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The complete process will take approximately 2 hours, which will include the compiling of past medical history, main health concerns, and advice on an improving health and well-being.  There would be two people involved in the analysis, with a consultation before and afterwards. We can test to see if you are being affected by Geopathic Stress and make recommendations to negate or reduce the geopathic stress and its affect on the house or occupants. Geopathic Stress is vibrational waves of magnetic energy which rise up through the Earth causing electromagnetic fields.
Sleeping in a room or bed affected by Geopathic Stress place is particularly stressful, as your body is more exposed to the Geopathic Stress whilst lying horizontally for long periods of time. How can Geopathic Stress affect us?We can be affected by geopathic stress because our body is 80% water so our body can become affected by moving water as it has a rotating movement which generates an electromagnetic flux or wave which in turn sends disrupting waves through the body's energy field in turn affecting our bodies by mutual inductance. Oisin Bioenergy Therapy applies a combination of techniques which research has shown to be effective and beneficial for many ailments and illnesses.
Bioenergy healing therapy is now practiced all over the world and has helped thousands of people with spectacular results. Physical Problems – The Physical bodyThe Oisin BioEnergy Healing Method has proven to be beneficial when applied for a wide variety of symptoms.
Vibrational Sound combined with the powerful modality of Bio-energy is the unique theapy we call BIOSOUND. If this happens on a regular basis and is not dealt with, our muscles, organs, cells, and tissues may become starved of oxygen, blood and energy which may give rise to sickness or disease. The Domancic Method of BioEnergy Healing the original bio-energy healing technique developed by Zdenko Domancic, can be helpful to help re-align, re-tune and correct imbalances in the body, on many levels of our being. The following is a list of Qualified Bio-Energy Healing Therapists who are registered members of the Bi-Aura Foundation.
Click here to see the FULL list of scheduled training courses, workshops and other up-coming events from the Bi-Aura Foundation. The Bi-Aura Foundation is a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association and the British Complementary Medicine Association offering Energy Healing Treatment & Practitioner Training Courses in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.
Your energetic field, showing all systems and related organs will be shown on the computer screen to be processed and analysed by our professional staff. It can help to identify any future health risks and offer you practical ways to get healthier and fitter.
It is an assessment of the bioenergetics state of a person at physical and mental and emotional levels which reveal a complex interaction of internal and externat factors. This stress can come from underground streams,overhead electric power lines, natural geological earth formations, ley lines, magnetic earth lines etc.
There are particular techniques which have proven successful for health problems such as headaches, migraine, lung problems, asthma, bronchitis, or problems related to ears, eyes, sinusitis, or health issues related to digestive problems, skeletal misalignments, cardiovascular problems.Releasing muscular tension in the back areaOisin Bio-Energy also incorporates specific positional energy flow techniques for the back, limbs and spine (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Sacral areas). With this therapy the client lies fully clothed on a therapist table, which has been designed and modified to create strong but very relaxing wave like pure sound vibrations. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology at Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York has done extensive research on singing bowls and their effects on the body and emotions. Get on YOUR path to better health today with advice and a working plan of action designed confidentially and uniquely for YOU.

