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Some many actors have who have done voiceover work have mentioned that they love to do it because they can do it from anywhere. LD: Sometime when you work hard, and you keep going, you wonder if anyone knows that you are there.
You are also on The Client List, which puts you in a rare field to be on three programs on three different networks at the same time. LD: After doing Adele Webber for seven years on Grey’s Anatomy, I’m so aware as to who she is and what she does, and with Georgia Cummings on The Client List, it’s a new creation of a character and I’m so excited that it was based in the South because I’m from Houston, Texas.
LD: They are still working on it and the success of Sparkle will even help it come to fruition. Devine as she talked about her role on Doc McStuffins, her Emmy nomination, seeing her friend, the late Whitney Houston in Sparkle, and whether or not Waiting to Exhale 2 will still happen. It’s about this African American girl whose mom is a real doctor and she is a play doctor and it’s about her and her stuff animals.

I was very excited to get this because it’s a very lucrative business and it’s a way to work when you’re not working.
I play the character with a little bit of an accent and she’s feisty and she has own image of herself. It came out on my birthday, August 21st, and if you have any young kids around you, it’s the perfect gift for them.
Those of you in the medical industry know that humor is the best medicine, so here is a good medical joke to help you through your day! This past season I did more dramatic stuff with the character than I did for last year when I won.
I’m so honored to be recognized by my peers who like what I’m doing and that I’m on the right track. Along with her loyal and trusty team – Hallie the hippo, Lambie the lamb, Stuffy the dragon, Chilly the snowman and Squeakers the fish – she heals and tends to all the toys and stuffed animals that need help and fixes all the “boo-boos” that happen throughout the day!

The things that my character went through this past season helped me get nominated for another Emmy.
It’s a fun character and she wears these long braids and is a Madam, which makes her a very outgoing woman.
I’m trying to tweak it a bit and rewrite some of the poetry and redo some of the songs that I use in it. A lot of times, the financing of project don’t come together so you just have to wait to see what happens.

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