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HSV has two forms, HSV 1 that produces cold sores around the mouth, and HSV 2, which is a highly contagious STD that affects the genital area. It's a challenge maintaining a normal social life for anyone who suffers from Genital Herpes.
We list the popular herpes dating sites and help them choose the best dating site for them. Although Positive Singles is a dating site created to serve positive singles, meaning people with all forms of STDs, a majority of the website's members suffer from a Genital Herpes infection.

Genital Herpes will generally negatively impact the lives of those suffering from HSV 2 viral infection. There are a great many herpes specific dating sites, as well as numerous positive singles dating sites targeting a wider audience.
Nowadays however, HSV singles are able to find support and romance within communities where tens of thousands of people with the same condition can be found.
There are a great many Genital Herpes dating sites that cater to people with HSV 2, providing advice for sufferers and acting as a conduit for men and women with herpes to connect socially.

The online dating site HSV Dating Club is designed exclusively for people with HSV, providing advice for HSV positive men and women to meet other like-minded people. All suffer from a HSV 2 infection so is the prefect place for HSV singles to find friendship, understanding and romance.

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