His unique and effective method is a phenomenon that has helped over a million people with every known health condition and his methods have been taught to thousands.
Each image glow will show the electron discharge as strong outbursts “spikes” or “gaps.” The ‘spikes’ suggest increased or excessive biochemical activity, or stress in a particular organ or system, creating overload, the “’gaps” suggest a weakness, deficiency, or slowing down of biochemical activity which untreated could lead to dysfunction or illness. The GDV test results have been scientifically proven to be a reliable indicator of the condition of major body systems and are already used in some settings as a diagnostic tool. You could also find that you or someone in the house, a particular room, or the house itself can be affected by negative entities, unsettled energies, negativity being directed towards you,your family, or your business, this is cometimes also called geopathic stress. For example; it can be created by shallow wells, running water which rotates thereby creating a magnetic field, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground geogical rock formations and cavities.
Sleep time is so important as it is a time when your body needs the most uninterrupted rest in order for organs to rest and rejuvenate and cell regeneration to take place. These vibrational waveforms are generated with the use of Tibetan singing bowls, biosonic tuning forks, Crystal healing bowls, and platonic Chinese Gongs. According to Dr Gaynor; "A diagnosis of cancer can create an extraordinary fear in a patient.
In Europe various scientific and medical institutions have studied and documented his method with impressive results.
All information including charts and read-outs are shared with the client, together with advice and guidance for an action plan to help maintain better health.It will cover the interpretation of the energetic analysis of finger imaging, which shows the Cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, skeletal system, urogenital system, and respiratory system, and related organs. Sometimes this can explain illness where someone is negatively affected by the house they live in, or a certain room which feels cold.
These can create distorted or irregular vibrations which if abnormally high can become harmful to living organisms. There are also specially selected frequencies, which are added, at appropriate intervals to help the healing process.The sounds generated by singing bowls have tones and over tones that can actually be felt throughout the body.
John Donohoe co-founder of the Oisin Bioenergy Healing Method completed all levels of  bioenergy training in this unique healing technique in Slovenia, receiving a diploma in Domancic Bioenergy Healing Method, and worked in The Slovenian Clinic.
It  shows the energetic functioning of the body currently and will also indicate an "early warning" assessment based on the emotional body imaging as well. And when the body's organs and cells are disrupted by Geopathic Stress and the immune system is not functioning properly this can lead to dis-ease and illness. These instruments produce pure sound waves, which help balance the body by a process of entrainment, whereby, cells, organs, or different areas of the body  can begin to ‘resonate’ in order to harmonise with the pure tones of these instruments.”How can BIOSOUND™ Bioenergy healing therapy work?Scientific studies have shown that stress hormones become lower when slow tempo relaxation music is used during a medical procedure, if Gregorian chants, meditation or classical music are played as this can change our brain waves into the relaxed alpha and theta states. Gaynor treats patients with singing bowls, the intensity of the fear may be decreased to such a degree that it enables the person to live in the moment, not allowing the fear of the past to control them.
Negative Energy can come from a spirit or 'presence' which has become attached to a room, house, or building. It has been demonstrated that people relax more easily listening to music in cardiac care units. This method has helped over one million people with spectacular results with  illness and disease. Negative Energy can also sometimes come from someone who is sending 'bad vibes' towards a person or place.

Premature infants can gain weight faster and leave the neonatal unit sooner if soft, slow tempo music is played each day.It's been shown that babies who fall asleep listening to a lullaby will begin breathing at the same tempo as the song. Their negative thoughts alone can sometimes be powerful enough to cause problems in someone's life.
It's also been demonstrated that our heart rate will respond to both the rhythm and volume of music.Singing Bowls and Entrainment.
Notice when you open your hand again how white and stiff it is…lacking in blood supply and energy. As energetic bodies we are a part of this field of pulsating ever-changing electromagnetic wave patterns. On a lighter note all of this Geopathic Stress can usually be dealt with easily and negated, so there is no need to worry unduly.We at the Oisin Centre of Natural Healing have had almost 20 years professional experience dealing geopathic stress associated with all of these issues.How do you know if you are affected by Geopathic stress? How often do we squeeze down, either emotionally or physically from the many traumas we experience in life? When our energy is balanced, flowing freely and in synchronicity – we are healthy however illness, sickness or disease can quickly set in when cells, organs and systems are operating out of sync and out of balance.Many illnesses and diseases have been treated using the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bio-energy. Albert Einstein showed that energy and matter were different faces of the same thing, their relationship was described by one of the most famous equations in physics: energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, E=mc2 All matter is vibrating energy and it creates an energy field. Somehow they pick up the vibration of the other and adjust until they are both vibrating at the same rate.How can Sound actually change our immune system?
Everything  (humans, animals, plants, rocks, objects and every cell in our body) has its own electromagnetic field. Our Interluken-1 level, which is an index of our immune system, goes up between 12.5 and 15 percent after Gregorian chanting or listening to certain types of music.
Even after listening to this music for twenty minutes, our immunoglobin levels in our blood are significantly increased. The method is also used as an effective measure for wellness and disease prevention.John DonohoeDip.
People worldwide-including Sufis, Hindus, Native Americans, African Tribesmen and Monastery Monks - have long relied on sound to heal.
Scientific studies show that if we accept that sound is vibration, and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is "heard" not only through our ears but through every cell in our body. Each day we are exposed to disharmony - loud noises, horns honking, people yelling, street and traffic noise, doors slamming, and on and on. All these noises generate vibrations, which our body feels.  Continued stress, frustration, pressure and anxiety cannot but manifest itself somewhere. Disharmony is inevitable, however if we can return harmony to our body, our lives can be transformed.Harmonise and Re-Balance with the help of BIOSOUND™ - SOUND HEALINGResearch has shown that disease can manifests when there is a change in the core vibrational frequency of the body at a cellular level.

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