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Non-renewable energy is energy from fossil fuels (coal, crude oil, natural gas) and uranium. Fossil fuels are usually found in one location as their formation is from a similar process.
Unlike many renewable sources of energy, fossil fuels are relatively less expensive to produce. In the pages that follow, we shall take a look at what each source of non-renewable energy is made of, and how they are used.
Those of you who JUST HAVE TO HAVE THIS should know: you can already buy a portable, soft, foldable PV panel that can charge your devices. You don’t have to spend a fortune either if you research DIY solutions, as opposed to buying a nice off-shelf-backpack-with-integrated-solar-power-system but by the sound of it you guys have the money for this tent (which will be insanely priced when it first hits market), you have the money for the integrated backpack.

Some of them exist infinitely (never run out, called RENEWABLE), the rest have finite amounts (they took millions of years to form, and will run out one day, called NON-RENEWABLE).
Millions of years ago, dead sea organisms, plants and animals settled on the ocean floor and in the porous rocks.
With time, sand, sediments and impermeable rock settled on the organic matter, trapping its' energy within the porous rocks.
Earth movements and rock shifts create spaces that force to collect these energy types into well-defined areas. When they are burned (used) they produce a lot of carbon compounds (carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases) that hurt the environment in many ways. It is believed that fossil fuels were formed over 300 million years ago when the earth was a lot different in its landscape.

This organic matter had stored energy in them as they used the sun's energy to prepare foods (proteins) for themselves (photosynthesis). With the help of technology, engineers are able to drill down into the seabed to tap the stored energy, which we commonly know as crude oil.

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