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It’s becoming very clear that the real¬†thrust behind the anthropogenic global warming movement is the systematic denial of cheap, efficient energy for the poor world so that they never attain a standard of living that developed countries have long been enjoying. In a FOX News debate here Bill Nye keeps repeating that the big problem today is that the planet is inhabited by more than 7 billion people.
If the global warming fraudsters ever got their way with energy policy, the chances are high we’d see a mass die-off and extremely violent uprising.
Even in rich Germany the government is scaling back on green energies because the population here is so angered over the high energy prices and the false promises made. They are basically Deep Greens who believe the world can only have a sustainable population of less than 1 billion people.
Those in the developed countries (Nye being an example) can’t stop the world from developing but they (link below) can muck things up a bit.

I read somewhere (I can’t prove it and hope I’m wrong) that Germans pay over 40 cents per kWh for electricity! Pierre will know for certain but there are two prices in germany, residential and commerce. They key criterion for getting the cheaper tariff is not whether you’re a company but whether you consume above 60 MWh a year. Never calculated is man’s ability to adapt to non-AGW climate change over the past million years.
When you push the reset button on racism, do you end up in medieval islamic enslavement of whites or in the Roman slaveholder society?
This is because we have benign weather that allows us to grow bumper crops to feed this massive increase.

Everyone’s favorite science teacher Bill Nye always has something interesting, funny, or thoughtful to say. Yet Bill Nye has no qualms whatsoever about his comfortable and prosperous life, which is in large part due to the exploitation and amazing use of the energy he now says has to be denied to the poor. Letting people starve and die of hunger and hypothermia is just one of the ways to achieve their objectives, the other is to have wars, class, religious, tribal, nations, doesn’t matter, so long as the vermin that is spreading like a disease on the planet is exterminated.

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