hormone responsible for the “fight or flight” response that you’ve probably heard a lot about. Adrenaline increases the amount of oxygen and glucose to your muscles and your brain, thereby giving you an incredible boost in strength and energy.
Stories are told of how adrenaline has given women the ability to lift heavy, harmful objects off of their children and has given men superhero speed in times of emergency. These stories are based upon proven, scientific facts, as adrenaline, as well as norepinephrine, can significantly increase your strength and stamina. So, not only does Capsimax® split and burn fat, but it also helps you better manage your appetite so that you have less fat to burn.  That’s pretty incredible!
In addition, as it makes its way through your body, Capsimax® also activates a key receptor known as TRP V1, which has a direct effect upon your ability to control your appetite.

Please don’t mistake raspberry ketone for anything you’d be able to get from a fruit stand or from your local grocery store.  Raspberry ketone (Raz K®) is something totally different from that.
Research conducted at Ehime University (Japan) reported that people who took raspberry ketone lost more fat than those taking a placebo.  As a result of this and other studies, raspberry ketone is a very popular weight loss supplement in Japan. If you do a quick Internet search to learn more about raspberry ketone, you’ll find many studies confirming its effectiveness.  But you’ll also find that most of those studies were conducted on mice! The raspberry ketone (Raz-K®) included in METABO 223 X is the only one on the market today that’s been tested on humans.  This is another reason why METABO 223 X truly resides in a class of its own. Also known as bitter orange, Advantra-Z®  arrived on the market in 1997 when people were searching for a natural fat burner that wouldn’t adversely affect blood pressure or heart rate.  According to multiple scientific studies, Advantra-Z® fit the bill perfectly. Said more simply, it increases your metabolic rate so that your body is better able to safely burn fat. Many weight loss products on the market today are robbing people of their muscle mass.  So even though they could be dropping pounds, they look horrible (more flabby)! You may not realize this, but the condition of your fat cells could be what’s keeping healthy metabolism, weight loss, and overall good health beyond your reach.
His study discovered that the fat cells of the overweight sibling endured metabolic changes that made it more difficult for them to burn fat and lose weight.5  In other words, the overweight sibling had fat cells that were broken and dysfunctional, keeping the unlucky twin unhealthy and overweight.
Most of us start out with healthy fat cells, but then life happens.  We’re bombarded with years of bad foods, as well as exposure to pollutants and toxins, and those cells become unhealthy. Fat cells are little pouches located all over your body, and they hold fatty substances called lipids…like little oily bags of fat. In fact, the smaller, healthier cells are the ones that are equipped to release good hormones that affect not only your weight, but also your overall health.
Another good hormone that healthy fat cells release, adiponectin, helps to keep your blood sugar level properly regulated and your cardiovascular system healthy.
Sadly enough, unhealthy fat cells stop the production of adiponectin and other good hormones, thus leading to sickness and disease. METABO 223 X includes compounds that have been carefully extracted from high-quality ginger and garlic to give you what you need to fix bad fat cells and to lose weight.
Try as you might, you can’t eat enough garlic or ginger to get the amount of these compounds you need for weight loss.  If you tried, you might lose a few pounds, but you’d also lose all of your friends – and strangers would certainly want to keep you at a distance! It’s important to note that garlic and ginger also have other health benefits.  Garlic helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, while ginger helps to keep your blood vessels clear. Bioperine®, which is derived from black pepper.  It supports healthy weight loss and can give you a boost in energy, but that’s not why we included it in our formula. So, in our case, Bioperine® improves your body’s ability to absorb the powerful benefits of the Capsimax® , raspberry ketone (Raz-K), Advantra-Z®, ginger and garlic compounds, and all of the other fat burning, metabolism boosting, energy enhancing ingredients in METABO 223 X. That’s why you only need to take 4 capsules a day to get the impact of what I’ve told you about today.  More is not better when you have Bioperine® in the formula. If you’ve ever taken a diet pill or drink, you may have suffered through the nervous, jittery feelings they can ignite. L-Theanine is an amino acid that works by increasing the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) that your body creates.  GABA, a chemical found in your brain, has been proven toproduce an atmosphere of mental calm and contentment. In addition, L-Theanine increases the amount of serotonin that your body produces.  Serotonin also promotes your feelings of serenity and overall mental wellness.

Included is vitamin B-12, known as the energy vitamin, which is vital to any fitness program.  Other B vitamins included in the formula are niacin (B-3), pyridoxine (B-6), riboflavin (B-2), pantothenic acid (B-5), thiamin (B-1), and biotin (B-7). Now days more and more people are enjoying energy drinks and bars which help them to enjoy high level of energy in their body. Tony Amidor from the Food Network is of the opinion that one can enjoy high level of energy throughout the day, if they consume natural energy booster foods. The following are some of the best natural energy booster foods, which you need to include in your diet.
These food grains are rich in Vitamin B and this helps to increase metabolism in your body. Tony Amidor recommends that if you require high level of energy you can consume a medium portion of strawberries. When you are filling hungry in the afternoon, you can eat fresh fruits and this would boost your body filled with energy. Researchers from Arizona University have indicated that consumption of a glass of orange juice would boost energy levels in your body.
Broccoli has large levels of magnesium, iron and Vitamin B which supply high levels of energy when consumed.
It was one of the largest independent double-blind studies for a weight loss pill ever done.
Often, they are just talking about studies that were done by other companies with a specific ingredient – NOT the complete formula. In other words, we are helping to put your fat cells through rehab to make them work for you and not against you! When you eat whole grains cereals, release of glucose into blood slows down and this would give your body continuous energy throughout the day. When you consume strawberries your body absorbs carbohydrates slowly and this helps you to enjoy great energy. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. That’s a big, big difference because it’s how the ingredients work together synergistically (in the right amounts) that make it work.
We know it takes a lot more time, effort, and money to do a study this large and complete – but  it’s well worth it.
It is one of the best natural energy booster foods, which is affordable and easily available.
After all, if we put our name on a product, it must be the best – and you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, do you? B vitamins helps in converting food into energy and D vitamin helps in building strong bones.

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