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Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy CoalitionParis hosted the global climate conference with heads of government and businesses in attendance. At the climate event, known as COP-21, Gates announced his plan to help address climate change.
The group includes well-known business leaders such as Richard Branson, Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos. The coalition, led by Gates, pledges to work in tandem with national governments to increase funding for clean energy research. Many of the ideas coming from existing clean energy research and development are too insecure for traditional investors.
The Breakthrough Energy Coalition will invest in those risky ideas and be patient with the returns. Furthermore, government-funded programs have successfully created whole new industries that from space, defense and medical research. In association with Gates’ announcement, President Obama and leaders around the world pledged to increase public-sector spending for research and development in clean energy. Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Coalition will then use their business acumen to wisely invest in technology that has the greatest potential. Clean energy will allow the developing world to grow and avoid the ravages of climate change.
Bill Gates talks to reporters about the 2016 annual letter from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in New York, Monday, Feb.
Bill and Melinda Gates want young people to get involved in solving major world problems, like finding clean energy sources and changing the division of household and childcare labor between men and women.

The couple, co-chairs of the largest private foundation in the world, has made a tradition of releasing an annual letter on philanthropy. In her section of the letter, Melinda Gates decried the ongoing disparity in unpaid household labor between men and women. Bill Gates, in his section of the letter, talked about the importance of cheap, clean energy. The couple framed the letter around a question once posed to them by a group of high school students: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
This was the 21st conference of this kind, and many maintain that it was the most productive thanks to Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Coalition. It is a collection of some of the most influential entrepreneurs, and it is known as the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. They will also invest in risky clean energy projects that have a long return on investment but a high potential for success. Gates cites flow batteries and solar paint as two such existing products that need private sector investment.
The research and development for clean energy technology must start with the government because only they have the mandate and resources to do so. Gates’s coalition believes governments are key to creating the clean energy industries of the future. This pledge, in combination with Gates’, will constitute the biggest investment in clean energy in history.
Each participating country agrees to double its existing funding for clean energy technology within the next five years.

These new funds will go to research and development, and the creation of new ideas and technologies. Man-made climate change is primarily caused by industrialization from the developed world, but affects the developed world in a greater magnitude. Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Coalition will not only address climate change, but also fight poverty. This year’s edition, released Monday, called on the young to be a driving force for innovation and change.
On much of the globe, she wrote, responsibilities for maintaining a home, raising children and caring for the elderly still fall primarily on women and girls, sometimes keeping them from education and paid work.
This difficult journey from innovative idea to commercial product is known as the “valley of death,” and Gates’s coalition plans to bridge it. This harsh irony will be reduced with the teaming up of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition and Mission Innovations.
Bill and Melinda Gates, co-chairs of the largest private foundation in the world, has made a tradition of releasing an annual letter on philanthropy.

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