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Getting Work Done for Free: Best Microsoft Office Alternativesgetting work done for free best microsoft office alternativesmicrosofts office suite has long been king of productivity software. Fortunately there are several quality, free Microsoft Office alternatives that are completely compatible with the famous word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation software.
If you are an advanced user, then you will enjoy taking advantage of the repository of extensions that are available.
The only downside is that some tasks take more clicks in OpenOffice than they do in Microsoft Office. If you want to just bang out a quick file then Docs is greatA?a‚¬a€?but it’s not enough to completely replace your desktop software. Though not as popular as other options, Zoho offers the most comprehensive online office suite available.
Zoho’s interface is also a great hybrid between those who like the ribbon interface from Office 2007 and those who like the more traditional drop-down menus.
Unless you are an Office devotee there are plenty of Microsoft alternatives that will get the job done.
In the end it may mean a combination of choicesA?a‚¬a€?using Google Docs or Zoho for online collaboration, and OpenOffice for desktop work. Productivity Tips for the Home Office Deciding to Become a Freelancer is Easy, the Hard Part Comes the Day After 5 Plugins for Making Your WordPress Blog SEO Friendly Links for Web Designers : April 5 Tips for Spotting Trends Harnessing The Power of Twitter for Your Business The Use of Meta Tags For Search Engine Optimization Choosing the Best RSS Feed Plugin for WordPress Photoshop: Which Anti-Alias Setting is Best? MelAus PartnersBEST SLIDESHOW SOFTWARE FOR MACCreating a beautiful slideshow softwaremultimedia best pro dvd photo slideshow. This template is available in ConceptDraw MINDMAP with the Quality Mind Map Solution installed from the ConceptDraw Solution Park.
By filling in this template, it is easy to quickly prepare a presentation about any quality process in your company. Office Home and Student 2007 sells for $149.95 at the Microsoft Store (the 2008 Mac version is the same price).
Each alternative product has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on how you prefer to get your work done.

Oracle’s full-blown Office suite includes the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams, databases, as well as HTML and XML documents.
The developer community is pretty active, with options such as exporting your files to Google Docs and multiple templates. And even though it is pretty full featured, from time you are likely to come across things that OpenOffice won’t do as well. If you are a heavy user of Google services (Gmail, Google Chrome, Reader, etc.) then Docs will mesh quite well with your current ecosystem. Even if a file isn’t compatible with Docs, it can be stored in the cloud and then downloaded later at another location. So, while Docs is a fine online word processor and spreadsheet program, it can’t be truly considered a Microsoft Office alternative. It is far more feature-rich than Google Docs and includes not only documents, spreadsheets, and presentations but also email, instant messaging, a job application tracking system, and other business and consumer oriented services. Sure, at some point this year it will probably self-destruct and Microsoft will force you to buy it, but that is no reason not to take advantage of the temporary freebie. While Zoho and Google Docs do a great job of keeping your work stored in the cloud, you may have to consider if you want to rely on an Internet connection to get work done (there are options for working offline, but it’s still not as seamless as keeping files on the desktop). Three Simple Uses For The ‘Clouds’ Filter in Photoshop 25 Places to Find Awesome Stock Photos A?a‚¬a€? Free and Cheap! Not only is MS Office deployed extensively throughout enterprises, but many consumers rely on it for their day-to-day word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation needs, too. There are some discounts available for University students, but unless you’re in college you might be stuck paying the full priceA?a‚¬a€?which is why many folks are starting to look for alternatives. A‚A Microsoft Office users will be able to interact with your files, since everything is saved in compatible formats. But as alternatives go, if you want free desktop office software, OpenOffice is clearly at the top. The real strength of Google Docs is not as much in its feature set but its collaboration abilities.

By purchasing additional storage you could conceivably back up a significant amount of your files this way. The document editor especially leaves a lot of features to be desired with only a few fonts and very few capabilities for creating elaborate documents.
If you run a small business there is an upgrade package that can make Zoho the central hub for your businesses’s productivity. The collaboration options are not as strong as Google’s, but it is the best set of features available if you want to do your word processing primarily on the web.
There are also some newer options for copying and pasting that help preserve formatting more effectively.
Because the software and files reside on your hard drive, you don’t need to be connected to the Web to get work done. This is really ideal for students or anyone else who needs to work on a project with multiple authors.
But don’t get too attachedA?a‚¬a€?at some point the software will leave Beta and you will have to pay up. You can print a copy for each participant, in order to keep everyone informed on core points and objectives. The interface and commands are very similar to what you may have experienced in previous versions of Office. The entire group can work on the same document over the web without having to e-mail back and forth 100 different versions.
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