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The Egyptians listed over 700 herbs and some of these, such as senna and aloe vera are in use today.
For me,  herbal quality trumps all when it comes to the defining factor of what constitutes a high quality dispensary, cooperative or clinic. Right alongside the Banana OG on my list of premium bud at Best Quality Herbal Medicine is the Jedi OG; visually dense and formidable,  all dark green calyxes and deep reddish-orange pistils, golfball sized nugs peppered with thick amber trichomes. This entry was posted on Sunday, September 25th, 2011 at .It is filed under Dispensary Index, Featured Dispensary Index, Los Angeles County Dispensary Index, Southern California Dispensary Index. Bachelors in Eastern Medicine & Surgery (BEMS) is the best Eastern and herbal medicine degree all over the world. Bachelors in Eastern Medicine & Surgery (BEMS) program has been launched to produce doctors having knowledge of Eastern and herbal medicine with latest technology for disease diagnosis and modern techniques for the management of diseases and health care.
Doctors of Eastern and herbal medicine are provided with comprehensive knowledge and their clinical skills are polished in this five year program. Bachelors in Eastern Medicine & Surgery (BEMS) is accredited program by the National Council for Tibb (NCH), Federal Ministry of Health and by the Higher Education Commission HEC, Islamabad. Candidates are directed to attach 2 attested copies of following documents with their application form.
Even the ancient Egyptians used herbal therapies to treat disease states and this was 1500 years before the first recorded use by the Chinese! The smell has some depth and complexity, a burst of clean pine notes, fuel-like skunk, and sweet lemon.  Thick smoke, lemon and skunk are the most apparent, flavor wise. Classic sativa visuals with elongated buds glimmering with stacks of crystals on top of crystals on top of crystals; the aroma is fruity and tart, as if someone literally infused this herb with the cereal bearing the same name (or the other way around). Its an HEC recognized degree, which is offered all over the Pakistan by private and public universities. It opens the doors of lot more job opportunities for you, but remember that medium of instruction in BEMS is English only. Both degree holders can use the prefix of Doctor with their names now its up to you to select the field of your choice.

And as someone who mostly only smokes OG cuts, of course the quality of OG’s is what matters most to me.
The taste is incredible and unique, smooth banana with hints of mellow citrus that linger slightly upon exhalation. The power and intensity of the smell and taste translates into the potency, and the 22% THC content is immediately apparent after the first few pulls. Sweet, smoothed out orange and mango notes hit the palate and are sharpened by a slight diesel flavor, but for the most part the taste is tropical and fruity, aligned with other sativas.  Pure euphoria characterizes the effects of the Fruity Pebbles.
In India same program is called Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS). FTJ diploma holders can get BEMS degree in just three years.We highly recommend FTJ diploma holders to go for BEMS degree.
The physical effects take precedence during a sustained session, but the cerebral effects can be considered to be extremely powerful.
Stimulating mentally and creatively, and the effects are paired perfectly for painting, writing, etc. FTJ is a best diploma in Eastern and herbal medicine and we have written a detailed article on FTJ or DUMS too. Its a great achievement is the field of Eastern and herbal medicine as now modern research will also be possible in this field. Top it off with lab test verification and hours that extend from 8 AM to midnight (excluding Sundays when they open at 10 AM and close at 8 PM) it becomes immediately visible to all that Best Quality Herbal Medicine is making serious waves.
This particular batch of cannabis passed with flying colors and is something that I can puff on consistently through out the day without the lag associated with some cuts; amazing medicinal herb that completely alleviates my symptoms and provides the purity of relief. FTJ is the best option for those students who have passed the matriculation exam with science subjects whereas BEMS is a best option for FSc pre Medical and A-Level students.
We have great heritage in the field of herbal field and there is just need of exploring this hidden treasure. Incredible spot and the facility is easily located in Los Angeles right off on Vernon Ave in a strip mall.

Euphoric but not mindbending, potent yet not overbearing — an added bonus is the lab testing that showcases 25% total cannabinoids present. This is the way it should be done though in my estimation and it should serve as a model for other dispensaries– patient care, premium quality and lab testing to back that up goes a long way in pushing the industry forward and to see it being done makes me very happy. You will see in near future that world will admit his great research about Eastern and herbal medicine. You will be surprised to know that after forty five years of his death still his books are best seller in market.
His books will be very helpful in your practice as you will be able to treat all the diseases with just 3 medicines.
This may sound a little silly, but some people are so wedded to the idea of alternative medicine that they fail to see that complementing traditional medicine with alternative medicine is sometimes best. In the whole human history he was the only person who presented a complete pharmacopoeia of Eastern and herbal medicines. The following require prompt medical attention: A painless lump Chest pains Suspected stroke Suspected bone fracture, poisoning or overdose Fever over 102F, coughing with green or yellow mucous Loss of conciousness Uncontrolled bleeding, diarrhea, or vomiting More Is Not Always Better After you choose the correct herb for your condition, the next step is to get the right dosage. The therapeutic range for and herb or any prescription drug is the range between the smallest dose that will do good and the largest dose that a person can take without causing harm.
Drugs and herbs with narrow ranges are dangerous; a broad range is what is desired so as to be able to vary doses to find the correct response. Always take the smallest dose you can of and herb, then gradually increase the dosage to the maximum recommended if symptoms do not improve.
You will receive free tips on how to use different herbs, new recipes and learn about the "Herb Of The Month".

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